Cabal Online : Episode 22 : Story of Demonite and Update Roadmap

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What is “Demonite“? Why do they call it like that? Where can we get these items? Get your backpack ready and sail away…

Story of Demonite

“Hermes” – one of the explorers who explored Porta Inferno – tried to find the source of the power of evil spirits without waking these demonic creatures.

He did lots of investigation in Porta Inferno, but all the time he was stuck at a the area around Manticore… There, near by Manticore, “Hermes” felt a strange powerful aura, while Manticore was sleeping, he sneaked around and found a strange core…


“Hermes” brought that strange ore to “Hazel” the famous Core Alchemist of Pastur continent, he found out that the ore contained an outrageous force, and he created a new gem with the purple colour, they decided to name it as “Demonite” as “Hermes” suggested.


The story of “Demonite” was spread all over Nevareth, the legendary weapon master “Najaba” from Fort Ruina decided to forge the strongest weapons ever for all warriors of Nevareth, for fighting back demons.


By processing “Demonite” cores, he forged Demonite weapons and for 3 continents they had Demonite Armorset, Demonite Battleset and Demonite Martialset.


Mirage Island

Several strange events happened near Forbidden Island, they found clues of the special materials with powerful aura, but no one knew the real source of these awakening…

One day, they kept talking about the new expedition which reveal a new island near the Forbidden Island…

But the exact location was unknown, no one was back after they decided to sail away to find the mysterious island…


There was a rumor that, there was a structure on the island, looks like a temple… Thousands, millions warriors all over Nevareth sailed away, to find the unidentified island, the Mirage Island…


To sail to the Mirage Island, warriors have to go to the southern area of Port Lux (236:9) and get on the boat with the special entry item that can guide you to the Mirage Island.


Force Wing

Day by day, by continuously researching Force technology, Nevareth continent develops more and more. Yerte – the Core Alchemist from Port Lux – is strongly interested in studying Force and she spends the rest of her life for Alchemist researches.


After some time, she worked with “Long” – a specialist of Force from the Sage Tower. They shared their interest and started working on that together. Sage Tower supported them directly but secretly under the control of St. Valentine.


According to the records, St. Valentine’s Force research reached to the peak so they could absorbed the Force into their body to make them stronger, but some how the Force was spread out from their back as form of the power.


At first, the Force was in strange shape, but then gradually, it turned into shape of the wings. After that, Yerte decided to help warriors all over Nevareth to have chance to obtain this Force, she called it as Force Wing. It turned out as her greatest achievement ever.

Update Roadmap

These contents are available for Korea Cabal this Summer 2018, Cabal Online – Episode 22 (aka Cabal Transcendence – Part VIII) with the official name as “Demonite” will be as 2 part.


In case you get confused, the “Demonite” here is the same with “Demon Knight” in previous blog entries, the name has been re-translated correctly.

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