[EP17] [KR] Jan 11th 2017 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when starting certain quest dungeons

2. In certain situations, dungeon completed is treated as dungeon failure

■ Changes

1. Battlestyle Re-balance adjustment

  • Force Blader
    • Fire qnqqq / Ice owhzm / Lightning Blade vouvn skill: Change to instant cast
    • Curse of Freeze menbq (was Mana Freeze before)
      • Cannot use for monsters
      • Remove option: Damage Reduction
    • Change the effector of Mana Freeze menbq to Elemental Enchant hpvjd
      • Effector grade will be maintained
  • Force Gunner
    • Increase Aggro of Battle Mode 3 Attack A/B and Fatal Attack 1-3
    • Shorten casting time of “Inspire” b7e41079eb5d skill to 1.0 sec

2. Changes and additions to “Glacies Inferna” dungeon

  • Add 10 seconds for buffering time before dungeon starts
  • Reduce HP of the Dungeon Gate (between the entrance and central area)
  • Add the HP recovery for two Pillars after defeating bosses
  • Add additions activities on dungeon failure
    • When both of Pillars are destroyed, Fire Meteor or Ice Storm will be appeared with the Awakened Diablo span in the centre of map
  • Add messages
    • New wave / Waiting time
    • Boss spawn / defeat
  • Certain changes applied to all waves of dungeon

3. Adjust the drop rate of some items

  • Decrease the drop rate of DX dungeon in Hazardous Valley (Normal / Hard)
  • Decrease the drop rate of Key of Chaos (Lv. 6)
  • Remove drop of Effector Core in Pontus Ferrum

4. Remove the “Character-binding” status from certain items:

  • Affected on
    • Siena Bracelets Piece (from the Legendary Cube of Altar of Siena B2F)
    • Cursed Tyrant Ring from Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening)
    • Fire Orb / Wind Orb / Earth Orb / Ice Orb from Elite DX Dungeons
  • Changes
    • Items can be traded
    • Add the equivalent category in Auction Hall

5. Battle Mode 3 changes

  • Remove Battle Mode (Step 1) request recipe
  • Remove the reward for Battle Mode 3 quest at Level 130

6. Change the limit of Elite dungeon from 3 to 5 (default limit)

7. Change the amount of Fire / Wind / Earth / Ice Orb for requesting Rune Slot Extender:

  • Old: 20
  • New: 10

■ Additions

1. Add the of “Glacies Inferna” dungeon entry item and Divine Upgrade items

  • Add items to NPC stores and Remote store
    • Crystal of Frozen Flame: 3,500,000 Alz + 100AP
    • Divine Converter – Weapons: 10,000,000 Alz + 200AP
    • Divine Converter – Armors: 10,000,000 Alz + 200AP
  • Add the categories in Auction Hall
    • Dungeon Entry Item > Mission Dungeon > Crystal of Frozen Flame
    • Weapon / Armor Upgrade Item > Divine Convertors >
      • Divine Convertor – Weapons
      • Divine Convertor – Armors
    • Upgrade Items > Core > Divine Core (or may be Divine Stone)


■ Mission War

1. Fixed bug that caused increasing stats of Effector in certain situations

[EP17] Jan 05th 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused characters in the Character Selection screen did not display in certain situations

2. Fixed bug that caused equipping Minestar Amethyst Charm +7 did not give the “Most Charming” achievement

3. Fixed bug that caused skill effects displayed abnormally in certain situations

■ Changes

1. Change the property of Tyrant Ring from the “Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening Mode) to tradable

2. In case AP / DP Saver can be used, there will be green text displayed in the tooltip

3. Change the Upgrade UI icon

  • Old: All icons appear (caused confusion)
  • Change: All icons appear, available outputs will be marked with special border colour


■ Additions

1. Add “Divine Upgrade” system

  • Available for items:
    • Upgraded at +15 or higher (+15 ~ +20)
    • Item grade: Osmium and higher
  • Able to upgrade up to +15 levels of Divine Upgrade
  • Items and quantity needed for Divine Upgrade


  • Divine Bonus Stats at +15 (+15 of Divine Upgrade)


  • Stats of Divine Upgrade is displayed in item tooltip (first line is showing the Divine Upgrade level, here is 2/15)



2. Added new dungeon “Glacies Inferna” //WIP

  • Entrance
    • Entry Conditions: Level 190+
    • Participants: Up to 7 players in party
    • Entry Item: Crystal of Frozen Flame
      • Item is sold in Yul – NPC Event in Test Server


  • Dungeon Information
    • Mechanism:
      • Dungeon Defense
      • 10 Waves
      • 4 Bosses
        • Bosses at: Wave 3, 6, 9 and 10
    • Time constraints
      • 90 secs each wave
      • 30 secs between waves
      • Bonus time when defeats Bosses
      • In case some monsters are remained, penalty will be applied for the time limit
  • Dungeon Termination
    • Dungeon Completed
      • After destroy the last chest from Final Boss of Wave 10
      • Protect the Dungeon Pillars until Final Boss is dead (one Pillar left is acceptable)
        • Inferna Pillar (RED)
        • Glacies Pillar (BLUE)
    • Dungeon Failure
      • When both of Dungeon Pillars are destroyed
      • Out of time
  • Dungeon Reward
    • Fragment of the Divine Core
      • All monsters in Dungeon drop “Fragment of Divine”
      • Chests give extra Fragments
    • DP: 10 on completion






3. Add “Divine Stone” requesting recipes to Requesting System (NPC Chloe)





[FAQ] [EP16.2] Overload Mastery System

As part of the Episode 16 part 2, the Overload Mastery System is for characters who have reached level 200. Overload Mastery System comes with four (04) new definitions:

  • Overload Level: OLV
  • Overload EXP: OXP
  • Overload Mastery Skill Point: OP
  • Overload Upgrade


Overload EXP and Overload Level

  • You will get OXP after you reach 200, instead of EXP, OXP will be gained
  • By gaining OXP, you can level up your OLV
    • Start from OLV 1
    • Max of OLV is 100
  • Cannot gain OXP from Quests
  • When OXP is gained, there will be message displayed in the system message area



Overload Mastery Skill Point & Overload Upgrade

  • When OLV is increased, OP will be granted
    • Different level range grants different amount of OP
    • Up to 411 OP can be gained
  • Overload Upgrade can be learnt using OP


  • Overload Upgrades are split into 2 types
    • Attack Overload Upgrade (Offensive)
    • Defense Overload Upgrade (Defensive)


  • Overload Upgrade UI can be accessed by
    • Cabal Menu
    • Default Shortcut: Shift + V


Overload Mastery Upgrade

Offensive Skills


Defensive Skills


Summary Stats


[KR] [EP17] Teaser of new Dungeon System

On January 5th 2017, Korean Cabal will update their test server with the new content: the new dungeon system. It will be the brand new content of year 2017 which is a part of Cabal Transcendence – Part IV : Force Gunner (aka Episode 17). Please take a look on these screenshots and stay tuned for some more information on January 5th 🙂








Firstly I want to send my grateful thanks to CABALers, all over the world, for being with me during years 🙂

Best wishes for you, for your family and your friends in year 2017!

Hope that CABAL will have special things for us in 2017.

Enjoy the special CABAL Calendar for 2017 with Force Gunner theme 🙂

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