Cabal Mobile – Oct 22nd, 29th and Nov 05th 2019 Patch notes

Oct 22nd 2019 Patch notes

◈ Changes

1. Significantly reduced train / untrain cost for Skills / Skill books

2. Improved visibility by adjusting angle of Entrances in Warp Center

3. Reduced Alz reward for quests below level 100

4. Lowering Alz Drop Amount in Some Fields

  • Amount: Reduced by 30%
  • Target:
    • Bloody Ice
    • Desert Scream
    • Green Despair
    • Port Lux
    • Undead Ground
    • Forgotten Ruin
    • Lakeside

5. Change the “Dungeon Playtime Deduction” affected from EXP Blessing Beads

  • Old: Dungeon Playtime Deduction will not be activated if character is using EXP Blessing Beads 100%
  • New: Dungeon Playtime Deduction will not be activated if character is using EXP Blessing Beads 500%

6. Change the dungeon to pause only when the home key or other apps completely cover the Caval mobile app while the dungeon is in progress 

7. Changed the color of the Blended Rune effect of the opponent”s character to look red.

◈ Fixes

1. Dungeon entry items of AoS1, AoS2, IC1 were dropped abnormally.

2. Fixed bug that certain quest item did not drop in Forgotten Temple B2F

3. Mission War scores were not reflected in the Guild ranking, bug is now fixed

4. Fixed bug that Guardians were not selected for Mission War 170+

5. Fixed the bug that the quantity was not displayed when GM’s Blessing Potion is registered in the Quick Slot

6. Fixed the error that Gladiator’s Rage cannot be obtained while using combo skill

Oct 29th 2019 Patch notes

◈ Additions

1.New dungeon “Forbidden Island (Awakening)” added

  • Dungeon Information:
    • Requirement:
      • Level: 140+
      • BSLV: 11+
    • Entry Item: Unusual Lost Island Compass
    • Entrance: Same with Forbidden Island
  • Dungeon Entry Item:
    • Item: Unusual Lost Island Compass
    • Available to request from NPC Chloe:
      • Registration: 10,000,000 Alz
      • Required Amity: 0
      • Output: Unusual Lost Island Compass x1
      • Material:
        • Lost Island Compass x1
        • Raw Stone of Dimension x10

◈ Changes

1. Improved Battle Mode 3 behavior

  • Synergy Notation
    • Improved the game that display all synergy names when synergy is accumulated at 3 times or more
    • Add the synergy stack count in the “Special Attack” button
  • Special Attack Setting
    • Allow to set the Special Attack to specific stage
    • Even if you learned the 3rd Stage, and set the Special Attack as 1st Stage, only 1st Stage skill will be used

  • Auto Attack Switch for Battle Mode 3
    • Able to switch between Manual / Auto mode disregarding the AUTO setting
  • Manual mode
    • When AUTO is inactive, Attack A/B/Special Attack will be trigger
    • When AUTO is active, skills will be used automatically
  • Auto mode
    • Auto register based on Battle Mode 3 setting
    • If there is any skill registered in the Battle Mode 3 setting, skill will be used
    • If there is no skill registered, only Attack A/B will be used

2. Improvement related to skill sequential activation

  • Skill will be activated as: Normal, Combo, Battle 1, Battle 2 (Wizard)

3. Improvement related to SP recovery

  • SP Dice
    • Character at BSLV 6-21: SP recover will be 10,000 or higher
    • Character at BSLV 19-21: SP recover will be 15,000 or higher
  • SP obtained from skill is 3 times higher than existing

◈ Fixes

1. Fixed the error that sound effects of skills were play abnormally

2. Client disconnection for certain case while using Warehouse

3. Fixed bug related to dungeon clear window

4. Tooltip message related to “Link Weapon” did not show

Nov 05th 2019 Patch notes

◈ Additions

1. Added Battle Mode III tutorial

  • Tutorial of Battle Mode, after completing the quest ‘BSLV UP Special Course, Third’

◈ Changes

1. Improved some dungeon vision

2. Reduced the price of dungeon entry items sold by Bloody Ice NPC Unon

  • Awakening DX: 3,000,000
  • Hazardous Valley entry: 2,300,000
  • Epaulet of the Dead B3F: 3,500.000

3. Change dungeon entry drop

  • Remove drop of Forgotten Temple B1F and Illusion Castle B1F entry from Pontus Ferrum
  • Add Illusion Castle B1F to Mutant Forest

Cabal Wallpaper – Force Archer

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Cabal Mobile – Oct 17th 2019 Patch notes

