[PH] [EP10] Official Episode 10 Patch notes : The Return of Guardians

Cabal Episode X

Korean Name : Balance of Power

English Name : The Return of Guardians

Estimate Release Date : December 2013


Buddy Bonus

 –       Depending on the number of friends in the buddy list and their status of using premium service, the buddy points will increase. Characters will get benefit from the amount of buddy points

How the buddy points will work?

–       Depends on the current number connected buddies in the list.
–       The benefits will be different based on the level of the character.
–       The standard buddy points will be counted with the number of buddies in the buddy list, and additional buddy points will be added depending on their status of using ‘Premium Service, Blessing Bead Plus, and Premium PC room service.
–       The maximum number of buddies that generates buddy points will be 50 connected users.
–       If connected users in the buddy list are more than 50 users, buddy points will be added in the order of highest buddy point users.
–       More buddy points will grant more benefit to the characters.


Daily Dungeon clear reward system added 
–        If players clear certain dungeons agreed number of times in certain day, additional reward will be given.

Daily dungeon clear reward

–        Clear certain dungeon on certain day will get you rewards.
–        At every 00:00 o’clock, the number of dungeon clear will be reset.
–       The number of times you cleared the dungeon ‘today’ until ‘now’.
–       The list of rewards that the character will gain after clearing next time.
(If there are no special reward, basic reward (Honor Points and DP) will be displayed.)

–       Today’s reward will be displayed basically, and players could check other days’ rewards by clicking them.
–       The required number of dungeon clearing times to receive rewards.
–       If players put their mouse over the reward, details will be displayed.


Enchant Point System

–        If a player fails to enchant items, ‘Enchant Point’ will be accumulated, and it will increase the possibilities of the next enchant.

The rules of ‘Enchant Point System.’

–       Enchant points can be obtained after failing to enchant an item.
–       Regardless of using ‘Perfect Core or Enchant Safeguard’, enchant points will be reset after success of an item.
–       Enchant points will be reset if player fails to gain additional enchant point for 3 hours, Unless the enchant points are already 0.
–       If you failed to enchant an item with ‘Core Enhancer or Core Superior’, you will gain more enchant points.
–       Failure of higher grade enchant will grant more enchant points.


Forbidden Island (Awakened Mode)

– Remodeled ‘Forbidden Island (Awakened Mode)’ is an advanced dungeon and its process will be different from the original dungeon.

Required Leve:Higher than Lv. 140
Required Battle Style: Higher than 11
Max. Party Members: 7 people
Time Limit: 60 minute
Reward: Honor Points 20,000
DP Reward: 8
Location: Same as the original dungeon
Required Item: Special Island Compass

Special Island Compass
Dungeon: Forbidden Island (Awakened Mode)
Requirements: Level 140 or higher
Location: Port. Lux (X:236, Y:6)
Item Information:This is a compass made of special ores only exist in Forbidden Island.

New Item Added


–        Equipment item such as Weapons/Armors/Accessories that gives special effect when equipped.
–        When equipped, the stat of one relevant skill to the corresponding Effector is strengthened.


Mission War Changes

1.    Changes regarding Guild Ranking

A.    Guild Rank UI.
–    Guild Rank UI: The UI can be found by clicking the “Guild Rank” button in the guild menu.
B.    Shows up to Top 10 on the guild rank UI
–    Guild Rank is calculated up to Top 50, and guild in the Top50 can confirm its own guild rank and info on the Guild
Rank UI
–    Rank for guilds not in the Top50 will indicate “-“.

C.    In the guild rank UI, the following information can be confirmed:
–    At the upper top, the player’s guild rank / Info is displayed.
–    Guild Rank top 10/ fluctuation of the rank/ Guild name/ Guild master/ Final guild score/ Penalty rate

2.    Guild Scores

A.    The same equation for W.Rank calculation is used as a basis for Guild Score calculation
–    The guild members’ top 7 scores of (mission war personal score+2*kill counts) are added
–    If the score is from the winning game, the score is applied to be 120%

B.    Scores of 2 people from each battle style, 12 people in total are added
–    Only the characters with 170 or higher levels (participants of the war in the highest level brackets in the guild) will be counted.
–    If there are less than 12 people or they lack in battle styles, the empty scores will be considered as ‘0’.

