Cabal Online – Episode 30 – Official Patch Notes

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It’s finally here, the Episode 30 of Cabal. On 04-Aug-2022, Cabal GSP is the very first foreign service to announce the debut of Episode 30: Garden of Dust. The update is relatively small, but it’s kinda game changer that provide some changes and additions with new Collections, Title, Achievements, Dungeon and Essence Runes. Let’s dive in!

  • Add new Collections to “Dungeon” tab:
    • Add 18 new Collections to the “Dungeon” tab
    • New Dungeon Collection will be marked as Level I, while existing collection for the corresponding dungeon will be renamed and marked as Level II.
      • For Example:
        • Old “Lake in Dusk” => “Lake in Dusk II”
        • Add new “Lake in Dusk I”
  • Summary of Stats:
  • Details for each Collection:
  • Add new Dungeon: Garden of Dust
    • Requirement: Level 190+ / BSLv. 11+
    • Duration: 40 mins
    • Entrance: Forgotten Ruins (X234, Y78)
    • Entry Item:
      • Contaminated Cactus
        • Purchasable from NPC Unon – Bloody Ice
          • Price: 6,000,000 Alz
          • Item Property: Account Binding
    • DP Reward: 11 DP
    • Participants: Up-to 5 players
    • Entry Limit: N/A
    • Daily Playtime:
      • Weekdays: 16 hrs
      • Weekends: 16 hrs
    • Dungeon Boost: N/A

Entry Item

Dungeon Screenshots


  • Achievement & Titles:
  • Added 3 new Essences Runes.
  • Details:
  • Battle Style Change Kit item that allows changing Battle Style of a character at Level 200.
    • Old “Original Battle Style Change Kit”: Applicable for Level 100 – 199
    • New “Battle Style Change Kit (Ultimate)”: Applicable for Level 200
  • Features of Battle Style Change Kit (Ultimate):
    • Reset on use of the BSCK (Ultimate):
      • Stats: STR – INT – DEX
      • Skills:
        • All of Skills
        • All of Skill Points
        • Skill Transcendence Point Distribution
          • State of Slot Opening is maintained
    • Change on use of BSCK (Ultimate):
      • Astral Weapon
      • Essence Runes
        • Attack <-> Magic Attack
        • Attack II <-> Magic Attack II
        • Sword Skill Amp. <-> Magic Skill Amp.
  • Even this item is a part of the update; however, Cabal GSP decided to not sell the item yet in Cash Shop.
  • Fixed bug that causes counts for some achievements are not applied in Memoria Chrysos:
    • Kills for Legacy Guardians (S/M/L) and Sage’s Ensign are not counted.
    • Get killed by Legacy Guardians (S/M/L)
  • Fixed bug that causes the “Dark Mage Killer” title could not be obtained in Mission War
  • Change the war time Mission War for “Tierra Gloriosa” from 40 mins to 30 mins
  • Add new Titles & Achievements, and extend the limits of existing Achievements
  • Allow to use normal skills for Dark Mage in Battle Mode 2, except for certain skills.
    • Excluded Skills:
      • Deadly Smasher
      • Butcher’s Hell
      • Reaper of Harvest
      • Hell’s Requiem
  • Change the DP Reward for Mirage Island:
    • Old: 10
    • New: 13
  • Change of Lake in Dusk dungeon:
    • Change of Dungeon Flow.
    • Change of Drop Items.
    • Change related to Quest Capsule target monster.
      • Quest Capsule #21: Pogarr x1
      • Quest Capsule #22: Cruel Harpy Slave x5
      • Quest Capsule #23: Cruel Harpy Warrior x5
      • Quest Capsule #23: Rik x1
    • Other changes to match with new dungeon flow, including: GPS Map, Guild Treasure, Entry Item, Force Gem, Mission Festival, Dungeon Clear Achievement, Quest.
  • Increase the benefit of Auction House sale slot for Platinum Premium:
    • Old: 12
    • New: 27

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