Cabal Mobile – Game got awarded “Best Beta of March 2019” and “Open Beta” announced?!

CEO of “One Store” Mr. Lee Jae-Hwan (이재환) announced on April 11th 2019 that they has just selected the “Cabal Mobile” (카발모바일 / 카발 Mobile) from ESTGames as the “Best Beta of March 2019”

“Cabal Mobile” is a mobile MMORPG that inherited from the PC version “Cabal Online”, a game with a strong story line which is built on its own graphic engine. “Cabal Mobile” itself received the most excellent game for March 2019 that keeps building up the image of “Cabal Online”, game with various combat style, special combo system and hack-and-slash game play.

President of ESTSoft Mr. Lee Yeong Beak (이형백) said: “I think from my point of view, the Cabal Mobile got the same level of fun that I got from the PC version Cabal Online. And based on the output of Beta test, we are working and trying our best to deliver the most epic game ever.”

By end of February 2019, ESTGames release the trailer of Cabal Mobile, and also announced the Closed Beta test for the game.

Cabal Mobile trailer DEEP ANALYSIS with 45 things that you might MISSED!

The original PC version MMORPG “Cabal Online” is developed by ESTGames and is now covering around 60 countries all over the world like Japan, China, South East Asia, Europe and Brazil. By 2012, ESTGames launched a sequel MMORPG Cabal 2. From 2015, ESTGames stepped their feet into the mobile area with “Cat Cafe” and “Nova Wars: The Commander League”.

Since the game got selected as Best Beta for March 2019, “Cabal Mobile” is going to get support with the cloud-computing infrastructure from SK C&C, further details will be announced later. And also planning to make events, such as: during the next month, players who would fill up the survey from the site could get up to 10,000 Won of Game Cash

⚠️ There are some unofficial source said that ESTGames will allow the registration for the next phase by end of April and then the final date for the next phase will be announced later. They didn’t confirm if the next phase will be Open Beta or game will just jump into the Public status.

Currently the game on Android Play Store is marked with “under-development” and for One Store they removed the game until the open beta duration. Still there is no final date for global version or Apple devices. Last official announcement from developers can be found here: this post (regarding the progress of reviewing bugs after the closed beta period).

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Cabal Mobile – Game is now being improved based on Feedback of CBT

This is the unofficial translation for the official announcement from ESTGames regarding Cabal Mobile on 22nd March 2019.

Hello from Cabal Mobile.

From the CBT survey and via official community page, we have received lots of support, encouragement and suggestion for improvement.

Massive thanks for leaving your comments. We are working intensively to collect, organise and accommodate as much as we could, all of your valuable comments. Until now, there is no exact confirmation for any details of changes, and also, none of these changes were applied yet.

This post is for summarising categories of changes and updates that we are working on. In the future, more detailed information of changes and additions will be informed.

We are focusing on important critical bugs such as:

  • The dungeon state is not maintained due to the quest termination after network disconnected.
  • Teleport to the abnormal spots, quest is given up after network disconnected.
  • Game is forcefully closed.

These kind of bugs are treated with highest priority. Based on game log, feedback from players, we are analysing the every single detail to find the root cause to fix them before the next launch.

Players who play Cabal Online easily catch up with Cabal Mobile; however, new players sometimes get struggles to get familiar with contents and features. Further tutorials would be implemented for new players, also unnecessary tutorials will be cleaned up, so that players can focus on the main things easily.

Tutorials should be adaptive that they will be fit with experienced players as well as new players.

It will be depended on both game difficulty and players’ skill for progressing quests.

Players with high-end gears always can assist low level players, for low level grades, amount of EXP rewards will be downward.

Combo skill will be given at earlier stage, that can help players lots in battle.

Named bosses are now dropping character-binding items, these items are useful for low level character, we are planning to revise these items because these items occupy slots in the inventory.

Many players asked for the mass-drop items, we are considering this request.

We will consider to add the auto-equip feature, that based on battle style and force options.

  • UI stands for User Interface, UX stands for User Experience

Currently, when the “Auto” mode is off, there is a small delay until character starts to behave properly.

Game UI will be improved so that player can easily check the buff / debuff status of party member and monster.

When players get into dungeons with party, the automatic movement cannot be done, and it makes some difficulty for player. This is also under review for improvement.