C.    To determine the final score, the [Penalty Rate of Conversion] according to guilds’ rank in the past weeks will be applied to the scores calculated from A and B.
–    Penalty Rate of Conversion: penalty given to the guild that was ranked in the guild rank within the recent 3 weeks.

–    The final score is decided by multiplying the penalty rate of accordance to the performance of the guilds for the past three weeks
–    Ex. If Guild A has a score of 60,000 and a penalty rate of 91.74, the final guild score will be
=    60000 X 0.9174(91.74%) = 55,044
–    The penalty rate is renewed every week (the renewal is every Monday at 00:00)
–    The penalty rate is confirmable in the guild rank UI.

D.    Other policies
–    Guild score according to new member entry/withdrawal

i)    The personal score change after the guild entry is applied for the next week’s guild score calculation (Monday 00:00).

ii)    The personal score change after withdrawal from the guild is applied right after the withdrawal when the personal score (rank) is renewed.
–    Score application after guild establishment/disbandment

i)    The personal score change after the guild establishment is applied next week guild score calculation.(Monday 00:00)
ii)    The personal score change after disbandment of the guild is applied right after when the personal score (rank) is renewed.

3.    Reward

A.    1st place Reward
–    The guild which won the first place is given authority to adjust the agent shop fee for the server during the week
(However, if the guild is selected to be 1st place with a score below 15,000, guild is not titled for any reward.
–    The guild ranked as no.1 from last week will be rewarded a portion of the Alz retrieved from the agent shop fee every day for a week.

i)    The reward is sent to the guild master via in-game mail. (Monday 0:00)
ii)    The maximum limit for daily Alz reward is 500 million Alz
iii)    With the lowest fee (4%), the reward is 0 Alz, and the amount of fee is increased proportional to the fee.

–    Fee adjustment
i)    The Agent shop fee is now 5%, changeable up to 4~6% different to each server. (The fee is reset to 5% every Monday at 00:00)
ii)    The fee adjustment is permitted only 3 times a week at most, and re-adjustment within 48 hours is not possible. (The adjusted fee is applied the next day at 00:00.)
iii)    Fee is adjusted through the fee adjustment UI provided by [Bodyguard Hursurf], which is placed on the left side of the Agent shop.
iv)    Only the master of the 1st place guild can adjust the fee.
v)    No fee adjustment is allowed on Sundays.
vi)    When the fee is adjusted, the fee change is broadcasted to the whole server to provide information on the change.
vii)    The current agent shop fee can be checked from the bottom-left section in the register tab of the Agent shop.
viii)    The guild name of which adjusted the fee of Agent shop is displayed in the top-right corner of the Agent shop UI.

*    If the fee is reset to default (or changed automatically by system,) the required spot for the guild name will show the sign [CABAL].

–    Details.
i)    The amount of money for guild reward is determined as follows:
>> The final amount received = modification factor x discount rate x half of the fee increase.

a)    Modification factor: A device to reduce the effect of difference of rewards because of difference in number of people for different servers.
b)    Discount rate: Tool to adjust the amount of alz for the reward. It may vary for each country/ service/ situation.
c)    Half of the increased fee: Half of the increased fee caused by the fee adjustment.

B.    2nd Place Reward

–    The 2nd place guild is rewarded for a week with the portion of the NPC shop revenue on war supplies (Vital Gear/ Spirit Gear) (However, if the guild score of the 2nd guild is below 10,000, it is not subjected to the 2nd place reward.)

–    The 2nd place guild from last week receives a portion of the daily revenue from war supplies for reward.
i)    The reward is sent to the guild master via e-mail (Monday at 0:00)

ii)    The highest amount of Alz rewarded a day is 100 million Alz.

ii) Therefore the NPC shop sell price of Spirit Gear will be modified to 0 Alz
–    The amount of alz reward for the 2nd place guild is determined as follows:
>>    The final amount received = modification factor x discount rate x 5% of vital/spirit gear sold through NPC shop.

C.    Reward for guild in Top 10
–    WExp increase 10%

i)    Multiple will be applied
ii)    1st and the 2nd guild will also receive the benefit
iii)    Details of the multiple can be found in the “Other benefits” tab of the Info UI.

