Cabal Online – Episode 24 – Oct 02nd 2019 Patch notes

Sorry for late patch notes, I’m now travelling to India, and the internet was bad, cannot do the translation for patch notes properly. By 25-Sep-2019, the patch was implemented for Public Server and this is the first patch for public server after the official release of this.

■ Fix

1. Fixed bugs related to “Daily Challenge Mission”

  • Fixed bug that character cannot receive the Elixir of Merit (Golden Rank) from reward
  • Fixed bug that game rewards WEXP Save (101) instead of WEXP Saver (100)
  • Fixed bug that the score is displayed as 0 when it reaches the maximum score
  • Fixed typos that Force Gem was displayed as Force Jam

2. Fix errors related to “Secret Store”

  • Fixed bug that items in inventory got destroyed when character tries to purchase items from the “Secret Store” in certain situation
  • Fixed error which were creating abnormal items in certain situations in “Secret Store”
    • Safeguard items: Quantity was displayed as 0
    • Siena’s Bracelet Piece: Item was unable to use as crafting material
    • Elixir of Training (Lv 180): Fixed bug that item was character-binding, now it is account-binding

■ Changes

1. Changes related to “Daily Challenge Mission”

  • Changes related to missions (marked with red)
  • In case of receiving multiple Elixir, these items would be merged into one mail

2. Improved “Secret Store” purchase confirmation UI

  • Add the cost icon, to show Alz / Gem / Item… in the purchase confirmation UI

Cabal Online – Episode 24 Part 1 – Sep 19th 2019 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. “Daily Challenge Mission” changes

  • Changes of Missions
  • Changes of score vs. reward level
  • Remove the time duration for Holy Water items from reward

2. Changes to “Secret Store”

  • “Secret Store” is available only for characters 180+
  • Secret Store sales list will be updated once a day at 11:00AM
  • Add some items for sales and adjust the purchase condition of some items

3. Changes related to “Illusion Castle Underworld” dungeon

  • Remove the Honor quest
    • Quest that drop different coloured stones which give honor is removed
  • Changes related to dungeon clear reward
    • Old: Honor: 10,000
    • New: Honor: 100,000

4. Changes related to “Forgotten Temple B1F”

  • Changes related to quests
    • Old: Obtain Cat’s Stone by destroying the “Purify Epaulet” which can be retrieved from “Mutant Researcher”
    • New: Obtain “Cat’s Stone” by talking with “Mutant Researcher”
  • Changes the quest text and items description related to above changes

5. Change related to “Time Reducer”

  • Time Reducer can be used as much as the sum amount of reducing time is less than the remaining time
    • Ex: Remaining time is 52 minutes, you can use 10x Time Reducer (which is 5 minutes each)
    • Ex: Remaining time is 48 minutes, you can use 9x Time Reducer (which is 5 minutes each)

■ Mission War

1. Mission War Balance

  • Increase Defensive Stats of Legacy Guardians and Building (Gate / Tower / Sage’s Ensign) from highest grade of Mission War
  • Changes related to FT-Panel
    • Old: Able to build Attack, Increase Attack, Reduce Defense
    • New: Able to build Attack
  • Force Tower stats change
    • Increase defense
    • Increase special attack for Force Tower

Cabal Online – Episode 24 – Sep 06th 2019 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed the error that caused the client disconnection for several situation when character is moving.

2. Fixed the error that the attack was stopped when attack a group of monsters.

3. Fixed the error that bosses in Hazardous Valley didn’t attack character in certain situation and position.

4. Fixed the error that the Jewel Cube (Emerald) from Guild Treasure cannot received for certain situation

■ Change

1. Changes and additions to Collection system

  • Stats from the completion effects would be granted based on the completeness
    • Old: Have to complete 100% to get the effects
    • New: Effects will be granted partially when 30%, 60% or 100% of the collection is reached.
      • For example, if the Collection has 10 slots, you complete 2 slots, you get 20%.
      • Stats will be given even you didn’t receive the individual reward for the collection yet.
  • Stats based on completion progress
    • Table from Cabal KR is cumbersome and with lots of text, so basically, it gives you 30% bonus when you reach 30% of the collection, and 50% bonus when you get 60% of the collection.
  • Special Collection
    • Complete the collection by collecting items related to Enhancement, Craft, War, Costume, Bike and Soul Ability
    • Add “Special” tab inside the Collection UI
    • Some items would be excluded for registering into the Collection system (for the “Special” tab)
  • Event Collection
    • Add the Event Collection
    • Earning Reward by collecting specific items during specific period
    • Add the “Event” tab to the Collection UI
      • If there is no related event, the tab will not be shown
  • Change the number of items can register at once to 100 items

2. Improved some dungeon vision

  • Increase the maximum zoom range for certain dungeons and mission war fields. Viewing angle is also adjusted
  • Some object has been changed into transparent to improve the view for certain dungeons.

