Cabal Online – Episode 28 – Full Patch Notes

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Episode 28 – the most awaiting update of Cabal – is here. Not only because it comes with the 9th battle style, but also with different contents for all battle styles like Aura Awakening, Skill Transcendence, New Effectors, New Skills, New Dungeon. What are waiting for you? Take a look at the clip below, or scroll through the extended version of the official patch notes of Episode 28!

I decided to prepare the “unofficial” official Patch Notes for Episode 28, because after I take a look at the “official” patch notes from Cabal GSP, I cannot hold my feeling with the bad quality of patch notes. So I make it myself~

P/s: It took me a while for preparing this patch notes, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any mistakes here. Please let me know if there is any!

Table of Contents:

  • New Class: Dark Mage
  • Skill Renewal
  • Chief Laxar’s Brooch
  • EoD1 Renewal
  • EoD2 Renewal
  • Mirage Island (Awakened)
  • New Essence Runes
  • Mission War
  • Fixes and Changes
  • Skill Transcendence
  • Aura Mode Awakening
  • Effector Renewal
  • Other New Contents

New Class “Dark Mage”

  • Equipment:
    • Weapon: Orb / Crystal
      • In-game Visual: Weapons will be represented by 03 individual objects: Skull / Scythe / Soul:
        • Skull: Floating on the right hand
        • Scythe:
          • Idle: Carry on shoulder
          • Non-idle: Hold in left hand
        • Soul: Floating around character
      • Will not be displayed when character is:
        • Rolling
        • Down
        • Dead
        • Using any social skills
        • Using Battle Mode 3
        • Riding Bike
    • Armour: Martial Set
      • In-game Visual: But the Martial Set items of Dark Mage have a unique in-game visual design, different than from Blader / Wizard
  • Special Skill:
    • Totem Skills:
      • Skill with area-of-effect (AoE)
      • A totem will be summoned when skill is used
      • Constraints:
        • Cannot select a specific target for the effect of Totem
        • Totem location is fixed and inflicting damage
      • Totem will be disappeared on:
        • Skill duration is ended
        • Character is dead
        • Character is logged off
        • Character uses any warp methods (Return Stone / Warp Points / Warp Gate)
  • Skill List
  • Battle Modes
  • Saint’s Forcecalibur
  • Added Dark Mage equipment to the drop list of dungeons
  • Add some unique costumes for Dark Mage
    • Costume:
      • [Costume] Palladium Suit (DM)
      • [Costume] Demonite Suit (DM)
      • [Costume] Uniform of Capella (DM)
      • [Costume] Uniform of Procyon (DM)
    • Hat:
      • [Costume] Palladium Headpiece (DM)
      • [Costume] Demonite Headpiece (DM)
  • Add Weapon Costume for Dark Mage:
    • [Costume] Sweet Candy – Orb/Crystal
    • [Costume] Snow Ice – Orb/Crystal
    • [Costume] Snow Star – Orb/Crystal
    • [Costume] Songkran – Orb/Crystal
    • [Costume] Horror Halloween – Orb/Crystal
    • [Costume] Lightsaber – Orb (Plasmium)
    • [Costume] Lightsaber – Crystal (Plasmium)
    • [Costume] Hellforged – Orb
    • [Costume] Hellforged – Crystal
    • [Costume] Blood Skeleton – Orb
    • [Costume] Blood Skeleton – Crystal
    • [Costume] Cherry Blossom – Orb
    • [Costume] Cherry Blossom – Crystal
    • [Costume] Gold Dragon – Orb
    • [Costume] Gold Dragon – Crystal
    • [Costume] Magic Engineering – Orb (KA47 / Magictech)
    • [Costume] Magic Engineering – Crystal (KA47 / Magictech)
    • [Costume] Christmas Weapon – Orb
    • [Costume] Christmas Weapon – Crystal
    • [Costume] Demonite Special Edition – Orb
    • [Costume] Demonite Special Edition – Crystal
    • [Costume] Steampunk – Orb
    • [Costume] Steampunk – Crystal
  • Skill can be enhanced with Overlord Level (OLV)
  • UI
    • Add the “Skill Transcendence” UI
      • Hot Key: Shift + K
      • Menu: Cabal Menu > Character Information > Skill Transcendence
      • Available list is displayed on the right side of the UI
    • Visual Display:
      • Skill with Overlord Enhanced is displayed with green border
      • Skill Transcendence information is shown in tooltip of the skill
  • Transcendence Point
    • Points will be granted on OLV up: 02 points per level
    • Point can be used to level up the Skill Transcendence
  • Transcendence Auto-Gained Skill
    • Skill will automatically obtained the stats when character reaches the related OLV
    • List of Auto-Gained Skills
  • Warrior
  • Blader
  • Wizard
  • Force Archer
  • Force Shielder
  • Force Blader
  • Gladiator
  • Force Gunner
  • Dark Mage