D.    Random reward for top 10
–    Reward a random guild from the list of top 10 as an event. (Lucky one)
–    One of the guilds from 3rd~10th place will be selected every week. (The guild rank can be found in the Guild Rank UI)
–    If the goal is achieved, the reward mail is sent to the guild master of the winning guild of next week. (Once)
–    Reward: Elixir of Luck (200 million alz) / Character binding

E.    Reward history
–    Reward history can be checked through ‘Guild reward history’ button in the Guild UI.

4.    Guild rewards improved
–    Alz reward change-rate is increased for Battle consumables
–    Guild score penalty rate has been increased for high rank guilds.
–    Guild score Penalty rate has been increased for 1st and 2nd rank guilds.

5.    Personal score for Mission Battle has changed.
–    Scores obtainable with ‘dodge’ has increased 1.25 times
–    Scores obtainable with ‘Buff skills’ has increased 2 times
–    Scores obtainable with ‘Force Tower Construction Time’ has increased 1.67 times

–    ’Force Tower Construction score’ can be obtainable when users constructed ‘Resurrection Towers’.
–    More attack / defense scores can be obtainable depends on the battle style of character.
–    When selecting W.Rank, additional kill points can be obtainable depends on the war section.

6.    Guardian selection system added.

A.    Target: Users who are in the highest Mission War channel. (Lv.170~190)
B.    Selecting Criteria
?    Sum of top 7 scores (‘Personal Score + (Kill weight points * Kill Counts)’) of one week.
?    The top one player is set as ‘Bringer’, regardless of the battle style. (Top W.Rank)
?    The top rank players, except the ‘Bringer’, of each battle styles are selected. (Total 6 people)
?    Regulations about Server Transfer / Absence / Same points handling is same as selecting the ‘Bringer’.
?    These 6 characters are set as guardians. (Total 12 players of both nations.)

C.    Selecting Period: Each week (selected on Monday)

D.    Guardian unique title

?    Name

–    Capella: Luminosity Guardian

–    Procyon: Storm Guardian

?    Options
–    HP increase 600
–    Critical chance resistance 12%
–    Critical damage resistance 24%
–    Skill amp. resistance 6%
–    Resist Immobility 30%
–    Down resistance 30%
–    Knock-back resistance 30%
–    Stun resistance 30%

When character is using Guardian title, ‘Character name + Guild name + Title’ will be revealed in the battle field.

7.    Score for using skills
A.    For some skills, users obtain additional scores.
B.    Each skills has designated amount of scores.
–    When skills are used in the battle field (Tiera Gloriosa), users can obtain certain points according to the skill. (No points are given for skills used in the lobby)

8.    Default personal score changed
A.    The minimum score for getting rewards changed
B.    Default personal score for each level brackets

9.    WExp/AXP Reward
A.    Added reward table for scores higher than 300
B.    Wexp/ AXP Reward table changed

10.    Gear consumption value conversion rate
A.    The value of consumed gears is converted to Alz reward for participating in the Mission War using ‘gear consumption value conversion rate’.
B.    The higher the score, the higher the conversion rate.

11.    At the end of Mission Wars, rewarding method is changed
A.    At the end of Mission Wars, characters who participated in the Mission Wars will be rewarded through the mail in game.
–    Changes according to this method will be reviewed in a separate improvement plan
B.    The existing method of giving statistical reward is changed to giving item reward except for Alz
–    WExp Reward (Including Ranker): Compensated with Potion of Courage (Item Index : 2849) / Binds to character after compensated
–    AXP Reward: Compensated with Potion of Soul (Item Index : 2848) / Binds to character after compensated
–    War reward cube is rewarded in the same way as before
C.    Standard for giving reward for rankers changed if there is an increase in the participating population as follows:
–    If participating population is > 100, reward is given to 30 people
–    If participating population is <= 100, reward is given to the number of people as calculated
D.    Only the character at the time of calculation is counted to have completed the Achievement for winning Mission War

E.    Reward Mail is sent sequentially after the War ends considering the server load

12.    The Cool times of all skills will be reset when entering Mission Battle Arena
13.    When players are in Mission Battle or Mission War, HP related stats will be showing the same amount as applied stats displayed skill tooltips
14.    In Mission War, methods to summon ‘Guardians’ and summoning UI are changed
15.    Achievement name and conditions for some dungeons changed
16.    Drop for Volcanic Citadel Changed
–    Drop rate for core drastically lowered
–    Drop rate for Slot Extender(High) drastically lowered ? Consequently, overall drop is changed

Sealed Tyrant’s Ring status change
A.    Status change on its drop
–    Changed from ‘Character Bind’ to ‘Tradable’

B.    Category added in Agent Shop
–    Quest items – Mission Items – Tyrant’s Ring Material

Possible to delete characters over Level 100 by typing personal information within the game 
Increased Exp. and decreased minimum level for entering ‘Forgotten Temple B1F dungeon’

A.    Minimum Level change
–    Changed from Lv. 115 to Lv. 110
–    Detail information of dungeon level has changed, regarding dungeon information, quest levels, and etc.
B.    Obtainable Exp. has increased.

