EXP Table

Level 200 was introduced from Episode 13 and the EXP Table stays non-change for quite a long time until early of 2022 with the introduction of Myth Level, the EXP from 191-200 got revised to be lower.

As mentioned above, the EXP from 191 onwards got changed from Episode 32, you can find both Old EXP table and New EXP table references below.


  1. Yes!!! is real!!! essa tabela é real e eu comprovei isso upando no 190 e 191, no 191 demorava 4 vezes o tempo que demora pra upa 1% no 190, como mostra os numeros ai, tomei um choque neh kkkkkkkk tive que fazer uma readaptação psicológica pra continuar upando kkkkkk atualmente estou no 194, e upando!


  2. The total exp column appears to be off, i.e. at level one, you wouldn’t have 270 exp, you would have 0. Similarly, the rest of the column needs to be adjusted.


  3. So you need 2,170,000,000,000 exp to max the level out.
    If you gain 1 million exp per attack it takes 2.170.000 attacks.
    If you attack per 2 seconds it takes 1205 hours.
    I guess this calculation is wrong, like wth


    1. You’re actually retarded. Who’s going to AA from 1-200 without quests, and this shows youve never done any high leveling, where you get 10-15mil per hit.


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