#KR #EP19P2 27th Sep 2017 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Improved the Aura mode

  • Multiple Aura mode can be learned
    • Old: Only one Aura mode can be learned and registered.
    • New: All 5 Aura mode can be learned and registered.
    • Remove the “Wind Aura”
  • Change to Aura mode
    • Old: All Aura modes have same stats
    • New: Stats of each Aura mode are different (stats are subjected to change)

  • Acquisition
    • Earth Aura:
      • Obtain on completion of these quests
        • Bloody Ice, the First
        • Desert Scream, the First
        • Green Despair, the First
    • Fire / Lightning / Aqua / Ice Aura
      • Obtain from Requesting via Chloe
        • Soul Key is available from Chloe for 10,000,000 Alz

  • Handle previous Aura modes
    • All previous Aura will be converted to Earth Aura
    • Aura Transmuter which is sold in NPC is removed, remove related quest
  • Features of New Aura modes
    • Earth Aura can be used as normal
    • Other Aura modes require “Soul Pearl” for activate
      • One “Soul Pearl” is required for each activation
      • “Soul Pearl” can be bought from NPC Deighton in Bloody Ice
        • 1x: 100,000 ALz
        • 100x: 10,000,000 Alz
    • Only one Aura can be activated at once
    • All Aura modes use the same cooldown timer
    • New quest for new Aura modes
      • Quest: Discovery of the New Power
      • Level: 200

■ Additional information

1. Added new DX dungeon “Acheron Arena”

  • Entry Information
    • Level: 190+
    • Entry Item: Warrior’s Key
      • Can be found from NPC Deighton – Bloody Ice & Remote Store
      • Price: 4,000,000 Alz
    • Entry Location:
      • Bloody Ice (78, 23)
    • Limitation:
      • Participants: 3
      • Time: 20 mins
  • Dungeon Completion:
    • Timeout or Open final Legendary Box
  • Reward: 6DP
  • From last Legendary Box, “Essence Rune (Normal DMG Up)” can be obtained

2.  New “Essence Rune (Normal DMG Up)”

  • On registration, Normal DMG up (Yellow DMG, not the Blue DMG which caused by critical rate)
  • Registration Level: 144
  • Stats & Consumption
  • Added to Auction Hall

2. Added a new potion to Legend Arena shop



#KR #EP18 April 26th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that related to Honour Medal was displayed abnormally after client reconnect

2. Fixed bugs related to game login screen

3. Fixed bug related to Blessing Beads – Pet EXP display 100% when customised for 1000% (only displayed value is incorrect).

4. Fixed bug related to Auction Hall that name of several items cannot be shown


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Pet Safety Kit

  • Able to select the section that going to be saved
    • General Section
    • Contract Section
  • Selected section will be stored and can be used on equivalent section on the target pet
  • For Pet Sleeping Kit
    • Level 1-10: Use the equivalent Pet Sleeping Kit with same level
    • Level 11-20: Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Contract)

2. Change related to automatic attack, so that it won’t be cancelled if player uses the instant-cast skill

3. Drop changes

  • Elite Premium DX: Increase drop rate of Extreme Upgrade Seal
  • Board
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of the Dead B1F / Tower of the Dead B2F / Volcanic Citadel / Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Hard Shell, Sticky Red Liquid
    • Remove drop from fields: Port Lux / Fort Ruina / Undead Ground / Forgotten Ruin
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Forgotten Temple B1F / Forgotten Temple B2F / Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening) / Forbidden Island / Forbidden Island Awakening / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Marquinas Outpost / Tower of the Dead B3F / Abandonned City
  • Familiar Mineral / Silver Jewelry / Powerless Core
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add in Chloe NPC
      • Per piece: 30,000 Alz
      • Per stack: 3,810,000 Alz
  • Remove Discs Lv. 2 drop from Port Lux and Fort Ruina

4. Increase chance to get higher amount of Material Cores and Quartz Cores when extract Archridium and Palladium items

5. Minor changes applied for Sub-Password and Channel Name’s Colour

  • Green: Non-PK
  • White: PK-able
  • Red: War







■ Additional information

1. Add feature to repeat on/off BGM in War Lobby


[KR] [EP17] Nov 16th 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Character Rebalance

  • Add the distance information in the tooltip of Dash/ Blink/ Fade
  • Warrior
    • Increase “Attack” bonus from skill “Soul Blade”
      • At level 20, add 104 Attack
    • Merge attack buff skills
      • Target:
        • Art of Shout
        • Fury Shout
    • Increase range of Axe Attack Skill A / B
  • Blader
    • Increase “Attack” bonus from skill “Soul Blade”
      • At level 20, add 104 Attack
    • Change of the effect of “Knuckle Fatal Skill – I”
      • Change the Knockback to Down
    • Increase range of Knuckle Attack A / B
  • Wizard
    • Revise the range of Blink skill
    • Increase “Magic Attack” from skill “Force Increase”
    • Change the “Piercing Skill” stats
      • At level 20: +60 Penetration
    • Merge “Force Increase” and “Hardness” skill
  • Force Archer
    • Launcher Skill Attack A / B
      • Accuracy +240 (at Level 8)
      • Critical Damage +8%
    • Change Synergy: AABA
      • Name: Intensive Fire
      • Stats:
        • Own:
          • HP – 300
          • MP -300
        • Target:
          • Critical Rate -5%
          • Critical Damage -10%
    • Merge “Sharpness”, “Offensive Bless” and “Precision”
    • Merge “Blind”, “Lower Defense” and “Curse Remove”
  • Force Shielder
    • Change the stats of “Art of Defense”
      • Change “cannot move” to “cannot use movement skill” for 36 secs
    • Raise the “Shield Harden” defense
      • At level 20: 97 defense
    • Raise the “Might Wish” skill
      • At level 20: 240 attack
  • Force Blader
    • Change the skill “Mana Freeze”
      • Change stats:
        • Add stats: -50 Damage Reduction (at level 20)
        • Target: Monster & Character
    • Merge “Blind”, “Lower Defense” and “Curse Remove”
  • Gladiator
    • Add new skill “Adrenaline of Rage”
    • Change to “Heal” skill
    • Change the range of of “Genocide Fatal Attack Skill 1/2/3”

