#EP17P2 #Guide Glacies Inferna and Divine Upgrade

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Defensive Dungeon – Glaciés Inferna

Dungeon Name: Glaciés Inferna

Entry: Bloody Ice, same place with Chaos Arena

Limitation: Level 190+, up to 7 participants in a party

Entry item:

  • Item: Crystal of Frozen Flame
  • Sold by NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice
  • Price: 3,500,000 Alz & 100 AP


Success / Failure:

  • Success:
    • Protect at least one Seal Stone in the dungeon (there are two Seal Stones)
      • Red Seal Stone
      • Blue Seal Stone
    • Kill the final boss and open chest
  • Failure:
    • Both Seal Stones are destroyed
    • Time out


  • Killing monsters gives chance to drop Divine Stone Fragment
  • Clearing Dungeon gives 10DP

Dungeon Screenshot:

Divine Upgrade



  • Item with upgrade at +15 or higher
  • Item with High grade or higher (Osmium / Lapis)

How to perform Divine Upgrade:

New items for Divine Upgrade

  • Divine Converter: Sold by NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice
  • Divine Stone Fragment: Obtain from monsters / chests in Defensive Dungeon Glaciés Inferna
  • Divine Stone: Craft from Divine Stone Fragment
  • Divine Seal Stone: Cash Shop / Event

Divine Stats Bonus (at +15)



Divine Converters

  • Sold by NPC in Bloody Ice for 10,000,000 Alz and 200 AP


Requesting Divine Stone (crafting)

  • Add “Divine Stone” requesting recipes to Requesting System (NPC Chloe)





#EP17 #GSP Official Patch notes from Global Service

Please find the detailed patch notes from Cabal GSP below, in case you need further information, please try mrwormy.com/?s=ep17

Key changes:

  • New Battle Style : Force Gunner
    • Armor: Battleset
    • Weapon: Orb/ Crystal
    • Skill: 20 attack skills
    • BM1 : Ranger
    • BM2: Heavy Launcher
    • BM3: Hitman
  • Upgrade to +20 for Weapon/ Armor/ Bike
  • Character Rebalance
  • Other Fixes

[EP15] [FAQ] Costume Epic Converter

Many people asked, and here is the list of Costume Epic Converter Options. Up to now, the Costume Epic Converter can be obtained from events only.

When applied on items, a random output will be determined from level 1 – 4. Here is the list.


Have fun 🙂

Rising Force feedback



The question is “How is the new update treating you guys and gals?”, this was posted on Cabal Global (aka Cabal NA) Facebook’s Fan Page. I will rip off some special answers 😉 Just for letting CABALers who gonna experience the Rising Force update in this March.


Donovan De la Rosa

now all have the resit crit rate and dm on all chars now its diffcult to crit then whit wiz lol

Oscar Alfaro Borrero facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 3

Bad!! update mess up my BLADER

Kurt Zeng facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 1

cooldown change made all the weak skills useless, pvp combo is utterly destroye

Amr AteeLi  facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 2


Chewi Hsh  facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 8

why, why did you remove Z to target next mob……

Charles Schwing

my fa sucks now

Jonathan Bryant  facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 2

whats up with A/B in bm3 cooling at the same time? doesnt hurt anything but the graphic of it is annoying

Aivan Boira facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 1

my WI now sucks! i cant do my stunlock combo..  faquin bad update.

Edson Puicon Santin facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 1

apparently the wizard has a poor defense

Brad Weyman

I don’t see any problems so far. Buffs here nerfs there.

Can anyone explain how pvp is broken now?

Eugene Darlucio

soloing dungeonds with my WI now sucks cos I’m squishy as hell! haha. Its alright more challenge I guess.

Yee Kai Lim  facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 2

I’ll miss being able to use the enemy auto-target in dungeons. It doesn’t work for me. Aside from that, not too bad.

Billy Dellinger

too bad they don’t have a dislike button on here ;( the awaited update kinda sux lol only good thing is you don’t have to keep rebuffing when ur buffs run out, the rest of it sucks eggs lol

Renz Sagabaen

Epic xD Force Blader gets the same rate as a lvl 170 FB at any level now!! FB powah!!

Mike Rodrigo  facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 2

cds never change…. change how def and all other stats are but yet still get hit the same dmg lmao

Keng Vang

I love my wi 2k attk bby at 140

Jim Trejo  facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 2

WHY WOULD YOU CHANGE PANIC CRY?!?! WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON IN YOUR HEAD!?!?!?! i was fine with all the changes, but as soon as i look at panic i didnt like it one bit. wtf is 80% supression?!?! change it back to -32% resist cd!!! for the love of god please!!!!

Jacob McMannis facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 1

Haters will hate. Personally, I’m lovin the update. Nice work EST. this is diggable

Billy Dellinger facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 3

More haters than likers it seems

Erik Springmier

its great, i love everything about it 100%. i play FA and WI, and i literally couldnt be happier.

Jim Trejo facebook_15-20110809213350-00002 1

… went into ft1 and the best crit was 5k. 2 days ago i was critting 10-11k on him. mind explaining to me what the hell happened? i think this is update is what has made me quit cabal. i love the game, always have, but this update ruined it.

Zave Prado facebook_15-20110809213350-000022

Wizard went weaker.ew

Alex Ethier

i am stronger then the last time  caus of the update

Ledor Sonicap

shield charge on FS was really suck now,.lmao

Alex Chin

nerfed everything.

Bangs Aborido Gonzales

I guess before is better than now,, coz mobs hits like hell not balance ,,,,,

Christine Luckart

i thought all was good but the retarget:-(

Charlie Perry

I don’t know about all you guys, but I love this new update T4 FBs bring too much destruction now. >:D

Kaine Adams

WI is very weak defence

Here are some more feedback from Cabal Global Forum:


Whose stupid idea was it to remove this function? Please, people post here and let est know that removing this feature is one of the dumbest things they have ever done!

I can’t think of another game I have played that did not have a feature that let you target a mob and scroll through the mobs by repeatedly clicking the same button.

What possible logical reason is there for removing this feature?


Dear Cabal, you useto be my Favorite game but things changed now after the update and i don’t like were we are heading. Don’t take this the wrong way babe its not you it me :.( soo . . . im breaking up with you!
(p.s we can make it work if your down to z re-target for me)
-GenoTemper ❤


Day before: “Oh yeah bro, update is going to be great with all these new skills!”
My reaction: LOL it’s a 3 minute cool down, get over it.

Day before: “Mission battle looks great!”
Today: WAAAAH I’m only lvl 130 and can’t beat anyone inside ((
My reaction: Level up scrub. You think you’re 1337 farming skills is going to let you beat 190s in there? LOL

Predicted crying:
Tempus ring impossible to get
Eod3 not doable without flee rate/ vital spam
Wiz OP
FA out range base tower
Drop rates of new dungeon is garbage
My attack s now
Not enough skill points to 20 everything

Plain and simple PVP is ruined and QQ to no more (z) re-targeting. . .
This was a disappointment good night cabalians . . .


are you guys serious?if you’re going to be throwing buffs that make you invincible, why the HECK would you make the cooldown 80 seconds?

bladers already debuff you 3/5 hits in combo,
then, when you dont combo they have a 70% chance that you miss or they block
then, when you do hit them, they can cast that stupid invincibility skill that lasts TWELVE seconds… wwtf???

are you kidding?

where’s the logic here. please tell me.


How about you? What do you think? What are you expecting? Share your opinions 🙂