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Cabal Online : Episode 22 : FAQ : Force Wing

The patch of Force Wing has been there for few days (from July 18th 2018); however, most of the time I deliver to you guys only the look and feel and the story about it. Now let’s dig a little bit deeper like now to level Force Wing up, what’s EXP for each level… It’s all-in-one FAQ (frequently asked questions) post for Force Wing.


Below is the part of Episode 22 : Demonite Story that I posted before. You can read the full story of Episode 22 here:

Day by day, by continuously researching Force technology, Nevareth continent develops more and more. Yerte – the Core Alchemist from Port Lux – is strongly interested in studying Force and she spends the rest of her life for Alchemist researches.


After some time, she worked with “Long” – a specialist of Force from the Sage Tower. They shared their interest and started working on that together. Sage Tower supported them directly but secretly under the control of St. Valentine.


According to the records, St. Valentine’s Force research reached to the peak so they could absorbed the Force into their body to make them stronger, but some how the Force was spread out from their back as form of the power.


At first, the Force was in strange shape, but then gradually, it turned into shape of the wings. After that, Yerte decided to help warriors all over Nevareth to have chance to obtain this Force, she called it as Force Wing. It turned out as her greatest achievement ever.


When you reach Level 130, a new quest will be available “Yerte’s greatest achievement”. You can talk with NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux for starting the quest.

Quest Name NPC Quest Level Mission Reward
Yerte’s greatest achievement Port Lux
Core Alchemist
130 Deliver to Yerte
Premium Jewelry Box
Holy Water
(character binding)

Recipe of “Premium Jewelry Box”:

Item Amity Material Property
Premium Jewelry Box 0 Upgraded Core (High) x20 Character Binding
Force Core (High) x20

After you received the “Holy Water”, you can right click on it to activate “Force Wing”.

Force Wing UI

After you activated Force Wing, “Wing” icon will appear right next to your HP/MP/SP bar (for Gladiator, it will be next to Rage gauge). And when you click on the Wing icon, “Force Wing UI” will appear.

Here is the Force Wing UI screen:

  1. Force Wing information
    • Grade
    • Level
  2. Bonus stats
    • HP
    • All Attack
    • Defense
  3. Skill
    • Wing Fly
    • Wing Assault
    • Wing Protect
  4. Level Up
    • Able to leveling Force Wing using “Force Essence”
  5. Level Progress
    • Display progress of leveling up Force Wing

Display Options

Right inside Force Wing UI, you can click on “Options” button to show “Force Wing Option UI”

Force Wing Skills

  • Wing Fly: Increase Movement Speed
    • Passive
    • Sold by: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux
    • Price: 10,000,000 Alz
  • Wing Assault: Increase your attack
    • Offensive Buff
    • Sold by: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux
    • Price: 20,000,000 Alz
  • Wing Protect: Protect you from one hit of opponent
    • Defensive Buff
    • Sold by: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux
    • Price: 20,000,000 Alz

Force Essence

In order to leveling your Force Wing, you need “Force Essence”, Force Essence can be requested via Chloe.

Item Quantity Location Amity Material Registration Fee
Force Essence 1 Port Lux – Chloe 500 Force Core (Low) 10,000,000 Alz
2 1000 Force Core (Medium) 20,000,000 Alz
3 2000 Force Core (High) 30,000,000 Alz
4 3000 Force Core (Highest) 40,000,000 Alz
5 4000 Force Core (Transcendence) 50,000,000 Alz

Force Wing EXP

Yeah… EXP. We have to grind again…

Level Experience Level Experience
1 500,000 15 6,100,000
2 900,000 16 6,500,000
3 1,300,000 17 6,900,000
4 1,700,000 18 7,300,000
5 2,100,000 19 7,700,000
6 2,500,000 20 8,100,000
7 2,900,000 21 ~ 30 9,000,000
8 3,300,000 31 ~ 40 12,000,000
9 3,700,000 41 ~ 50 13,000,000
10 4,100,000 51 ~ 60 14,000,000
11 4,500,000 61 ~ 70 15,000,000
12 4,900,000 71 ~ 80 16,000,000
13 5,300,000 81 ~ 90 17,000,000
14 5,700,000 91 ~ 100 18,000,000

Force Wing Costume

Take a look here for all costumes (up until July 22nd 2018):

Force Wing in action!

Take a look of these video clips and enjoy!

Final Version

Original Version (before July 12th 2018)

So, Force Wing is just only a part of the BIG UPDATE for summer 2018. Another part of this Episode 22 : Demonite update is ahead. Take your time and enjoy the preview of these contents until we get them in our server…

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  1. Are those exp numbers correct? It seems like you could knock that out really quickly? (unless the exp the wing gets is a very low percentage of what you get for OXP for instance)


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