Extreme Upgrade

  • It fits with its name, yes “Extreme Upgrade” is totally extreme. It’s different than others upgrade systems like Chaos or Divine, here in Extreme Upgrade there is no safe point, at anytime, the Extreme Upgrade can be reset back to 0.
  • Main material for doing the Extreme Upgrade is Extreme Core. Until now, we have 12 different levels of Extreme Core.
  • Availability of Extreme Upgrade depends on 03 factors:
    • Binding Status.
    • Upgrade Level.
    • Item Grade.
      • Different item grade has different limit for Extreme Upgrade.
  • Extreme Upgrade can be performed at any Core Alchemist all over the Nevareth, like: Keller – Core Alchemist – Bloody Ice. Access the “Extreme Upgrade” via “Upgrade” then “Extreme Upgrade” NPC menu.
  • Extreme Upgrade UI is quite clear and easy to understand:
    • [1] Name of the registered item for Extreme Upgrade.
    • [2] Image of the registered item for Extreme Upgrade.
    • [3] Place for registering Extreme Core for Extreme Upgrade.
    • [4] Extreme Upgrade information:
      • Current Extreme Upgrade grade
      • Cost to perform the Extreme Upgrade is depends on grade of Extreme Upgrade and item type.
      • Registered Core Level is the sum of all Core Level that player registered in the Core Registration area [3].
    • [5] Result of the Extreme Upgrade, it’s blank here and will show the result once the Extreme Upgrade is completed.
      • Extreme Upgrade Success, Extreme Upgrade grea
    • [6] Buttons to start the “Extreme Upgrade” or “Close” the UI.
  • Fee and the Required Amount of Extreme Core are different depends on the Extreme Upgrade Level:
  • We can categorise the items related to Extreme Upgrade into 02 groups:
    • Core-related items.
    • Repair-related items.
  • Core-related items:
    • Extreme Core: We have from Lv. 1 to Lv. 12.
    • Extreme Core Pocket: We have 05 grades:
      • Craftable via NPC Chloe: Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique
        • Extreme Core Pocket(Supplementary)
      • Available only in Cash Shop: Premium.
  • Repair-related items:
    • Repair Kit Box
      • Repair Kit Box: Available to craft at NPC Chloe
      • Premium Repair Kit Box: Available only in Cash Shop
    • Repair Kit: 03 different types: Bronze, Silver and Gold.
  • Method of obtaining Extreme Upgrade related items:
    • Directly purchase from NPC Chloe Shop in Port Lux.
    • Obtain via request system, success rate of requesting those recipes below are 90%:
      • Extreme Core Pocket (Normal) I / II
      • Extreme Core Pocket (Rare)
      • Extreme Core Pocket (Epic)
      • Extreme Core Pocket (Unique)
    • From Cash Shop.
  • At any upgrade level, 03 results can happen:
    • Upgrade Success, the Extreme Upgrade Level is increased by 1.
    • Upgrade Failed, the Item is Broken and cannot be equipped. Item must be repaired using the Repair Kit.
    • Upgrade Failed, the Extreme Upgrade Level is reset back to 0.
  • Stats of Extreme Upgrade is unified, there are only the differences between Extreme Upgrade Level, there is no difference between the Item Grade (e.g. High / Highest / Ultimate).
  • Extreme Upgrade can be sealed into the Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone.
    • An empty Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone can be used for sealing the Extreme Upgrade.
    • There are 02 types of Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone:
      • Normal: Allow for sealing Extreme Upgrade Level 2.
      • Master: Allow for sealing Extreme Upgrade from Level 3 to Level 7.
      • Extreme Upgrade Level 1 cannot be sealed.
    • Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal) and (Master) can be dropped from Premium DX Dungeons (and also the Elite Premium DX Dungeons).
      • (Elite) Panic Cave (Premium)
      • (Elite) Catacombs Frost (Premium)
      • (Elite) Lava Hellfire (Premium)
      • (Elite) Steamer Crazy (Premium)
  • An Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone with the Extreme Upgrade stored inside can be used to reapply the Extreme Upgrade on eligible items which do not have the Extreme Upgrade (you cannot override the existing Extreme Upgrade.


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