Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 3 : 13th Sep 2018 Patch Notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that lead to unusable of Crazy Steamer (Awakening) entry in certain situation

■ Changes

1. Increase Pet Level Limitation and add Display Pet feature

  • Pet Level Limitation and Slot
    • Pet Level Limitation is increased to 30
    • Add new tab “Faith” for Pet tab in Inventory window
      • Applicable for Level 21 – 30
    • Increase maximum slots for Pets to 30
    • Faith grade training cost
    • Faith grade options
    • By using Pet Safety Kit, you will get Anima Gem (Faith)
    • New item Pet Sleeping Kit (Faith) is added and used for Pet with Level 21 – 30
  • Add Display Pet feature
    • Add new slot for Display Pet
    • If there is a pet in the Display Pet slot, the main pet will be displayed as Display Pet
    • If there is no pet in the Display Pet slot, the main pet will be displayed as normal
    • Display Pet will not affect on pet in the Pet Slot Extender slot
    • Pet in Display Pet slot will not get any Pet EXP
    • Player will not get any stats from pet in Display Pet slot
  • Add ability for searching Pet with Faith grade and related accessories
  • You can take a look of all these content for Pet in this video clip

■ Additions

1. Add Core Bundle system

  • Able to combine cores into a single bundle for saving space

  • Features
    • Able to request only via Chloe requesting system
      • All recipes give 0 Amity (craft point)
      • All recipes need 6 seconds for finishing
      • All recipes can register with Alz only
    • Able to merge only same type and grade of Core Bundle
    • Type:
      • Upgrade Core Bundle (Low / Medium / High / Highest / Transcendence)
      • Chaos Core Bundle
      • Divine Stone Bundle
    • Stack up to 999 per Bundle with merging

  • Restriction
    • Only able to use for upgrading items
    • Cannot reverse back to normal cores
  • Upgrading with Core Bundle
    • Cannot select between normal core or Core Bundle while upgrading, core will be used by left to right, top to bottom in the Inventory UI

2. Add Core Auto Register feature for Upgrade UI

  • Auto register needed cores for upgrading without clicking on “Register Core” button
  • This option will keep register your available cores in inventory until it is out of stock
  • Safeguards will not be registered automatically

3. Added new force code “Increase Aura Duration”

  • Increase duration of Aura Mode by “x” seconds
  • Only available from training pet at Faith grade (21-30)

4. Add balloon of speech for NPCs / monsters in dungeons

  • Applicable dungeons: Altar of Siena B1F, Acheron Arena, Pandemonium



  1. Thank you for your hard work, MrWormy. 🙂

    This update is very interesting.
    I think the pet lvl 21-30 has maybe too much “good” options there, to decide whats the best, but i think auro duration will be the best followed by ignore resist critical rate.
    Damage is always nice, but increasing the critical rate(or reducing enemys resist) or increasing the time for using battlemode(aura extend) is much more important.
    What are your thoughts about the option for new pet level?

    The Upgrade Core Bundles are very nice, i think. Even though i don’t like that they look the same as the Safeguards. 😀
    Stacks up to 999 within one inventory-slot is very very nice for upgrading above +15. 🙂


    1. agree with u for ignore resist crit rate and aura duration ^_^
      and for that core bundle, i think they will change the look and feel later ;P


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