Cabal Shinobi Skin

Since it’s now under my management, I decided to keep it here for easier of management and better accessibility!

Thanks to @Tobias (aka CrushingForce@CabalEU) for trusting me and handing over the skin to me!

Latest Version:

Version History:

Update 05-Jan-2021: Version 20.02

  • Jan 05th 2021: V20.02
    • Fix bug: Missing “N” indicator at mail box for new mail: Thanks Proflax@CabalEU for reporting/fixing
    • Fix bug: Menu layout was abnormally displayed: Thanks Proflax@CabalEU for reporting/fixing
  • Dec 02nd 2020: V20.01
    • Fix bug: Missing Icon of Event Inventory: Thanks Kurwa@CabalEU for reporting
    • Fix bug: Missing 30% / 60% indicator of Collection Screen: Thanks Blackyx@CabalEU for reporting
    • Fix bug: Missing Mission War maps: Thanks xPawa@CabalEU for reporting
  • Nov 04th 2020: V20.00
    • Initial Version for Episode 25 – Labyrinth