FAQ – Bike Extreme Stats?

One of player in Cabal EU knocked me for the stats of Extreme 6 for Bike, which is applicable for the newest Bike QW7. I thought that I posted some where on my blog, but… nope.

So here you are, the list of every Extreme Upgrade level of Astral Bike, including:

  • Astral Bike – Type: Blue
  • Astral Bike – Type: RW3
  • Astral Bike – Type: PW5
  • Astral Bike – Type: QW7

Came as part of Episode 22 Part 3, Astral Bike – Type: QW7 is the most recent bike that we can get from Cabal now. If you don’t have a Astral Bike – Type: QW7 but still want to see it in action? Check this clip 😉


Merit Medal – Platinum Rank

Finally, after long long time that I promised that I would work on the Platinum Rank of the new Merit Medal… Now it’s ready! It’s more than 2 months, since they released this as part of Episode 24 Part 1 in Korea Server. At first, I planed to postpone it for 1 week, because I saw lots of changes from the original patch for test server week by week. However, due to lots of real-life thingy, I couldn’t work on this. Yesterday, one of my guild mate kept shouting on me that I was too much lazy, that I didn’t work on my stuff. OK so I decided to complete this ASAP!

I did this within only 2 days, because you kept shouting on me BladerRunner! Thanks for pushing me 😄😄😄

Separation of Meritorious system

  • Meritorious now is separated into Golden Rank and Platinum Rank
    • Golden Rank: Existing Meritorious system. Applicable for character at level 170+ in the account.
    • Platinum Rank: New Meritorious grade system. Applicable for characters at 200+ in the account.
  • Add the icon for showing Golden Rank and Platinum Rank
    • The UI of Platinum Rank is subjected to change

Upgrading to Meritorious of Platinum Rank

  • Upgrade to Platinum Rank Conditions
    • All slots in Golden Rank are registered
    • All point in Golden Rank are spent
  • The button “Upgrade to Platinum Rank” will be activated automatically when Upgrade Condition is satisfied.
  • Upgrade Materials
    • 100 Merit Medal
    • 20,000 WEXP
  • Result
    • Meritorious will be upgraded to Platinum Rank
    • Start to obtain score for Meritorious of Platinum Rank

Meritorious Platinum Rank

  • Score / Point
    • Max Score: 360,542
    • Max Point: 2,052


  • Categories
    • Total 6 categories
      • Fierce Force
      • Indomitable Will
      • Slayer of War
      • Guardian of War
      • Sharp Sense
      • Agile Evasion
    • Total points required for max all 6 categories: 3,472
      • Therefore, only 4 out of 6 categories can be maxed
    • Category & Options & Merit Point are described in the tables below

Fierce Force

Indomitable Will

Slayer of War

Guardian of War

Sharp Sense

Agile Evasion

Opening a Platinum Rank Slot

  • Platinum Rank slot must be opened to get the skill
  • Open the slot consumes materials and time
    • More slot opened, more materials and time will be consumed
  • Cancel an Opening Slot
    • Materials will not be returned back

Time Reducer

  • Time Reducer
    • Special item for reducing time of opening slot of Platinum Rank in Meritorious system
    • Able to activate by right click on the item in the inventory
    • Able to get from Guild Treasure in the future

Mastery Memories

  • For saving the current state of Platinum Rank
  • Can save up to 3 states (stored as Quick Slot)
  • Able to switch between states
  • A state is the combination of 4 current activated categories

Special Mastery

  • Activate the Special Mastery
    • Special Mastery can be activated when the slot “Special Mastery Expansion” of each category is acquired
      • Able to acquire up to 4 “Special Mastery Expansion” slots only
    • Different Special Mastery options by category / type
  • Granting Option for Special Mastery
    • By clicking on the Special Mastery button at the bottom of each category (after acquired the “Special Mastery Expansion” of that category)
    • Material:
      • 5 Merit Medal
      • 1,000 WEXP
    • Output: Two random special options will be assigned randomly
  • Special Mastery option by category

Fierce Force

Indomitable Will

Slayer of War

Guardian of War

Sharp Sense

Agile Evasion

Cabal Online Summer Update?!

