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  1. What is Effector
  2. How to obtain Effector
  3. Grades of Effector
  4. Mirror of Observation
  5. Stats of Effector
  6. Rate of using “Mirror of Observation”

1. What is Effector

Effector was introduced from Episode 10: Return of Guardians, each class has 2 different types of Effector, each for a specific skill.

By equipping an Effector, when the related skill is casted, some advantages will be gained.

Effector requires Level 130 and higher to equip. And as I mentioned above, you can equip the Effector for you class only, and limit by one per Skill Type.

  • So if you are Warrior, you cannot equip the Effector of Wizard.
  • And if you are Warrior, you can equip only ONE Bloody Spirit and ONE Panic Cry Effector, but you cannot equip TWO Bloody Spirit Effectors at once.

After purchased the clean version of Effector, you cannot equip it yet. In order to equip the Effector, you need to appraise the Effector using Mirror of Observation (refer to Section 3 below).

2. How to obtain Effector

Effector is cash item, you can get it from the Cash Shop. Or from Auction House. In Auction House, Effector is categorised under “Skill / Effector” (1) > “Effector” (2). You can filter a specific Effector that you want using the filter of Auction House (3).

3. Grades of Effector

As mentioned above in Section 1, Effector cannot be equipped without appraisal. The Effector with the white item name is the not-yet-appraised Effector. After the appraisal process, your Effector can get different stats randomly (refer to Section 5 below).

  • The clean Effector will have White text.
    • [1] in the picture below
  • The appraised Effector with perfect rate is between 0 – 90 will have Blue text.
    • [2] in the picture below
  • The appraised Effector with perfect rate is between 91 – 100 will have Orange text.
    • [3] in the picture below

Perfect Rate stands for the perfectness of both Basic and Special stats of an Effector (refer to Section 5 for list of all stats and Section 6 for Rate of obtaining those stats).

4. Mirror of Observation

We have 3 grades of Mirror of Observation: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

All types of Mirror of Observation can be obtained from various in-game Events. Beside, Bronze and Silver can be obtained via Requesting at NPC Chloe. And the Gold grade can be obtained as drop from certain Dungeons / Field Bosses.

Effector Core (Piece) can also be obtained from Dungeons as drop.

5. Stats of Effector

6. Rate of using “Mirror of Observation”

As I mentioned above, the chance to get stats are different, based on the type of “Mirror of Observation” you used while doing the appraisal. The table below, show the chance of getting each and every stats. Data were collected from official server by 31-Aug-2020. In the future, it might be changed. Please remind me if I forget to update it.

Each Effector has “Basic” option and “Special” option. For example. by using “Mirror of Observation (Bronze) / (Silver) / (Gold)” on a “Bloody Spirit (Effector)”, you get as below:

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