Required number of material to make ‘Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring’ has decreased.
–    Required number of ‘Sealed Mergaheph’s Core’ has decreased from 50 to 25.

Rank up quest mission renewal for level 70 or higher.
–    Previous received quests are processed as ‘complete’

Error of not consuming the cost when using force core on ‘Archridium items’ is fixed
A.  Upgrade cost regarding the force core slot of ‘Archridium’ items.
–    Items without any force core slot: 3million Alz
–    Items with one force core slot: 14million Alz
–    Items with two force core slot: 28million Alz

Error fixes regarding item appearance
–    Error of showing upgrade item effect while using Battle Mode 3 is fixed.
–    Blurr shape of ‘Astral Bike – PW5’ is fixed

Additional Prohibition of Item Extraction
–    Cannot extract items in status of ‘Cannot equip’
–    Cannot extract items in status of ‘Sealed’


[EP10] Sep 11th ~ Oct 08th 2013 Patch notes

I’ve just heard that these updates will be merged with EP10 – Balance of Power to be a big update

No sure but still the nice info 😉

These contents might be arrived on your Cabal this Winter

Let’s be READY to face with nice changes 🙂


Sep 11th 2013

■ Fixes
1. Fixed bug that caused Buff Icon did not appear in certain situations
2. Fixed bug that caused the Upgrading Point is reset after reconnecting

■ Changes

1. Change materials needed for crafting Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring

  • Number of “Sealed Core of Mergaheph” changed
    • Old : 50
    • Change : 25

2. Battle Style Level Up quests from level 70 and above changes

■ Additions
1. Add special compensation for dungeon on Saturday / Sunday (weekend)

  • Target
    • On weekend : Saturday / Sunday
    • Number of recurrence : 15 times
  • Dungeon target
    • Altar of Siena B1F, Altar of Siena B2F
    • Illusion Castle Underworld, Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
    • Forbidden Island, Awakening Forbidden Island
    • – Forgotten Temple B2F, Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F
    • Marquinas OOutpost
    • Tower of the Dead B3F
    • DX dungeon (Hard / Premium)
  • Compensation
    • Legendary Cube
    • Option Scroll Cube (High / Highest)

2. Add 2 new NPCs

  • NPCs
    • Compensation Dispatcher (Procyon) – Rasha : Desert Scream near Warp gate to Warp Room
    • Compensation Dispatcher (Capella) – Aideriel : Green Despair near NPC Yul
  • Features
    • Non-nation character cannot access NPC features
    • Sell Mission War Supplies
      • Vital Gear
      • Spirit Gear
      • Force Tower Portable Panel
    • Mission War Cube
      • Redosmium / Mystic / Teragrace Cubes
      • SIG-Metal Cubes
      • Rune Cube

■ Mission War

1. Add Guardian Selector System

  • Target:
    • Mission War (Lv.170 ~ Lv.190) based on nation
  • Selection Criteria
    • W.Rank: Based on participants’ scores in 1 week
    • For each class there will be one Guardian (except the Bringer)
    • Selected Period: 1 week (selected on Monday)
  • Guardian Title
    • Name
      • Capella: Luminosity Guardian
      • Procyon: Storm Guardian
    • Options
    • HP UP 600
    • Resist C.Rate 12%
    • Resist C.Dmg 24%
    • Resist Skill Amp 6%
    • Resist Unmovable 30%
    • Resist Down 30%
    • Resist Knockback 30%
    • Resist Stun 30%
  • Etc.
    • When character is moving between channels, servers or even offline, rules are still applied for selecting Guardian
    • Guardian selection will be public via system message “Character – Guild name – Title”