◈ Changes

1. Split “Epic Booster” into 3 different grades: Medium / High / Highest

◈ Fixes

1. Fixed a bug that game displayed “Stain Clone x257” as the reward of “Hazardous Valley (Normal)” in reward window

2. Fixed bug that show some option name of character details stats displayed abnormally

3. Fixed bugs related to Battle Mode 3

  • Bug that make Attack A was triggered when player touches Attack B in Non-Auto Battle Mode
  • Bug that character didn’t do auto attack to near by monster in “Auto Attack” mode
  • Bug that unable to activate specific BM3 related skills in certain situations
  • Bug that showed only 1 Synergy when more than one Synergy was activated

4. Fixed bug that character moves near to target monster but didn’t attack

5. Fixed bug that caused the selected target got changed

6. Fixed bug that caused game is auto zoomed when character enter “Arcane Trace” area

7. Fixed bug that caused character moves unintentionally while using specific skills

8. Fixed bug related to Dungeon Tracker in Auto Attack mode

9. Fixed bug related to Auto Attack

  • Bug that caused range changed abnormally in certain situation
  • Bug that happened when character moved backward in certain skills that caused abnormal range calculation

Cabal Mobile – Gladiator Wallpaper Pack

ESTGames released Gladiator by the end of June 2019 for “Cabal Mobile” (카발모바일 / 카발 Mobile) , as the first expansion class after 6 basic ones. For celebrating the new class release, put your own desktop or mobile home screen with the Gladiator wallpaper.

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Cabal Mobile Road Map

Cabal Mobile has just released recently on 21st May 2019 for Korea. Through this post, I will give you some ideas that you can expect from the incoming future of Cabal Mobile for both game content, release schedule and other things.

Check out the compilation of all new trailers of Cabal Mobile

How and When can I play the game?

Now, you can also play the game. As per reported by several friends / fans, the game can be play even outside Korea. Game will check to ensure that you are authorised to play the game when you turn the game on. There are some unofficial ways for gamers to play the game using third parties game (that I would not mention here).

As per developers, they would release the game globally within this year 2019. However, plan and schedule are… just for reference! Originally, the Cabal Mobile project was initiated from 2014, but you can see, until 2019, this year, they can release this game.

Mobile project seems to be initiated from 2014

But for the year 2014, they just say that they were developing the game from, but this time they claim officially with news pages that they would release the game within this year! So we have enough confidence to believe that game is coming for global this year.

When can I play with my iOS device?

So we all know, developer claimed that they will focus on Android-OS device first, later when the game releases, they will also release the iOS version. As per my observation, now they are working on the iOS version by porting the game content and game engine to work on iOS with Apple devices.

As I mentioned above, the game would be released globally this year; therefore, the iOS version would be available on the Apple Store within this year to cover the gaps of the smartphone market share.

What will be the incoming updates?

For Korea version, you would see level caps increase, new dungeons and equipment release along the time. Since Korea always be the nest of everything, you would see things would be more advanced in Korea Cabal Mobile (as well as they have in Cabal Online before).

Previously, I made a break-down clip to show 45 things that you can miss from the very first trailer of Cabal Mobile. Most of these findings were confirmed by the most recent release of the game by late of May 2019. But still you can take a look at the clip right below.

45 things you might MISSED in the Trailer of Cabal Mobile

For the Global version which would be released later this year, we haven’t received any clues that what will be the version they use for doing the localisation (translation). Therefore, just cross our fingers and hope for the more latest version 🙂

What will be the model of Global release?

One week ago, I made a poll on my page, where fans can pick between “Global Service” and “Regional Service”, take a look right below for the result.

Just for clearing the confusion:

  • Global Service: Only one service, which would be managed directly by ESTGames (or any other publisher that ESTSoft picks). Game servers, events, updates, help and support service and all other related contents will be directly controlled by that publisher. This kind of release model is quite familiar with all other MMO on mobile. However, we have one drawback here, it’s connection stability and speed. Due to the game would be centrally managed, server would be placed at one single place, that makes problem with connect either for this region or other regions. Events won’t be made based on regional holiday, there is no reason for people in country X to celebrate the independence day of country Y, and therefore, no special event for country X.
  • Regional Services: The regional services can be interpreted as instead of you have only one and single Cabal Mobile Global, you will have Cabal Mobile Europe, Cabal Mobile PH, Cabal Mobile BR… This will ensure you the game connection, more familiar game events with proper time slots. However, for this, it depends a lot on regional game publishers; in case the publisher doesn’t get benefits from the game, they might just leave it and announce the closure, sometimes even without data migration.

I do prefer the Global Service to Regional Services, and it seems that ESTGames will also do the Global release by themselves (according to whatever they claimed with news page).

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