2. Add summary information for “Merit Mastery”

  • Stats in WHITE: Stats in Mission War
  • Stats in ORANGE: Stats outside
    • When “Expansion” skill applied

3. Remove the “Skill Rank-up Condition”

4. Change Mergaheph’s quest ring to “Tradeable”. Sealed core of Mergaheph is still “Character-binding”

[KR] Cabal Summer Update 2015


REMEMBER: Here are information for Korean Server, not for other server. First these contents will be available in Korean Cabal Test Server, later will be pushed to Korean Cabal Public Server. And months later will be available for others. Thus, the “Summer Update” that stated here might be “Christmas Update” or “Spring Update” of most of servers 😛




Summer Update

Story & Quests

Up until now, quests for level 100+ were added.
As we’ve seen, Nevareth is now divided into Capella and Procyon…
There will be more quest of the areas outside Nevareth…
Beside Yuan and Arionel, there will be new “heroin” will take part in the story of CABAL.
<Spoiler> Later, this winter, a brand-new field map will be released as well (of course with plenty of contents)

General quests are added as well, next tier we will focus is from 130+ (up to 150), so you can expect that leveling will be a bit easier…

New Mission War Battle

It was quite a long time since we added Tierra Gloriosa. Now is the time for the next Mission War Battlefield 🙂
Let’s say … Capture the … GOLD?!

The missions will be Gold Production, Gold Transportation and Base Protection 🙂
The duration might be shorter than Tierra Glorisa but the game play is much more funnier 😛

PVP Battle Area?

There are many kinds of PvP Battle systems are available in CABAL. But people still like the normal PvP in Bloody Ice 😛
Will the new PvP map solve that problem?

New Dungeon Mode: Elite

New dungeon mode: Elite will be added, of course with the high difficulty but the compensation will be really GREAT! Let’s see… an item that let you extend the Essence Rune slot? Sounds promising?


Tons of updates, improvements and fixes are coming but can’t let you know all of these things 😛 Wait and looking forward 😛

Thank you. ^^ ♥

[EP13P2] [KR] Feb 27th 2015 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. In case the dungeon clear time is under 1 minute, recorded time displayed incorrectly. Bug is now fixed.

2. In certain situations, mini map display abnormally when party invitations are coming.

3. Focus on the authentication windows was applied abnormally, bug is fixed.


■ Additions

1. Add new item Force Gem

  • New item which works as currency function


  • Change the Inventory UI to display the available amount of Force Gem


  • Property
    • Unable to trade
    • Cannot be transferred between servers
      • Features and benefits which were activated in one server are not available in other servers
    • Force Gem amount is shared among characters in one server
      • Features and benefits which were activated are available for each character not shared
  • Features:
  • Dungeon entry
    • Can be used to enter dungeon instead of using dungeon entry item
      • Depends on dungeon grade, number of consuming Force Gem is vary
    • Dungeon Entrances now always show effect
    • Dungeon Entries are stopped being sold in Cash Shop
      • Entry items which are drop-able from fields and dungeons are still available for sale
    • Add the info of Force Gem consuming in Dungeon UI


  • Coordination Saving and Warping
    • Able to save current coordination by using Force Gem for warping later
    • For saving the current coordination, player needs to access GPS UI and click on the GPS save
      • On Force Gem consumed, temporary warp point will be generated
      • Temporary warp point will be available for warp freely for a set of time
      • Several warp points can be created in one map
    • Functionality can be considered like Frontier Stone item


  • Warp Unlimited
    • Allow using warp without consuming Return Stone for a set of time
    • Force Gem
      • Warp Unlimited is available to be activated in GPS UI
    • Warp unlimited can be identified by checking the color of Warp Unlimited text in GPS UI
      • Yellow means available
    • Functionality can be considered like Return Core


  • Party Summoning
    • Add Party Summon feature in Party information window
    • Allow using Force Gem to summon party member to your location
    • Force Gem will be consumed once target accepts the summon request
    • Only target in the same world and channel can be summoned
    • Functionality can be considered like Summon of Heroes
  • Warp to Party
    • Add feature “Warp to Party member” in Party menu
    • Allow using warp to party member location by using Force Gem
    • Only target in the same world and channel can be warped to
    • Functionality can be considered like Leap of Heroes
  • Party Resurrection
    • Add feature “Party Resurrection” in Party menu
    • Usable when a dead party is available, feature allows resurrects target by using Force Gem
    • Force Gem will be consumed once target accepts the resurrection request
    • Only target in the same world and channel can be resurrected
    • Functionality can be considered like Honorable Odd Circle
  • Character Resurrection
    • Allow using Force Gem for resurrection like Odd Circles


  • Oath Effects
    • Effects:
      • Allow transferring EXP/AXP/Damage to specified party member using Force Gem
      • Force Gem will be consumed once target accept the request
      • Only target in the same world and channel can be obtained EXP/AXP/Damage
    • Functionality can be considered like Oath of Sacrifice/Soul/Protection

2. Add new shared achievements

  •  Add shared achievements : Details can be changed
    • For using Force Gem Package : 10 Force Gems
    • Destroy Chaos Talisman: 15 Force Gems
    • Failed upgrading Chaos Talisman: 5 Force Gems