1. I’m cabal Thailand player. If you can, pls find path note for new sever like cabal exe in my region bros. We still lack for new path information. Thanks you ahead of time.


  2. It’s fun to see new stuff added in the game but judging from how a player can progress through can be alot frustrating and some ofthem would eventually get left behind.. no support for newbiew acc?


  3. Hey there Mr. Wormy, question, did episode 29 get split into two episodes? Because here you’re saying that Garden of Dust and Terminus Machina are in two different episodes, but in KR test server they were released as one. Is that what happened and it’s why newest episode is 32 when there was no patch notes ever for 31?


    1. Hi Cagri, there is no expected date yet. But it seems like if the Cabal Mobile could reach its presence in EU/NA/BR then it would be published by PlayThisGame under E7 Mobile department. No further information on this yet.


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