#KR #EP19P2 Sep 20th 2017 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Legend Arena improvements

  • Change the cumulative score

A. Original: Final score will be calculated by sum of highest score of 7 days

B. Change: Final score will be calculated by sum of highest 5 scores in a week

  • Daily compensation is now available for 4th and 5th times

  • Change Daily Reward UI

A. Separated day reward will be shown in the information tab

B. Detailed reward shows in the information tab for each completion

  • Expansion of Season Reward

A. Add new range for reward from Rank 21 to 50

B. Increase reward for most of Ranks

  • Slightly increase the penalty if player was in top 10 last season

2. Title Slot Expansion

  • Increase number of Title slots from 1 to 3
    • Split into:
      • M.War / PVP Exclusive title
      • Ability Exclusive title
      • Event Exclusive title
  • Display title is still available

  • Specific title can be registered in specific slots

3. Improving Honor Medal UI

  • Add the new gauge and tooltip for Honor Medal system

A. New gray colour gauge for showing maximum amount of Honor EXP can be consumed in this level of Honor Medal

B. Tooltip is available when moving on the gray area

4. Increase Honour reward upon dungeon completion

5. Item Link colour is now synchronised with item name colour

■ Additions

1. Added the “Mercenary Sealing” feature

  • Transcendence Mercenary can be unregistered
  • Once unregistered, all progress will be kept and store in Mercenary Card
  • Mercenary can be re-registered again just by right-click on the Card
  • Mercenary Card can be moved inside account


  • Mercenary Seal Kit
    • Mercenary Card can be sealed and then traded as normal item
    • Right click to activate the Seal Kit then click on Mercenary Card to seal
    • For sealed card, right click to activate and register on demand
    • Sealed card can be traded and put in Auction Hall and Personal Shop



2. Add a ‘Boss’ tab to the dungeon entry window

  • Display the resistance attribute of Boss Monsters and Bosses in the dungeon

3. Add the information for the “Obtain information” for Essence rune

  • Change the “Drop Location” to “Obtain Location”
  • “Obtain Location” can cover:
    • From Essence Rune Cube (DP)
    • From Essence Rune Cube (WExp)

4. Add the new type of Holy Resistance (15 mins / 30 mins):

  • Holy Water of Resistance (15 mins / 30 mins)
  • Stats:
    • Resist Stun +30%
    • Resist Down +30%
    • Resist Knockback +30%
    • Resist Unmovable +30%



[KR] [EP15] Dec 10th 2013 patch notes


■ Changes

1. Improvements for Character Information UI

  • Changes related to Character Stats Details UI
    • Add shortcut: Alt + C
      • Character Stats Details UI will be shown
    • Allow to move the Character Stats Details UI position on the screen
  • Quick Slot Expansion
    • Add new Quick Slot Expansion buttons
    • Can be switched between Quick Slot tabs by using buttons I, II, III

2. PvP battle-related changes

  • Add new restriction for participating PvP battles
    • Level: 100+
    • Skill: Transcender
  • HP/MP Boost changes
    • HP boost: 5 times
    • MP boost: 3 times


■ Additions

1. Add a new field “Sellenia”

  • Entry
    • Character with level 190+
    • NPC: Port Manager – Porter (Port Lux)
    • Premium Warp: Available
  • Features:
    • Procyon / Capella starting points are separated

2. Add feature to allow changing battle style

  • Able to buy from NPC Event Yul in test server
  • Able to change battle style of character
  • Condition: Character must be in range of 100-170
  • Effects of the Battle Style Change Kit
    • Initialise Ability
      • Reset all Stats Points
      • Stats points will be returned
    • Initialise Skills
      • All Attack / Secondary / Upgrade skills are deleted
      • New skill books will be given (character binding)
      • 70,000,000 Alz will be granted
      • Saints’ Weapon, Aura Mode, Bike/Board skill won’t be changed
    • Rune changes
      • Conversion between Sword / Magic runes
      • Essence Runes / Blended Runes will be converted if needed
        • E.g. : Changing from WA to WI:
          • Attack => Magic Attack
          • Sword Skill Amp. => Magic Skill Amp.
          • Sword Dance => Force Dance
    • No changes
      • Amount of Alz / Force Gems / Cash
      • Inventory / Storage / Bike Storage
      • Achievement
      • Character Level / Hounor
      • AP / DP

3. Adding new accessories

  • Amulet of Resist


  • Vampiric Earring +9 / Earring of Guard +9 / Ring of Luck +4 / Critical Ring +4


4. Add new two kinds of Holy Water

  • Holy Water of Heroes
    • All Attack Up +40
    • Defense +40
    • All Skill Amp. Up +7%
  • Holy Water of  Extreme
    • Increase Critical DMG +14%
    • Increase Critical Rate +5%