Honor Medal

Honour Medal is a new content which are available from Episode 18 – Honour and Glory. People also call it as Honour Expansion system. It’s available for all characters with honour grade of 20. Maximum, you will have 28 slots which are divided into 4 grades Captain/ General/ Commander/ Hero. Each slot can be reach up to level 10. You can get Honour Medal point by joining Mission War (and also from special potion for Captain grade which can be found in NPC in Port Lux).

Let’s take a look with the summary clip first then go through all information of Honour Medal system below. The post has been updated with latest information for new stats of Honour Medal by Episode 21 update on 29th March 2018.

1. Honour Medal System

  • Character with Honour 20 can use this system
  • If character is at honour grade 20, will get level 1 of Honour Medal System

2. Add UI and short key

  • New “Honour Medal” UI
  • Shortcut: Shift + M

3. Add Honour Medal icon in Character UI

  • Depends on Nation and Medal Grade
    • Captain
    • General
    • Commander
    • Heroic
  • How to obtain Honour Medal score
    • By scoring in Mission War (170 – 200)
    • Through Honour Medal Potion
      • Available in NPC Hampiric
        • Price: 500AP
        • Output: +120 Honour Medal Point
      • Restrictions:
        • Only for Honour Medal Captain Grade
        • Honour Grade: 20
  • Slot Unlocking
    • Initially, slots will be marked with lock icon
    • Only slots of current Honour Medal grade can be unlocked
    • Chaos Core and Divine Stone are required to unlock slots
    • Notes:
      • “Captain” is the name for first grade
      • “General” is the name for second grade
      • “Lieutenant” in the table must be changed into “Commander” for third grade
      • “Hero” is the name for fourth grade
  • Option Grant
    • You can grant option to unlocked slots
    • 100AP and 100WEXP is required for granting slot option
    • Random option will be granted once request to grant option
    • Value of each option is different for each grade of Honour Medal
  • Reset of Honour Medal stats
    • Honour Medal stats can be reset with Force Gem
  • Honour Medal Seal
    • Able to use with character with Honour 20+ with nation
    • Must have at least one unlocked slot

4. Honour Medal points per level

5. Honour Medal available options for granting

* Notes: Content is updated with changes in Episode 21 update on 29th March 2018 for new stats of Honour Medal

6. Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective

  • Add the new item allows to reset a specific slot of Honour Medal system
  • Usage:
    • Right click on the “Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective”
    • Select a specific slot in “Honour Medal” UI
    • “Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective” will be consumed
  • Add the category inside Auction Hall for the “Honour Medal Reset Scroll – Selective”