■ Additions

1. Add a “Secret Store”

  • Add a new NPC “Secret Merchant Hirogly” near Bloody Ice Warehouse
    • Allow to access to the “Secret Shop” via this NPC
  • Secret Shop
    • Five different items would be shown on the Secret Shop based on random chance
    • Items in each slot could be purchased once only
      • Slot with purchased item would not be filled until the next periodical update
    • The same list is shared for all characters in the same account
  • Reset the Sales list
    • Sales list would be updated twice a day (18:00 and 23:00)
    • Sales list could be forced to reset using Force Gem
      • 1st time: 10 Force Gem
      • 2nd time: 25 Force Gem
      • 3rd time: 50 Force Gem
      • 4th time: 100 Force Gem
      • 5th time: 200 Force Gem
      • 6th time: 600 Force Gem

2. Add “Daily Challenge Mission”

  • Target: Character at level 200+
  • Mechanism:
    • Daily Mission will be automatically count without the accepting step (you don’t have to talk with any NPC to receive the quest)
    • Mission progress would be reset at midnight (0:00)
    • Progress is character based
  • Add new “Daily Challenge Mission” UI
    • Add new “Daily Challenge Mission” to the “Quests and Achievements” group
    • Add the new icon on the bottom bar of game screen
  • Challenge Mission List
  • Reward
    • By completing Mission, Mission Point will be granted
    • Reward Level is based on Mission Point
    • There will be 2 (two) types of reward:
      • Fixed reward
      • Optional reward
        • Optional reward can be selected when you reach the Reward level
    • Reward will be paid via in-game mail

3. Essence Rune: Attack Rate II / Defense Rate II

  • Obtain:
    • As random item from the NPC “Hirogly”
  • Stats and Required Items per level

4. Merit Mastery – Platinum Rank related items

  • Special Mastery Seal
    • Able to seal the Special Mastery of Merit Mastery – Platinum Rank
    • Output item is available for trading
    • Able to re-apply on a different character
  • Platinum Rank Memory Extender
    • Able to expand the Memory slotsExtend 1 slot per use
    • Able to use up to 2 times
      • Original Limit: 3 Slots
      • After Extended Limit: 5 Slots

Merit Medal – Platinum Rank

Finally, after long long time that I promised that I would work on the Platinum Rank of the new Merit Medal… Now it’s ready! It’s more than 2 months, since they released this as part of Episode 24 Part 1 in Korea Server. At first, I planed to postpone it for 1 week, because I saw lots of changes from the original patch for test server week by week. However, due to lots of real-life thingy, I couldn’t work on this. Yesterday, one of my guild mate kept shouting on me that I was too much lazy, that I didn’t work on my stuff. OK so I decided to complete this ASAP!

I did this within only 2 days, because you kept shouting on me BladerRunner! Thanks for pushing me 😄😄😄

Separation of Meritorious system

  • Meritorious now is separated into Golden Rank and Platinum Rank
    • Golden Rank: Existing Meritorious system. Applicable for character at level 170+ in the account.
    • Platinum Rank: New Meritorious grade system. Applicable for characters at 200+ in the account.
  • Add the icon for showing Golden Rank and Platinum Rank
    • The UI of Platinum Rank is subjected to change

Upgrading to Meritorious of Platinum Rank

  • Upgrade to Platinum Rank Conditions
    • All slots in Golden Rank are registered
    • All point in Golden Rank are spent
  • The button “Upgrade to Platinum Rank” will be activated automatically when Upgrade Condition is satisfied.
  • Upgrade Materials
    • 100 Merit Medal
    • 20,000 WEXP
  • Result
    • Meritorious will be upgraded to Platinum Rank
    • Start to obtain score for Meritorious of Platinum Rank

Meritorious Platinum Rank

  • Score / Point
    • Max Score: 360,542
    • Max Point: 2,052


  • Categories
    • Total 6 categories
      • Fierce Force
      • Indomitable Will
      • Slayer of War
      • Guardian of War
      • Sharp Sense
      • Agile Evasion
    • Total points required for max all 6 categories: 3,472
      • Therefore, only 4 out of 6 categories can be maxed
    • Category & Options & Merit Point are described in the tables below

Fierce Force

Indomitable Will

Slayer of War

Guardian of War

Sharp Sense

Agile Evasion

Opening a Platinum Rank Slot

  • Platinum Rank slot must be opened to get the skill
  • Open the slot consumes materials and time
    • More slot opened, more materials and time will be consumed
  • Cancel an Opening Slot
    • Materials will not be returned back

Time Reducer

  • Time Reducer
    • Special item for reducing time of opening slot of Platinum Rank in Meritorious system
    • Able to activate by right click on the item in the inventory
    • Able to get from Guild Treasure in the future

Mastery Memories

  • For saving the current state of Platinum Rank
  • Can save up to 3 states (stored as Quick Slot)
  • Able to switch between states
  • A state is the combination of 4 current activated categories

