Essence Runes

This is the very first wiki page that I decided to prepare according to the new way of making Mr. Wormy as the Ultimate Source for referencing contents of Cabal. This page will focus on the list of Essence Runes with stats, required AP, required materials for leveling up and also the drop location of these Essence Runes. Tables come with quite big amount of information, click on the image to view in the bigger version.

The page is subjected to get updates time to time based on the additions and changes of Essence Runes.

Latest Update: 08-Oct-2022

EXP | Skill EXP | Party EXP

Pet EXP | Alz Drop Amount | Alz Drop Rate

Alz Bomb Chance | Attack Rate

Defense Rate | Down Resist. | Resist. Knock Back

Stun Resist. | STR | DEX | INT


Attack | Magic Attack | Defense

Max HP/MP Absorb Up | HP/MP Absorb Up

Sword Skill Amp. | Magic Skill Amp. | Max Crit. Rate | Crit. DMG | Damage Reduce | Accuracy

Penetration | Ignore Penetration | HP 2

Attack 2 | Magic Attack 2

Defense 2 | Sword Skill Amp. 2 | Magic Skill Amp. 2 | Crit. DMG 2 | Ignore Resist Crit. Rate

Ignore Damage Reduce | Ignore Accuracy | Normal DMG Up

Attack Rate 2 | Defense Rate 2

STR 2 | Ignore Evasion | Ignore Resist Skill Amp. | Resist Crit. Rate

Cancel Ignore Penetration | DEX 2 | Ignore Resist Crit. DMG | Damage Reduce 2