2. New score formulas

  • During certain stats, character can received additional score
    • Some party buffs, some debuffs, Aura Mode, Battle Modes
  • Scoring when successfully Evade / Block
    • Scores are obtained when evade / block successfully
      • “Evade” is when targets hit “MISS” on your character
      • “Block” is when your character does “BLOCK” your targets’ hits
  • Building Resurrection Tower will grant score
  • Based on Battle Styles different rules / factors are applied for calculating scores
  • New “score factor”, that affected on all Mission War personal score calculation, there are many score factors for each class, and for each class, different formulas to calculate personal score are applied based on score factors

3. Mission War Compensation changes

  • Based on Mission War level range, the minimum required score in order to receive compensation change (was 30 applied for all 5 level ranges)



  • Additional WExp will be compensated based on score
    • When scoring 1501 score or more, additional WExp will be compensated up to 218 WExp
  • Additional AXP will be compensated based on score
    • Up to 100,000,000 AXP will be compensated when scoring 1480 score or more
  • Alz conversion Rate will be differentiated
    • When scoring from 600 score or more, conversion rate will be changed up to 9.8%
      • Calculating only for Vital Gears and Spirit Gears

4. Guild Ranking System

  • Guild Ranking is applied in Mission War, ranking is server-based feature
  • Guild Rank selection
    • Guild Ranking is applied for each server
    • Selection Criteria based on Guild score
  • Guild score
    • Sum of all scores from all character of guild who join Mission War Lv.170 ~ 190
    • Scores are summed from two top score players for each class of guild, so in total there are 12 characters
    • Based on Guild Ranking, “Conversion Penalty” will be given
    • Conversion Penalty
      • Guild with higher rank in Guild Ranking will be received the higher “Conversion Penalty”
      • Will be applied for 3 weeks for all guild at rank 1 ~ 10 from 94% ~ 99.4%
      • Will be calculated by multiplying the score as final for guilds
      • Will be updated weekly on Monday 0:00
      • Can be checked in Guild Rank window
  • Guild Rank
    • Based on Guild Score, up to 50 guilds will be ranked
    • Rank Guild window
      • Can be accessed via “Guild Rank” button in Guild UI (via “Guild Menu”)
      • Guilds’ details at rank 1 ~ 10 can be checked including guild information, conversion penalty
      • At the top of UI, the details of Guild Rank will be displayed (only if guild is in top 50 of Guild Rank)
  • #1 guild reward : Non-War related
    • Authorized to adjust Auction Hall fee
      • The guild at 1st place of Guild Ranking will be able to set the Auction Hall fee rate
        • The fee can be set only by guild master of #1 guild
        • But only if the guild score is more than 15.000 point
      • Allow to set the Auction Hall fee via NPC “Bodyguard Hursurf” (on the left of Auction Hall)


      • The fee can be scaled between 4% and up to 6%
      • The fee can be changed up to 3 times a week but for every 48 hours (each change must be in next two day from the last change)
      • Once the fee is set, the new fee will be broadcasted all over the server with following format : [Guild Master X] of [Guild Y] adjusted the fee to [Z] % and it will be applied at 0:00.
    • Fee from Auction Hall paid
      • Alz will be sent via mail for guild master
      • Maximum amount of receivable Alz per day is up to 500,000,000 Alz
      • Can be received up to 3 times a week
  • # 1 guild reward : War related
    • Amount of selling Gears (Vital / Spirit) will be compensated for #1 guild
      • All Alz from selling Gears in War will be compensated
    • Compensation paid
      • Alz will be sent via mail to Guild Master
        • Maximum amount of receivable Alz per day is up to 100,000,000 Alz
    • Compensation for guilds with ranking in top 10
      • Some guilds in top 10 will get 10% of WExp increased
      • Random selection
        • From 3 – 10 guilds in top 10 will be selected
        • Reward will be sent to Guild Master via mail
        • Reward: Potion of Luck (200,000,000 Alz) (character-binding)

Sep 12th 2013

■ Fixes 

1. Fixed bug that caused Forgotten Temple B1F requires level 115 to be proceeded. Now it will be 110 (existing 115) (including related quests)
2. Fixed bug skill casting time display abnormally

■ Changes 

1. Doubled EXP from monsters / bosses in Forgotten Temple B1F

■ Mission War 

1. All classes

  • Change the score factor of Evasion / Buff skills
  • Raise the score factor of building towers

