#KR #EP20P2 Jan 25th 2018 Patch notes


■ Changes

1. Changes related to “Devil’s Tower” DX Dungeon

  • Devil’s Shop changes
    • Stop selling Quartz Core / Astral Core / Material Core (Mithril)
    • Add new: Slot Extender (High)
      • Price 500: Devil’s Token (High)
    • Change dungeon entry from 3 to 4

2. Change the system message content when Premium Service is available


■ Additions

1. Add new DX dungeon ‘Devil’s Tower (Part2)’

  • Entry Information
    • Entry Level: 190
    • Entry Item: Key to the Resurrected Devil
      • Bloody Ice – Grocer Shop – Deighton
      • Price: 8,000,000
    • Entry point: Porta Inferno (219, 230)
    • Number of participants: 4
    • Time limit: 20 minutes
  • Dungeon completion
    • Victory: Kill Final Boss (Destroy the Legendary Box)
    • Defeat: Time Out
  • Compensation: DP 7
  • Daily limit: 2 times / day / account
  • Devil’s Token (Highest)
    • Can be obtained from the Legendary Box in the Dungeon
    • Can buy (exchange) for items at NPC Store Devil’s Tower Devil Trader at entrance of DX Dungeon


#KR #EP20 Jan 17th, 18th and 24th 2018 Patch notes

January 17th 2018 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Fix bike related errors

  • Fixed bug that Bike with upgrade higher than 15 did not have the visual effect of Bike upgrade 15
  • Colour is also based on the Colour that is applied for Bike (if any)


■ Changes

1. Stats of Bosses in Forgotten Temple B3F are changed


■ Mission War

1. Fixed bug related to monsters in Mission War Field.

2. Adjust score that can be obtained from: Gate/ Guardian / Gold Keeper

3. Adjust award score for Mission War

January 18th 2018 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Change the limit on the number of dungeons per day from character to account

  • Limit of dungeon per day from character-based to account-based
  • Dungeon play time will be counted regardless of success/failure of the dungeon
  • Force Gem can still be used to reset dungeon play time
  • Dungeon play time will be reset at midnight at 0:00

January 24th 2018 Patch notes

■ Corrections

1. Fixed bug related to Aura mode

2. Fixed bug related to warp in dungeons

3. Fixed bug related to Devil’s Tower dungeon drop

■ Changes

1. Changes are applied to Bosses in Forgotten Temple B3F

2. Change the request recipe of Dr. Mazael Ring from 1x Slot Extender (High) to 3x Slot Extender (High)



#KR #EP19P2 Nov 08th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that disconnect client while wearing items with appearance chance and costume at the same time

2. Fixed bug that causes Attack Ability didn’t update according to the current select skill from Quick Slot

3. Fixed bug related to abnormal drop rate of Bugzard monster

4. Fixed fixed bug related to sealing Divine Upgrade for duration items

5. Fixed bug that items were distributed overlapped while splitting items in Warehouse

6. Fixed bug that cause the on-screen keyboard was displayed abnormally in Login UI

■ Changes

1. Remove honour grade limitation of Glory Plate

2. Change the name of Essence Rune Level 2 to Green colour

3. Change monster’s name in Acheron Arena DX Dungeon

4. If player use specific word for Personal Shop title, title will be disappear

■ Mission War

1. Fixed bug that cause character HP is reduced when re-enter Mission War

2. Fixed an error that did not properly apply the Ability Force ability to re-enter the Mission War

3. Added Mission War enter constraint

  • If there are less than 10 players participating Mission War, all of these players will get entered regardless of other conditions

#KR #EP19P2 Nov 01st 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that leads to client disconnection when some items are expired

2. Fix bugs related to mercenaries

  • In Forbidden Island, Mercenaries could attack NPC
  • Movement of mercenaries was displayed abnormally in certain situations

3. Fixed bug that leads to HP of character did not updated when character stays in safe zone

4. Fixed bug that leads to screen freeze after character resurrection

5. After PvP termination, abnormal window shows for penalty

6. Fixed error that leads to unable to run game client in certain system configuration

■ Changes

1. Change Saints’ Force Buff skill stats

2. Change “Quest” animation

  • New quest which is ready to receive (left)
  • Quest which is ready to complete (right)

3. Changes related to Acheron Arena Dungeon

  • Change the drop of Relic Box
    • 1,000 Alz
    • Cube of Honour (Low / Medium / High / Highest)
  • Minor changes to monsters in the dungeon

4. Able to use “Ctrl + Click” to continuously buy items from personal shop

■ Additions

1. Add the Master’s Palladium equipment

  • Add Manufacturing
    • Applicable
      • Weapon / Helmet / Armor / Gloves / BOots
    • Materials
      • 1 Slot / 2 Slot items
      • Shape Cartridge (Lv. 4)
      • 66 Astral Core (Palladium)
      • 31 Discs
      • 28 Force Core (Crystal)
    • Output
  • Add Master’s Palladium in Auction Hall


2. Add title for Anniversary of Guild with 11 – 20 years

■ Mission War

1. Fixed bug related to tooltips of Glory Force, Revenge Force buff

2. Decrease damage of Gold Keepers in Memoria Chrysos

3. Temporary increase Merit Medal for Korean Server (event)


#KR #EP19 Aug 23rd 2017 Patch notes


■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug related to purchase items from personal shop

2. Fixed bug related to colour of quest text in certain situations


■ Changes

1. Update the Attack / Defense Ability calculation

  • Changes that certain stats will have different formulas to apply based on specific schedule
  • Attack Ability
    • Skill Amp Resist Ignore / Critical DMG Resist Ignore:
      • 17 – 20 Attack Ability per 1%
    • Accuracy / Evasion Ignore
      • Accuracy is lower than 1000: 10 Accuracy / Evasion Ignore: 10 – 40 Attack Ability
      • Accuracy equals or more than 1000: 10 Accuracy / Evasion Ignore: 4 – 7 Attack Ability
    • Attack Rate
      • Attack Rate is lower than 6500: 10 Attack Rate: 20 – 30 Attack Ability
      • Attack Rate equals or more than 6500: 10 Attack Rate: 4 – 5 Attack Ability
    • Ignore DMG Reduction
      •  1 Ignore DMG Reduction: 1 Attack Ability
  • Defense Ability
    • DMG Reduction:
      • 1 – 4 Defense Ability
    • Accuracy Ignore / Ignore Penetration
      • 1 – 4 Defense Ability





2. Changes related to the Medal report

3. Changes related to item drops / extraction

  • Hazardous Valley (Awakening): Chance to drop unique amulet is higher for Legendary Box
  • Remove Rare items (Shineguard / Mystic / Terragrace) out of Premium DX drop and add Archridium items
  • Increase chance to get more Quartz Core when performing item extraction for Orb / Crystal
  • In crease chances to get SIG-Metal 2 slots