  • Trading system will be implemented as per suggested by lots of players.
  • Social actions (dance, showing expression,…) will be tweaked to make them easier to use.
  • Character creation screen will be re-designed with better graphic and showing some class-specific details.
  • An in-game UI for changing channel will be added, so that player don’t have to leave the game for changing channel.
  • Party Search UI will be revised with some extra criteria.

We are looking forward to the official launching with all above
(and others) improvements .        

Thank you again, for participating in the Closed Beta of Cabal Mobile for the last 5 days.   

Thank you . 

Cabal Mobile – Future of Cabal Mobile

It is 4 days already since the closure of Cabal Mobile Closed Beta (CBT). I still can feel the Nevareth-on-the-go experience that I had. Now developers are working on the bug and feedback report. Let’s take a look of the Future of Cabal Mobile…

CBT is over

On the homepage of Cabal Mobile, ESTGames expressed their deep appreciation to all CBT testers.

On the official site, they also posted an announcement for the closure and shared that, now they are working seriously on all feedback and suggestion, in order to get a smooth and better Cabal Mobile for the next public launch*

As ESTGames announced, we are now can look forward to the launching of the next public version. So there is also chance that they will skip the Open Beta, or still have it?! The term “next public launch” (다음 정식 런칭) is quite vague… It can refer to the Open Beta, where you don’t have to register as a tester, or it can refer to the final official launch.

How can I play with Korean text?!

Intentionally, Cabal Mobile is targeted for Korean citizen. Due to the leak of installation file, lots of non-Korean tried to play the game and screamed out loud for the English version. This is inevitable since the CBT and the game itself are both not targeted for non-Korean.

The launch of CBT in Korean is just for testing the game stability. All legal testers (who were registered for the CBT through the official website) received a survey with several questions. Together, with the feedback that people sent on the official site and from the survey, ESTGames will sort them out and solve all the problems. But as per the developers, they are also working on the Global version which might be available by late 2019. So we can expect to get the CBT officially for Global version (which will be available in English and even in other languages).

Game Content?!

For the CBT, we can level our character up to 99, enjoy the signature system of Cabal such as Combo, Battle Mode 1/2 and explore Mission Dungeons like Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station, Tower of the Dead B1F and Volcanic Citadel.

However, in the future, other contents will also be released (in fact, for the internal developing version, they have access to level 200, Overlord system, Palladium items, new Battle Styles like Force Gunner and Gladiator…). If you want to know other features which will be available in Cabal Mobile, you can take a look at this clip that I posted some days ago on my Youtube channel:


Lots of gamers asked if the Cabal Mobile and Cabal Online are the same or not? Let’s take a look of this situation:

You wake up early in the morning at 6AM, decided to farm some Crazy Steamer dungeons. You completed 4 times, and want to get the bonus chest; but found out that you have to leave home for office. Leaving your home, grab your mobile, sit tight on the bus and complete the 5th Crazy Steamer to get the bonus chest. Sound cool?

However, due to the distribution paradigm of Cabal Online (PC version) that each region or country has their own version and server. The dream of having a cross-platform seems to be impossible. If you want to have a cross-platform, then first we need an unified Cabal publisher; like instead of play in COPH, COEU, CONA… we need something like Cabal (real) Global where all data of Cabal store in a single chain of servers.

Still we don’t have any official confirmation from ESTGames regarding this idea, but from my point of view, the chance to get cross-platform like that is very low. In another hand, who knows, we might have something like Cabal Mobile PH, Cabal Mobile EU, Cabal Mobile NA… then the dream of continuous-playing between different device could be true…

Android vs. iOS?!

Lots of gamers asked, can they play with Apple devices, which come with iOS? The answer is “No” and “Yes”.

The answer is “No” because now ESTGames spends all of their effort to finalise the Android OS version first. The reason is, the amount of device which run with Android OS is around three (03) times of iOS device. By focusing on Android device first, they can get lots of feedback and cover a bigger market.

Market share between iOS and Android, Feb 2019 (Source: StatCounter)

The answer is “Yes” because ESTGames official confirmed that, once the version for Android is public and operates smoothly, they will also bring the iOS version to gamers.

