#KR #EP19 Jun 21st 2017 Patch notes


1. Increase limitation of Blended Rune from 9 to 30

2. Change the way to mount / unmount Bikes

  • Bikes now can be mounted / unmounted by clicking right click like other items
  • Change the shortcut for Bike Storage
    • Open RW3 storage (Remote Warehouse) : Shift + Right click while mounted
    • Open PW5 storage (Personal Warehouse) : Alt + Right click while mounted
3. Reduce Dungeon Boost Level from 10 to 5
  • Mapping between old and new level
    • New : 0 => Old : 0
    • New : 1 => Old : 2
    • New : 2 => Old : 4
    • New : 3 => Old : 6
    • New : 4 => Old : 8
    • New : 5 => Old : 10
4. Change the AP storing method
  • Right-click on the empty AP Saver to open the following window:

5. Personal Shop Improvements
  • Individual item price shown
    • If stack items are sold at the same time, the individual price is shown in the item description
    • Mouse over item to show information
  • Improved the Purchase feature:
    • Current: Click to open Purchase window
    • Change: Click “Buy” or double click on item, item will be bought automatically
  • Added continuous purchase function
    • Hold CTRL and click “Buy” or click the item you want to buy
    • All items will be able to buy until item out of stock, unless inventory full / out of Alz
6. Increased the number of items stored in the Guild Warehouse from 20 to 100 per slot
7. Powerless Tempus Ring is now tradeable (Quest item)


1. Add new DX Dungeon “Phantom Hill”
  • Entry Information
    • Entry Level: 190+
    • Entry Item: Broken Epaulet of the Dead
      • Temporary available in  NPC Event in Test Server
    • Entrance: Ghost Bladers in Undead Ground (149, 245)
    • Participant limit: Maximum 2

  • Time
    • Initial: 3 mins
    • Can obtain up to extra 9 mins
  • Dungeon Complete:
    • Success: Defeat the last Boss (Open Chest)
    • Defeat: Time is over
  • Reward: 7 DP
  • Chances of Dropping “Essence Rune of Defense II” from final chest
    • Rune stats

2. Add Costume Epic Seal

  • Removes the Epic option from one costume then saves it to use on another costume
  • Requirements:
    • Costumes (Garment) with 2 slots or more
    • Able to use with Costumes (Garment) without epic only (cannot overwrite)
3. Add option for “Disable Battle Mode 3 Armor and Helmet Appearance”

  • Options> Display> Disable Battle Mode 3 Armor and Helmet Appearance
  • When option is checked, Battle Mode 3 Armor and Helmet will not be available on Battle Mode 3 activation
4. For some items with specific purpose for crafting, output items will be displayed in tooltip, e.g.: for Fragment of Chaos, output item will be noted in tooltip as “Material for crafting Chaos Core”, general items will not be displayed (Empty Bottle, Stain Clone…)
5. Added Title for cumulative level of 1400 and 1600 Added new Cumulative Level titles, these title give:
  • HP
  • EXP/ Pet EXP/ Skill EXP/ Party EXP Up
  • Defense Up
  • Ignore Penetration Up
  • Damage Reduction Up
  • Accuracy Up

#KR #EP18 May 10th,17th and 24th Patch notes

May 10th 2017 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Client disconnection while Force Blader uses Magic-type skill while Battle Mode 1 is activated.

2. Fixed bug that causes players cannot re-enter Panic Cave (Hard) in case of client disconnection.

3. Fixed bug that shows pet options abnormally while training

4. Fixed bug that causes abnormal drop/reward


■ Changes

1. Increase chance to get items 2 slots from manufacturing system (both weapons and armors)

2. Pet Untrain UI improvement

  • Change colour for tab name
    • General section: White
    • Contract section: Sky blue
  • Add confirmation window
    • Add confirmation window when uses the untrain kit


3. Increase EXP of first wave monsters in Eternal Chaos Arena

4. Training Dummy now can regenerates HP


May 17th 2017 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Fixed bug that causes abnormal drops from “Treasure of Eternity” box from Eternal Chaos Arena

2. Fixed bug related to “Request” system

  • Fixed bug related to abnormal behaviour of “Complete” button
  • Fixed bug related to abnormal behaviour of “Repeat” button