Special Mastery

  • Activate the Special Mastery
    • Special Mastery can be activated when the slot “Special Mastery Expansion” of each category is acquired
      • Able to acquire up to 4 “Special Mastery Expansion” slots only
    • Different Special Mastery options by category / type
  • Granting Option for Special Mastery
    • By clicking on the Special Mastery button at the bottom of each category (after acquired the “Special Mastery Expansion” of that category)
    • Material:
      • 5 Merit Medal
      • 1,000 WEXP
    • Output: Two random special options will be assigned randomly
  • Special Mastery option by category

Fierce Force

Indomitable Will

Slayer of War

Guardian of War

Sharp Sense

Agile Evasion

Cabal KR – Roadmap for 2nd-half of 2019

Hi CABALers,

Are you getting tired of the extreme hot summer?

I hope that summer will pass soon, and we will have some cool breeze of autumn…

For cooling you down, our Cabal team is working hard, and we are eager to introduce with you guys just some glimpse of the second half of 2019.

And sorry, because I made some delay for this interview, I’m now travelling at Nepal, sitting at around 1400m above the sea water, tasting the Tibetan coffee and doing the translation…

Content will be organised into 2 main groups, one for the Fall (Autumn) update, another part is for Winter update.

“Collection” system has been added into Cabal during the last update! You guy have fun with that? Rewards are promising but still I guess that some players were hesitating to participate in.

The “Collection” system would be updated to give you more and easier 😉 Even if the collection is not 100% completed, still you will get the rewards partially based on the completion progress.

New collections would be added such as: Special Collection and Event Collection, which you can complete during a certain time only.

We bet that you would love these changes and update!

Since most of official outside Korea still not have the update with the “Collection” system, you can click here to take a look regarding the “Collection” system: here

Side note for you!

The Daily Quest would get some renewal, overhaul. If you play everyday, you would reward yourself! And don’t be too much nervous about these missions. Still these missions would be completing dungeons and hunting monsters! And rewards would be worth your effort!

Isn’t it cool? Enjoy the game content and get the reward?! And remember that, you can get more rewards by doing multiple missions.

A strange merchant came to Bloody Ice, there are rumours that he would bring new goods regularly to Nevareth continent… and it’s not all, they said, these goods are rare, that normally you couldn’t have chance to see.

Based on your level, the goods would be different and also goods would be available for limited time only…

Two quality-of-life changes in Mission Wars will be implemented for both “Tiera Gloriosa” and “Memoria Chrysos”.

Many feedback we got are for the design of the Mission War maps not good, small and people got stuck time to time.

The map design for both will be revised, remove unnecessary objects and widen the path!

In addition, the view range would be enhanced to provide a broader view in the battle field! It will help you identify enemy and apply your battle strategy easier.

We wish you victory on the battlefield! Battle for your GLORY!

“Where am I?”
“Where should I go?”
“Where the hell are you?!”

Have you ever cursed in the dungeon…?!

During the incoming update, view in dungeon will be improved with a broader view. The broader view will give you a better idea of the surrounding terrain and monsters. Some parts of the dungeon also got redesigned to be transparent to ensure the better view in dungeon which sometimes block the view and make the dungeon progress slower.

That’s all for the Fall (Autumn) update, but since here we are talking about the 2nd-half of 2019… So the information of the Winter update will be also introduced…

As we mentioned previously, all of existing DX dungeons would get the sequels. Panic Cave will be the second dungeon to have the sequel. The new dungeon will continue the background story of Panic Cave, and just like Flame Nest (aka Lava Hellfire 2), you will get the Demonight items with top-epic.

Have you read the “Maze Runner” or watched that movie? I did and totally love the concept of moving maze… Here we would have the same thing, that is called “Labyrinth” dungeon.

The dungeon consists of different areas and each connects with others using “Portal”. However, these things work differently on daily basis.

Therefore, the same dungeon but the “inside” things are always unexpected and waiting for you to conquer.

Each area has the different traps, monsters and unexpected things for you, so be careful! But still, dungeon is the same for all players; therefore, by sharing the strategy with your friends, together you can find the mysterious key to solve the labyrinth…

And also, we have a new Essence Rune as the reward for this dungeon, it sounds promising right?

The battle for acquiring the “Saint’s Force Calibur” would be changed, still it would be weekly, but the total concept would be different.

The “Saint’s Force Calibur” is shaking and looking for its next owner…

It’s a terrible task that you have to clean up your inventory. True, right? We understand that and we are working to help you solving that.

A mechanism would be added to help you rearrange your inventory faster and easier!

So, what do you think about the 2nd half of 2019?

Beside these updates, improvements and additions; we (developers) always try our best and hope for a smooth play and lots of fun to you, our beloved fans, loyal CABALers!

We are seeking to receive the opinions from players!

Thank you so much for your love for Cabal!