New Accessory “Chief Laxar’s Brooch”

  • Sealed Chief Laxar’s Brooch
  • Chief Laxar’s Brooch

Add a Renewal version of Tower of Undead B1F

  • Change the dungeon progress, design
  • Update / Remove related quests which are affected by the new dungeon progress, design

Add a Renewal version of Tower of Undead B2F

  • Change the dungeon progress, design
  • Update / Remove related quests which are affected by the new dungeon progress, design

Add new dungeon: Mirage Island (Awakened)

  • Dungeon Info
  • Drop List
  • Achievement
  • Essence Rune – Cancel Ignore Penetration
  • Essence Rune – DEX II
  • Revision / Expansion of Character Slots
    • Character Slot Extender Item
      • Unify the Character Slot Extender Item for both of 7th Slot and 8th Slot into the Character Slot Extender
    • Maximum can open 3 slots, to the total of 9 slots
    • Update the Character Selection Screen in pagination into pages
      • Can switch between pages using buttons / numbers
    • Add a button to edit character order
      • Additional UI will be displayed, allow to move characters between pages / slots
    • Existing Character Slot Extender No. 7 & No. 8 before the update will be converted to be able to use for expanding character slots universally for all No. 7, No. 8 and No. 9.
  • Unify required stats for equipping Items and improvement in tooltip
    • Unify required stats for equipping Items for certain items across all classes
    • Improvement of showing requirement:
      • Required Level
      • Required Stats
      • Equip-able Classes
      • Required Honour Grade
    • Showing the Binding Status
      • Showing the Binding Stats and also the way to unbind (if available)
  • Revise the Skill Book Package for Battle Style Change Kit
    • Add new Skill Books
    • Remove the unavailable Skill Books
  • Changes related to old Tower of Undead B1F / B2F
    • Entrance:
      • Change the old Tower of Undead B1F / B2F can be accessed via the 4th Gate at Warp Centre
      • Cannot access using the Original Entry Item or Force Game
    • Entry Item:
      • Tower of Undead B1F: Faded Epaulet of Undead (B1F)
      • Tower of Undead B2F Part 1: Faded Epaulet of Undead (B2F Part 1)
    • Updated all related quests to the old Tower of Undead B1F / B2F
  • Update related to AP / DP / WExp Saver Items:
    • Can use the saver over the limit:
      • AP Saver: Can use the Saver even the current AP is over 700
      • DP Saver: Can use the Saver even the current DP is over 100
    • Can use identical items in batch:
      • Applicable for both saving points and gaining points
  • Able to equip Arcana of Laws and Arcana of Guardian at once
    • Can equip Arcana of Laws and Guardian at the same time
    • But cannot equip 2x Arcana of Laws or 2x Arcana of Guardian at the same time
  • Revision of Blessing Beads:
    • Beads with identical effects can be used at once
  • Show the Character Information in War Area
    • Update system message accordingly
    • Details of Show / Hide information:
  • If characters are in different maps, the EXP Bonus will be decreased to 1
  • Update the Cabal Menu Icons
  • Added Combine Level 1800 Achievement
  • Add the Mirror of Observation (Gold) to the drop list that you can see at entrance of Premium DX Dungeon and Premium DX Elite Dungeons:
    • Catacombs Frost (Premium)
    • Lava Hellfire (Premium)
    • Panic Cave (Premium)
    • Steamer Crazy (Premium)
    • [Elite] Catacombs Frost (Premium)
    • [Elite] Lava Hellfire (Premium)
    • [Elite] Panic Cave (Premium)
    • [Elite] Steamer Crazy (Premium)
  • Increase Stats of Legacy Guardians / Sage’s Ensign / War Gate
  • Revise the formula for gaining points for Attack / Defense Score

Expand number of slots for Support / Specialised Passive Skills,

  • Expand to total 18 Support Skills and 8 Special Passive Skills

Skill Revise

  • Warrior | Blader | Wizard
  • Force Archer | Force Shielder
  • Force Blader | Gladiator | Force Gunner