Some last words…

From my point of view, having Cabal Mobile is good, it’s like reviving lots of old memories, it brings lots of old buddies together, who played that Cabal Online 10 years ago. However, the idea of making Cabal Mobile and Cabal Online as cross-platform game is also good, it ensures that you can enjoy whatever you already have in your Cabal Online. Have to go out for some reasons, sit on bus, just open Cabal Mobile and play with your character that you have on Cabal Online. Sit on the train play Cabal Mobile for long time make your feel little bit tired with small screen… reach home, throw your backpack away, turn on your PC and continue your journey with Cabal Online…

Cabal Mobile – A late review…

So the Closed Beta for Cabal Mobile has closed, within only 5 days (13-Mar-2019 to 17-Mar-2019), there were over 10,000+ installs. That’s more than enough to prove the heat of Cabal Mobile as well as Cabal. Today, I will write a small (and late) review for Cabal Mobile.

The post won’t go details like we have Combo, we have Aura (if you looking for these kind of review, check two clips which I attached with this post).

Let’s start…

My first reaction was OMG OMG OMG, when they announced that “Cabal Mobile is going to open for Closed Beta”. Tried to apply right on the first day of pre-registration, I got selected as one of Closed Beta tester. At that time, all we had were some small leaks of screenshots and a 30 seconds trailer clip.

Ensure that you watched the trailer clip carefully. If not, take a look on the trailer breakdown clip that will gives you 45 things that you might missed…

Some days right before the Closed Beta (CBT), ESTGames decided to announce the CBT exact duration which would be from 13-Mar-2019 til 17-Mar-2019. Even all players, including me, knew about that short duration before; but still we all expected to get some changes for the CBT end-date.

In the same day, they announced the minimum system requirement for running Cabal Mobile on Android devices, as well as the official announcement for iOS version.

First Impression!

Every single core feature of the Cabal Online are replicated here on Cabal Mobile. If you play Cabal Online before, then you won’t have to spend much time to get into the Cabal Mobile story line, concept and other things, except for only navigation system and game user interface.

Whatever you can get in Cabal Online, it seems like you can also get from Cabal Mobile (however, due to testing of CBT, lots of contents were blocked).

No mouse! No keyboard! Go touch!

ESTGames did the marvelous port from PC version to mobile device version; all the vast world of Nevareth were represented in Cabal Mobile. But, gamers are lack of very important weapon, important tool: mouse and keyboard! They utilised the “touch-screen” with touch and related gestures as much as they can. All kind of new touches and gestures were described on the screen with clear guidelines.

Same graphic! Better User Interface!

The quality of game graphic and audio can be equally compared with the PC version. Since the game was developed with “Snake” engine (which was used for building Cabal Online also), all of 3D elements have the same look-and-feel like PC version.

3D models are resizable, so they can reuse them. In opposition, game user interface cannot be reused, due to the limitation of screen size, interaction… The game user interface was redesigned, cleaner and clearer with glossy, eye-catchy style.

Fine Tuning…

Not only maintaining the quality of PC version, with open-world and immersive story line; they did lots of improvement for the game for utilising the support of mobile devices as well as enhancing the user interface experience. Game is more easier to approach for new-bie (like they add Grade for item, and marked them with these grade – G0, G1, G2…) and deliver better support to veteran players (enhanced inventory…)

Cash Shop is the monetisation system of Cabal Mobile, here you can buy items using Force Gem. The intermediate “Cash” has been discarded. If you want to buy some cash-related items, you can just buy Force Gem, and then using gem to buy the cash-related item.

Strong Backbone! Bright Future!

With the limitation of short time for Closed Beta like that; for sure, we cannot enjoy Cabal Mobile on all perspectives. But we all know, what are waiting for us in the Future of Cabal Mobile.

Take a look at the Intro Clip Breakdown for some Facts and Future of Cabal Mobile

The fan-base of Cabal Online is huge and spread all over 60 countries, we are waiting for the release of Cabal Mobile, day by day. And looking for one day, that you can have the continuous experience of gameplay between PC version and mobile version.

Stay tuned with me for all of incoming news and updates of both Cabal Online and Cabal Mobile.

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Cabal Mobile – CBT Server Closes today 17-Mar-2019

As confirmed by ESTGames, today 17-Mar-2019, the CBT period will be ended. According to the announcement from ESTGames:

  • Server will be closed by 17-Mar-2019 at 22:00 (GMT+9).
  • All data belong to CBT period will be wiped out.
  • Any suggestions/recommendations are still accepted for upcoming days.

Until now, there is no confirmation for the OBT date and duration, as well as the public date (for both Korea and Global).

In case, you missed the event, try to check out the 15 minutes of real in-game gameplay of Cabal Mobile below.

You can get some more ideas of the Cabal Mobile by checking the game trailer clip with detailed analysis below.