2. Blader

  • Raise the Defense score factor

3. Wizard

  • Raise the Attack score factor

4. Force Shielder

  • Raise the Defense score factor

5. Force Blader

  • Raise the Attack score factor
  • Casting Debuff skills raises score

Sep 18th 2013

■ Fixes 
1. Fixed bugs related to Forgotten Temple B1F entry item
2. Fixed bugs related to displaying method of Auction Hall fee
3. Fixed bug of display summary details for BSLv Up quest

■ Mission War 

1. Warrior

  • Raise the Attack score factor

2. Blader

  • Decrease the Defense score factor

3. Force Archer

  • Raise the Attack score factor

4. Force Blader

  • Decrease the Defense score factor

Sep 25th 2013

■ Changes
1. Change the item property of “Sealed Tyrant’s Ring”

  • Initial drop:
    • Tradable (was Character-Binding)
  • Add the ability to register / search “Sealed Tyrant’s Ring” in Auction Hall
    • Add new item in Mission Item

■ Mission War 

1. Some internal optimizations are applied to Guild Ranking system

Oct 01st & 08th 2013

1. DB optimizations

[KR] [EP10] Aug 07th 2013 Patch notes


1. Fix bug that did not give Forgotten Temple B1F  completion in set of duration achievement

2. Fix bug related to chat window

  • Bugs related to auto scroll
    • When receiving more than a certain number of chat lines at once, the chat window won’t display the most recent chat lines
    • When receiving more than a certain number of chat line at once, the automatical scroll feature is not applied
  • Item chat link malfunctioned in certain situation
  • Texts are not broken into lines in Chat window / Chat bubble

3. Fix bug related to Option UI that makes “Show monster health gauge” abnormally worked

4. Bug that caused “Nevareth Biker” costume and “Nevareth Biker Bandana” did not appear in “Special Costume” category, bug is fixed

5. Bug that caused the withdrawal of Alz from Guild Warehouse abnormal

6. Fixed bug that related to Secondary skills after using skill book


1. Add “Extraction probihited” property

  • “Unable to Equip” items are unable to extract
  • “Sealed” items are unable to extract

2. Arzo Bhha Jurib in Awakening Forbidden Island changes

  • Reduce animation speed of first attack wave by half

3. Stop selling item “Cube Challenge” in NPC Peticia (Event ended)


1. New Cash Item

  • Add new Oath: Oath of Soul
  • Add new category in Auction Hall : Functional Items – Other Special Items – Oath Item – Soul


[KR] [EP10] Jul 24th 2013 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fix bug related to DX Dungeon Hazadous Valley

  • DP reward is given abnormally, less than normal
  • Core drops abnormally

2. Fix bug that caused the appearance of costumes abnormal when character is wearing suit at +15 which is matching with equipped epaulet

3. Damage Abosorption works abnormally, bug is fixed

4. HP Regen of bosses in certain field is abnormal, bug is fixed

5. Fix bugs related to Premium Wing

6. Fixed bug that caused “Summer Vacation Hat” cannot be found in Auction Hall

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Battle Mode skills

  • Warrior
    • Change duration of Battle Mode 3 synergies (Axe Attack A/B animation time is adjusted)
  • Force Shielder
    • Range of Normal Attack in Battle Mode 2 is change from 1 to 2
  • Blader
    • Knuckle Attack  A/B skill changes Sword Skill Amp. value to 80%
  • Wizards
    • Elemental Attack A/B skill changes Magic Skill Amp. value to 80%

2. Changes related to Effector stats.


Below is the most updated Effector stats table (updated on Jul 26th 2013)


3. Change related to Mirror of the Eyes (Silver)

  • Enlightening progress cannot give back lowest grade stats
  • Chance to give High grade stats in Enlightening progress is raised

4. Change attack pattern of ‘Awakening Iron Golem’ in Awakening Forbidden Island

  • Reduce range of view of boss
  • Reduce moving / chasing speed
  • Change range of boss

5. Changes related to dungeon achievements

  • Lower the condition for clearing dungeon in certain duration
  • Dungeon achievements automatically changed even if achievements are achieved

6. Circulation-Dungeon-Reward UI change

7. Mystery Box related changes

  • Remove Mysterious Force Piece / Stone / Crystal drop
  • When using Mystery Box, there will be confirmation window pops up

[KR] [EP10] Monsters and Bosses in Awakening Forbidden Island

Quick tour around the

“Awakening Forbidden Island”

a part of the incoming update