Add new Skills

  • Warrior
  • Blader
  • Wizard
  • Force Archer
  • Force Shielder
  • Force Blader
  • Gladiator
  • Force Gunner
  • Add new and update some Force Codes (Stats)
  • Add new Awakened Aura Modes
    • Can get new Awakened Aura Modes which are upgraded version of old Aura Modes
    • Conditions:
      • Have 04 Aura Modes (Lightening / Flame/ Aqua / Ice)
      • Overlord Level 50 or higher
    • General Information:
      • Awakened Aura Mode has 5 levels and 10 slots
      • Cannot activate Awakened Aura Mode when wearing no items in PvP Battle
  • New Awakened Aura UI
    • Hot Key: Alt + K
    • Added Awakened Aura Icon to the Skill UI
      • Click on the button to open the Awakened Aura UI
  • Awakening Point
    • Points obtaining mechanism:
      • Using Aura Modes (Lightening / Flame/ Aqua / Ice)
      • 1 Point will be gained per 5 minutes of use
    • Max Awakening Point: 230 points
    • Required Points: 112 points are needed to upgrade a specific Awakened Aura Mode to max.
      • Therefore, players can max 2 Awakened Aura Modes only.
    • Awakening Points will not be obtained if:
      • Dungeon is paused
      • Character is logged off
      • Changing character / channel
  • Training
    • Opening Slots
      • Slot can be opened if the required criteria are met
      • Opening Materials
        • Troglo’s Golden Fruit
        • Skill Books of the related Aura Mode
          • Able to get via Request System (NPC Chloe)
  • Mastery Training
    • Click on the slot to train the Mastery
    • Awakening Point is consumed for training
    • Bonus Stats will be applied if the Aura Mode is trained to Stage 5
    • Aura Mode Icon in the Skill UI is changed if the Aura Mode reached Stage 5 of Mastery
    • Name will be displayed based on Stage of Mastery Training
      • Stage 0: White
      • Stage 1-4: Pink
      • Stage 5: Orange
    • Cannot perform the Mastery Training if the related Aura Mode is in use

Stats of the Awakened Aura Modes

  • Flame Aura
  • Lightening Aura
  • Aqua Aura
  • Ice Aura

Effector Added / Revised

  • Add 02 new Effector Slots to Inventory
    • Reduce the Weapon / Suit size to fit with the new slots within the UI
  • Add 20 new Effectors & Revise Stats of some Effectors
    • 8 old Classes, each Class gets 2 new Effectors
    • Dark Mage gets 4 Effectors
    • Revise Stats of some Effectors
      • Green: New
      • Blue: Change
  • Warrior
  • Blader
  • Wizard
  • Force Archer
  • Force Shielder
  • Force Blader
  • Gladiator
  • Force Gunner
  • Dark Mage
  • Able to obtain “Mirror of Observation (Gold)” with certain chance while extracting Effector
    • Applicable for: All Effectors
    • Possible Output of Extraction:
      • Effector Core (Piece) x1 – 10
      • Mirror of Observation (Gold) x1
  • Changed effector name colours
    • Name will be based on stats, colours: Sky Blue / Purple / Orange.
  • Changed appearance of some old Effectors
    • Applicable for:
      • Panic Cry Effector
      • Spirit Shield Effector
      • Quick Move Effector
      • Rage Shield Effector
      • Intuition Effector
      • Art of Defense Effector
      • Art of Curse Effector
      • Lock On Effector
  • Fixed error related to Force Wing when player use Force Wing Skills in PvP Battle
  • Fixed client disconnection in certain situation in Devil’s Tower B1F
  • Fixed bugs related that not showing the tooltip in Mission War
  • Fixed bug that caused “MISS” of Force Archer’s Twin Gunner Attack in certain situation
  • Fixed bug that character cannot move after getting the “Suppressed” debuff from monsters / characters even the duration is ended
  • Fixed bug that wrong stats were applied for Force Gunner while equipping Linked Weapons
  • Fixed bug that Heal Boost 50% was not applied when Force Archer activated the “Healer’s Concentration”
  • Fixed bugs related to “Shout” chat
  • Fixed bug that messages from players who were blocked still show
  • Fixed bug of the Upgrade UI
  • Fixed bug related to the location of World Ruler Bosses in Senillinea were showing wrong in the World Ruler Boss description
  • Fixed bug that player was unable to receive the Gold Treasure Box in certain situation
  • Fixed bug that in certain situation, Orb of Ruin and Orb Destruction cannot be registered in Auction House
  • Fixed bug that caused disconnection to Game Channel in certain situation
  • Fixed bug that abnormal sound was play when logged in in certain situation
  • Fixed bug related to saving WExp
  • Fixed bug of Dark Ultra Marine cannot be applied to QW7 Bike
  • Fixed bug related to HP bonus of Gladiator’s Armour items
  • Fixed bug the character appearance was displayed abnormally in certain situation
  • Fixed bug of HP bar was not updated properly in Mission War
  • Fixed bug that “Favourites” in Request UI working abnormally
    • Fixed bug that “Favourites” were automatically removed
  • Fixed bug that players can drag and drop items from mails to 3rd and 4th inventory even without premium services
  • Fixed bug that Inventory UI was showing abnormally
  • Fixed bug related to visual effect of items in the Extraction Mode , in Challenge Mission and in Mission Festival
  • Fixed bug that showing Critical Ring +3 and Ring of Luck +3 as “Extender” in the Hazardous Valley (Awakened) dungeon drop list

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    1. if you want to play GSP, you need to use any kind of VPN to change your IP to other South-east Asian countries (SG/MY/VN)


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