#EP17P2 #Guide Glacies Inferna and Divine Upgrade

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Defensive Dungeon РGlaciés Inferna

Dungeon Name: Glaciés Inferna

Entry: Bloody Ice, same place with Chaos Arena

Limitation: Level 190+, up to 7 participants in a party

Entry item:

  • Item:¬†Crystal of Frozen Flame
  • Sold by NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice
  • Price: 3,500,000 Alz & 100 AP


Success / Failure:

  • Success:
    • Protect at least one Seal Stone in the dungeon (there are two Seal Stones)
      • Red Seal Stone
      • Blue Seal Stone
    • Kill the final boss and open chest
  • Failure:
    • Both Seal Stones are destroyed
    • Time out


  • Killing monsters gives chance to drop Divine Stone Fragment
  • Clearing Dungeon gives 10DP

Dungeon Screenshot:

Divine Upgrade



  • Item with upgrade at +15 or higher
  • Item with High grade or higher (Osmium / Lapis)

How to perform Divine Upgrade:

New items for Divine Upgrade

  • Divine Converter: Sold by NPC Deighton – Grocer – Bloody Ice
  • Divine Stone Fragment: Obtain from monsters / chests in Defensive Dungeon Glaci√©s Inferna
  • Divine Stone: Craft from Divine Stone Fragment
  • Divine Seal Stone: Cash Shop / Event

Divine Stats Bonus (at +15)



Divine Converters

  • Sold by NPC in Bloody Ice for 10,000,000 Alz and 200 AP


Requesting Divine Stone (crafting)

  • Add ‚ÄúDivine Stone‚ÄĚ requesting recipes¬†to Requesting System (NPC Chloe)





[EP9P3] Rising Force Part III : Extreme (Official Patch notes)



Source: Cabal SEA home page



1. Extreme Upgrade System Added

A. Extreme Upgrade System

[Tip] The higher Extreme Core use during Extreme Upgrade increases success rate.

B. Required items for Extreme Upgrade

* Values in the brackets are for Two Handed Weapons

C. Extreme Upgrade Option

– Additional options granted for Extreme Upgrade by its level

– There additional options are different from Basic / Unique option on the original items.

* Values in the brackets are for Two Handed Weapons

Extreme Upgrade UI Screen

D.  Other Information Related To Extreme Upgrade

– When the item reach its Max Lv. of Extreme Upgrade Lv. it is broadcasted through the channel.

– Items that went through Extreme Upgrade have different colored name.

–¬†Extreme Upgrade does not affect item‚Äôs base stat and the selling price.

– When the item goes into ‚Äėunable to equip‚Äô status after Extreme Upgrade fail, user cannot trade the particular item.

2. New Item Added

A.   Extreme Core

B. Extreme Core Pocket

C. Repair Kit

[Tip] Repair Kit Certificate can be purchased through Chloe for 10,000,000 Alz (Account Bind)

D. Unbinding Stone

E. Premium Cubes

3. New Skills Added

A.   New Skill books can be purchased from Instructors for 3,714,500 Alz




Force Archer

Force Shielder

Force Blader

4.Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) Added

– Higher difficulty dungeon of Forgotten Temple B2F with Time Attack feature.

A. Basic Information

B. New Items

5. Weapon / Armor Box

A. Yerte/Eite’s Weapon Box

B. Agris’s Armor Box

C.   Lycanus’s Core

D.   Drei Frame’s Core

E.   Peticia’s Golden Key

6. New Achievements and Titles Added

7. New Synergy Added


1. Some buff skills’ casting time reduced

2. Force Archer’s Greater Heal cool time changed to 3 seconds

3. Lycanus Weapon, Drei Frame Armor stat increased

4. Instant Casting skills can be used while moving. But, immobile type skills are exception

5. Astral Bike РRW3 All Attack epic option stat increased

6. Degree of stat change of Bike Epic Converter(Highest) changed

7. Tower of Undead B3F related quests will be available to accept only if when Epaulet of the Dead B3F is in inventory

8. Titanium Set is no longer available at Port Lux Armor dealer Agris

9. Tower of Undead and its entrance items in game name are now standardized

10. Drop rate for higher unique options of Prideus’ Bracelet / Drosnin’s Earrings items increased

11. Some game option saving method changed from saving in client to saving in server

12. Premium information window will show premium related option information on all equipped items

13. Items with duration limit became eligible to store in guild storage

14. Guild War acceptance message shows information regarding winning condition with kill counts

15. Tower of Undead B3F tool-tip for Dungeon icon in Undead Ground Map is moved to the bottom of the window

[FAQ] Wizard Class Issue


Source : Cabal SEA

Dear Cabalers,

Regarding WI Defense/Damage after the update of Rising Force : Part II


Current version of Skill Balance is not a final version. It’s still in process, and developers will try their best to well-balance the skills through the upcoming updates.

In the case of Wizard class, due to stats balance changes, if you still have the same stats before the update (with too high INT), you might suffer from lower defense/damage in dungeon play as well as in Mission War.

To enhance Wizard’s defense/damage in dungeons, we suggest below:

  • To achieve certain Attack Rate¬†(Increases successful DPS).
  • Upgrade skill, ‚ÄúEyes of Mind‚ÄĚ

Most of Wizard users give too much stat points to INT. Due to the stats balance renewal with Rising Force update, it will be less efficient before.

  • Therefore, suggesting WIs to make DEX to 200 or more.¬†(Increasing Dex give rise to Def Rate & Attack Rate)
  • For Lv. 190 Wizard, it will be more effective to achieve 5,900 attack rates to maintain its DPS.

Additionally, if you feel that defense is too low, best suggested to add more stat points to STR as it helps to increase the Damage Reduction.

Just to refresh :

To Change Weapons :

  • Basically, Wizards have high value of Magic Attack comparing to other classes.
  • Therefore, Weapons with¬†Magic Skill Amp.¬†/¬†Critical Dmg¬†option is more effective then high Magic Attack option.

Happy Magic Casting Wizards ūüėČ

[SEA] [Event] Research Assistance Event!


Dear Cabalists,

We have a new event for you!¬† Elemental essences have been seeping into Nevareth and we need the strongest heroes to gather them up for further tests!¬† In exchange for any contributions, NPC YUL will provide a Gift Box which can yield powerful items for those fortunate enough!¬† All you need to do is collect 2 of each items, Mote of Water, Snow, Lightning and Air to exchange for a gift box that can potentially get you a Minesta’s Diamond Charm, Astral Board – K Red Crystal Edition and many more!

NPC YUL will be stationed in Green Despair from 4th of September till the 25th of September (3 weeks).  Hurry up while help is still needed!

– CabalSEA Administrator

You can check the appearance of K-Red Crystal ingame here : https://mrwormy.wordpress.com/2012/08/04/fun-sneak-peek-of-k-red-crystal/