3. Fixed bug related to quests of NPC Miles.

4. Fixed bug related to Wizard and Force Gunner Battle Mode 3.

5. In case the Defense rate is negative, it will be displayed as 1.


■ Changes

1. Changes related to drop and extraction

  • Increase the drop rate of Palladium Magic items in some dungeons
    • Target dungeon:
      • Illusion Castle Underworld (Reverse)
      • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall (Reverse)
      • Abandoned City
    • Target item:
      • Orb, Crystal


■ Additional information

1. Added Force Gunner Battle Style Change

  • Add Force Gunner in the Battle Style Change Kit
  • Once used
    • Character will be changed into Force Gunner
    • All Essence / Blended Sword-based Runes will be converted into Magic-based Runes
    • Force Gunner’s Skill Book pacakge


2. Add some dungeon rewards

  • Add special dungeon reward
    • Hazardous Valley (Hard)
    • Hazardous Valley (Awakened)
    • Forbidden Island (Awakened)
  • Items: Special Accessories Box
    • Available output:
      • Blessing Beads 200% EXP
      • Carnelian up to +13
      • Belts up to +12
      • Talisman up to +8
      • Chaos Arcana up to +10
      • Law Arcana up to +12
      • Chaos Safeguards (all types)


May 24th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes


1. Fixed bug that leaded to client disconnection while using temporary inventory

2. Fixed bug that caused abnormal animation of Force Archer Battle Mode 2

3. Shadow of some weapon and hat costumes display abnormally, bug is now fixed

4. Fixed bug that related to linking items in cash inventory



■ Changes

1. Fixed bug that related to quest completion

2. Fixed bug that caused sound cannot be overlapped (was up to 3 sounds at once)

#EP17 #GSP Official Patch notes from Global Service

Please find the detailed patch notes from Cabal GSP below, in case you need further information, please try mrwormy.com/?s=ep17

Key changes:

  • New Battle Style : Force Gunner
    • Armor: Battleset
    • Weapon: Orb/ Crystal
    • Skill: 20 attack skills
    • BM1 : Ranger
    • BM2: Heavy Launcher
    • BM3: Hitman
  • Upgrade to +20 for Weapon/ Armor/ Bike
  • Character Rebalance
  • Other Fixes

#EP17 #Download #ForceGunner #Wallpaper

Enjoy the high-quality of #ForceGunner (aka #NewBattleStyle, #8thBattleStyle) of #CabalOnline which will be available in #Episode17 (aka #CabalOnline #CabalTranscendence #Part4).


Resolution: 1024×768


Resolution: 1200×800


Resolution: 1280×1024


Resolution: 1366×768


Resolution: 1920×1089


Resolution: 1900×1200


Resolution: 1080×1920 (Mobile)

#KR #EP18 April 26th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that related to Honour Medal was displayed abnormally after client reconnect

2. Fixed bugs related to game login screen

3. Fixed bug related to Blessing Beads – Pet EXP display 100% when customised for 1000% (only displayed value is incorrect).

4. Fixed bug related to Auction Hall that name of several items cannot be shown


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Pet Safety Kit

  • Able to select the section that going to be saved
    • General Section
    • Contract Section
  • Selected section will be stored and can be used on equivalent section on the target pet
  • For Pet Sleeping Kit
    • Level 1-10: Use the equivalent Pet Sleeping Kit with same level
    • Level 11-20: Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Contract)

2. Change related to automatic attack, so that it won’t be cancelled if player uses the instant-cast skill

3. Drop changes

  • Elite Premium DX: Increase drop rate of Extreme Upgrade Seal
  • Board
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of the Dead B1F / Tower of the Dead B2F / Volcanic Citadel / Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Hard Shell, Sticky Red Liquid
    • Remove drop from fields: Port Lux / Fort Ruina / Undead Ground / Forgotten Ruin
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Forgotten Temple B1F / Forgotten Temple B2F / Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening) / Forbidden Island / Forbidden Island Awakening / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Marquinas Outpost / Tower of the Dead B3F / Abandonned City
  • Familiar Mineral / Silver Jewelry / Powerless Core
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add in Chloe NPC
      • Per piece: 30,000 Alz
      • Per stack: 3,810,000 Alz
  • Remove Discs Lv. 2 drop from Port Lux and Fort Ruina

4. Increase chance to get higher amount of Material Cores and Quartz Cores when extract Archridium and Palladium items

5. Minor changes applied for Sub-Password and Channel Name’s Colour

  • Green: Non-PK
  • White: PK-able
  • Red: War







■ Additional information

1. Add feature to repeat on/off BGM in War Lobby