#KR #EP20P2 Jan 25th 2018 Patch notes


■ Changes

1. Changes related to “Devil’s Tower” DX Dungeon

  • Devil’s Shop changes
    • Stop selling Quartz Core / Astral Core / Material Core (Mithril)
    • Add new: Slot Extender (High)
      • Price 500: Devil’s Token (High)
    • Change dungeon entry from 3 to 4

2. Change the system message content when Premium Service is available


■ Additions

1. Add new DX dungeon ‘Devil’s Tower (Part2)’

  • Entry Information
    • Entry Level: 190
    • Entry Item: Key to the Resurrected Devil
      • Bloody Ice – Grocer Shop – Deighton
      • Price: 8,000,000
    • Entry point: Porta Inferno (219, 230)
    • Number of participants: 4
    • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Dungeon completion
    • Victory: Kill Final Boss (Destroy the Legendary Box)
    • Defeat: Time Out
  • Compensation: DP 7
  • Daily limit: 2 times / day / account
  • Devil’s Token (Highest)
    • Can be obtained from the Legendary Box in the Dungeon
    • Can buy (exchange) for items at NPC Store Devil’s Tower Devil Trader at entrance of DX Dungeon

#KR #EP20 Jan 17th, 18th and 24th 2018 Patch notes

January 17th 2018 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Fix bike related errors

  • Fixed bug that Bike with upgrade higher than 15 did not have the visual effect of Bike upgrade 15
  • Colour is also based on the Colour that is applied for Bike (if any)


■ Changes

1. Stats of Bosses in Forgotten Temple B3F are changed


■ Mission War

1. Fixed bug related to monsters in Mission War Field.

2. Adjust score that can be obtained from: Gate/ Guardian / Gold Keeper

3. Adjust award score for Mission War

January 18th 2018 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Change the limit on the number of dungeons per day from character to account

  • Limit of dungeon per day from character-based to account-based
  • Dungeon play time will be counted regardless of success/failure of the dungeon
  • Force Gem can still be used to reset dungeon play time
  • Dungeon play time will be reset at midnight at 0:00

January 24th 2018 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Fixed bug related to Aura mode

2. Fixed bug related to warp in dungeons

3. Fixed bug related to Devil’s Tower dungeon drop

■ Changes

1. Changes are applied to Bosses in Forgotten Temple B3F

2. Change the request recipe of Dr. Mazael Ring from 1x Slot Extender (High) to 3x Slot Extender (High)



Hello 2018!


Hello my awesome CABALers all over the world!

First I want to express my appreciation for keeping following my channels 😉

If you miss any channels, ensure that you LIKE / FOLLOW / SUBSCRIBE them all for more exciting contents in 2018.

If you found that my contents are great, donate me one Force Core (High) via Paypal 🙂

Next I want to give you some marvelous sneak-peek of 2018.

Private Guild Map

  • Private Guild Map was introduced in 2013 with some key points like:
    • Special Monsters / Drop Items / Daily Quests
    • Map Properties (difficulties, drops…) are based on Guild Point (and Level)
    • Guild Map will come with creepy abandoned wasteland theme (mixed between Lakeside, Porta Inferno, Memoria Chrysos)

New Dungeons / Fields

  • 2017 is the year of Dungeons! A lot of new dungeons were added with varieties of difficulty and type, from Dungeon Defense (Glacies Inferna), many new DX Dungeons (EP17, EP18, EP19, EP20), epic hard dungeon (FT3 in EP19).
  • And yes dungeon is the core content of CABAL. I am pretty sure that in 2018 we will get more dungeons, in various type.
  • There are also some rumors that low-level dungeons (Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station…) will be overhauled with new dungeon play mode to not only bring back old memories for CABALers but also give us something new!

New Armor Set

  • Recently on Korean CABAL homepage, there is a new banner for promoting for Andromeda server, but it comes with new concept art of Armor.
  • I did some investigation and finally can bring some sneak-peek for you, below are:
    • Battle Set (FA/FB/FG)
    • Martial Set (BL/WI)
    • Armor Set (WA/FS/GL)

New Weapon Set

  • Armor can’t come alone… yeap, there is a new weapon set also.
  • Up until now, there is no fixed name for the new equipment grade. But somehow, it looks like Black Mithril (or Black Forcium).

I’m working now for searching more contents and bring them to you, my best fans. So stay tuned, for more update contents of CABAL Transcendence.

Love you all and wish you a wonderful 2018!

Mr. Wormy / Trung Nguyen Tri.

#EP20 Episode 20 Wallpaper Pack

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Episode 20 – Devil’s Tower
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