Summer is coming, it’s now June already. So we are all excited to look forward to things are coming to Cabal Online. This blog entry will cover contents that will be available during this summer for different regional services (which I decided to categorised into 3 different Rings, Fast Ring, Medium Ring and Slow Ring).

You can also take a quick glance of Servers vs. Episodes here: https://mrwormy.com/2018/08/31/faq-cabal-servers-vs-episodes/

Fast Ring

Fast Ring includes Korea Test Serve and Korea Public Server, where they get the new content almost the same time together.

For this summer, different new DX dungeons will be added as the sequel for Panic Cave, Crazy Steamer and Catacombs Frost. Recently this year, ESTGames introduced Flame Nest as the sequel of Lava Hellfire where you can get the new Demonite items with top-epic. By progressing these dungeons, you might get the materials for crafting the Epic Booster for the newest item grade. As per the developer, during time, they will progressively release all other 3 DX Dungeons and after that the new Epic Booster (Ultimate) will be released.

Another content that will be available in the next Summer Update of Fast Ring will be Force Wing Dungeon, the details are still unknown, but as per the developers revealed, by progressing that Force Wing Dungeon, you can level up your Force Wing grade. For example, currently, you have your Force Wing with level 60, it’s just the Normal Grade. In future, when you reach level 100 of Force Wing (for Normal Grade) you can upgrade it to the next grade.

Medium Ring

Medium Ring features Cabal JP, Cabal TW and Cabal GSP, I’m not sure why did they always manage to get the new updates very quick. Most of the time, they can get the update around 3 months after the Korea Servers.

Currently, the Medium Ring has upgraded up to Episode 23 Part 1 (COJP) and Episode 22 Part 3 (COTW and COGSP). You can take a look of related content for EP22P3 and EP23P1 in the table below.

  • Guild Dungeon: Flame Dimension
  • Astral Bike – Type QW7
  • Chaos Upgrade for Amulet
  • Guild Mission Event
  • Pet Level 30
  • Aura Duration Extension
  • Core Set (was Core Bundle)

  • Force Wing Training

  • Pet Display slot
  • Chaos Arena (Lv. 7)

  • Earring Chaos Upgrade up to +15

  • Gift Box system

Since COJP just got the update recently on 24-May-2019, it will take time until COJP gets the next update. Just for your information, the update that they got is a single update with only Episode 23 Part 1, not the combo update like services in Slow Ring got.

As per the releasing schedule, COGSP and COTW will also get Episode 23 Part 1 during this summer.

Slow Ring

We all feel sad when talking about Slow Ring, because, services which are included in this group always stay steps behind other services. Currently, we have COEU, CONA, COBR, COPH and COCN inside this group. All of they have Episode 22 Part 2. It’s not totally confirmed, but there is a huge chance that Slow Ring will get another combo update with Episode 22 Part 3 and Episode 23 Part 1 together during this summer (refer to the table above for the list of updates).

Lots of fans keep asking me, is there any chances that Slow Ring become Medium Ring? And why these services were put inside the Slow Ring? (or the proper question is: why does update get time to reach to services in Slow Ring?).

The main reason here is for the translation, for COEU/CONA/COBR all of these services were managed under PlayThisGame (another branding of ESTGames for COEU/CONA/COBR); due to the complexity of languages where we have different languages for COEU and since all of these 3 services are stuck together, they couldn’t give CONA or COBR quicker update than COEU. For COCN and COPH, frankly, I have no clue why did these updates reach their services slowly like that.

The combo update which consists of EP22P3 and EP23P1 will bring a massive change for Cabal; mainly focused on Guild System. So it’s also a good idea now to search for yourself a great guild, with whom you can enjoy the most out of the incoming updates. For solo players, you will get Pet Level 30 which will give you lots of bonus stats (including the newest Force Option: Aura Duration Extension), and also the Force Wing Training system will give you some extra bonus as well!


So tell me, what can we expect to have this summer? More updates and more events are coming with very tight schedule. Brace yourself and be ready for incoming adventures across the Nevareth continent…