Being ready with “Ruins of the Gods” update for CABAL2 in October


Original from CABAL 2 NA

Hello everyone,

Recently, we introduced new patches, including one major update in the form of Trial of Champions, and while we have been hard at work making sure that our Ruins of the Gods update will meet our players expectations, we want to make sure that our players are not left out of the loop with our work.

So now we will make sure that our players are kept up to date on all things CABAL 2, starting not only with our weekly Twitch streams, but regularly updated on our forums as well. We will be showing players previews of our patch notes, any changes made during the development stages, and hints of what will come.

Ruins of the Gods will be our next major update, and we are putting our heart and soul into this update. Some things to look forward to are: 

  • 3 New Dungeons, with two new sets of gear that players will be able to acquire
  • Updated Bind Status on new and old gear
  • New in game events that will be introduced before the upcoming update, and after
  • Improved in game features

 This month is going to be packed with content, so be on the lookout for more info in the very near future!

CABAL 2 Staff



Patch Notes for 1.3: The Trial of Champions:


  • Modified Content

    • User Interface update for CABAL 2

    • Labyrinth Forest: Black Wave entries has been increased to 3 entries per day (Up from 2 entries)

    • Effect speed of Quest Tracker has been increased

    • Crafting System has been overhauled (see Added Content for more information)

    • Bind status on the following items have been modified:

      • Semiramiss equipment dropped from Sky Gardens has been converted to Bind on Equip. Unchangeable Semiramiss equipment will remain Bind on Pickup

      • Black Night equipment dropped from the Labyrinth Forest Black Waves scenario has been converted to Bind on Equip. Black Night Nightmare equipment will remain Bind on Pickup

    • Maelstrom Castle and Forgotten Desert Temple Battlefields will now be centered around time scenarios with increased rewards. Those times will be:

      • Maelstrom Castle: 8AM / 12PM / 5PM / 9PM (Times based in Pacific Daylight Time)

      • Forgotten Desert Temple: 9AM / 1PM / 6PM

      • Rewards: Exp / Alz / Honor Points x 5

      • Ranking System for both Battlefields will be applied

  • Added Content

    • The Trial of Champions Arena

      • The Trial of Champions is a brand new Arena featuring both PvP and PvE elements. Players can begin joining the Arenas at level 10

      • The Monster Arena is a PvE scenario where a single player will have to defeat waves of enemies in order to acquire stronger rewards. Waves will be determined by player level. Higher levels will join at higher waves. Failure to complete a wave will result in the loss of a reward. The higher a player advances, the greater the prize

      • The Duel Arena is a 1v1 PvP scenario where players will battle each other in a new Ranked System designed to test the strengths of each player.

      • Players can join both Arenas starting at Level 10, and will be matched up in the Duel Arena with players of equal level, up to 2 levels above or below. If both players are 40, sets will be determined by ranking level

    • Ranking System

      • Players will now be able to track their rankings in a brand new system that will be in 4 separate categories: Monster Arena, Duel Arena, Maelstrom Castle and Forgotten Desert Temple Battlefields. Each ranking will be earned by how many individual points each player received during their Trial

      • Each Rank Category will be reset bi-weekly, with rewards going to each ranked player at the end of each season.

      • Players must activate the “Get Reward” button on the bottom of the Ranking UI, where the reward will then be mailed to that player

      • Golden Victory Costume: Players who achieve Rank 1~3 on any of the Arena content will receive a Golden Victory Costume Box which contains the Golden Victory Costume.

      • These costumes are character bound and are only active for 7 days. The costumes are comprised of helmets, suits, gloves, boots and mantles. Each piece increases a different stat which will remain the same throughout all armor types

      • Helmet: Critical Accuracy 3%

      • Suit: All Defense 3% / PvP Defense 3%

      • Gloves: All Attack 3% / PvP Attack 3%

      • Boots: Evasion 3%

      • Mantle: Max HP 3%

      • Silver Victory Costume: Players who achieve Rank 4~30 on any of the Arena content will receive a Silver Victory Costume Box which contains the Silver Victory Costume.

      • These costumes are character bound and are only active for 7 days. The costumes are comprised of helmets, suits, gloves, boots and mantles. Each piece increases a different stat which will remain the same throughout all armor types

      • Helmet: Critical Accuracy 1.5%

      • Suit: All Defense 1.5% / PvP Defense 1.5%

      • Gloves: All Attack 1.5% / PvP Attack 1.5%

      • Boots: Evasion 1.5%

      • Mantle: Max HP 1.5%

      • Seasons will be reset bi-weekly with the Player Ranks

    • New Currency: Force Crystals

      • Force Crystals will be the main reward for players during their Trials, and can be earned from the following locations: Ranked system at the end of each season, prizes during the Monster Arena and Duel Arena, and crafted by players from Force Crystal Pieces

      • Force Crystal Pieces will also be awarded to players from the Monster Arena and converted to Force Crystals through the crafting system

      • Force Crystals will be a powerful aid in upgrading equipment from players, as well as be used in acquiring more crafting slots for all professions, and allowing for faster processing time in receiving raw materials from your chosen Union

    • New Global Skill: Escape

      • ​A new global skill “Escape” will be available to all players upon character creation. This skill will move the player 5 meters away from the original location, allow players more flexibility in combat, and will make the player untargetable during combat for 0.7 seconds.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where the Item Shop would not properly load for some players


Above is the official patch notes from Publisher. For the detailed version of unofficial patch notes, follow this link :

[Fun] How did they create BGM for CABAL 2?

Have you ever wondered how did they create those wonderful Background Music for games? And about CABAL 2? How?

Let’s take a look on the studio where they records BGM tracks for CABAL 2. Dip yourself in a classical space of music and sounds.



9f2e152442a7d933874f208aad4bd11371f00185 12bbd5fc1e178a82de26b859f603738da877e84b 778c8aef76c6a7ef3cc26cdffdfaaf51f1de6685 a5b7dc5c103853433cd440d89313b07ecb80884ad38b77224f4a20a4e6f9f83e90529822700ed086 f3ba78d0f703918f33cafa33513d269758eec44a

Photos are from blog of ESTSoft 🙂

[KR] [EP12] Aug 11th & 18th 2015 Patch notes

Aug 11th 2015 Patch notes

1. Change screen layout

  • Change the button to access main menu to “MENU” button
  • Add new button to show the Character Inventory and Character Information
  • “N” icon will be shown on Character Information / Character Inventory on any updates (new items, new stats…)


2. Drops for some dungeons have been changed


  • Heavenly Citadel
    • All boss monsters in the dungeon will drop Semiramiss secondary weapon / armor / belt.


  • Sky Gardens
    • Ikume has chance to drop items like named monsters
    • Gatekeeper Barassmoon has chance to drop Boots
    • Wicked Cabone has chance to drop Gloves
    • Ether Rateshi has chance to drop Mantle
    • Cavonesh has chance to drop Visor
    • Semiramiss has chance to drop Primary weapon


  • Calm Snowfield
    • Boss monsters and Named monsters which have chance to drop Semiramiss, now drop Gems as well


  • Ancient Laboratory
    • Specific boss monsters have chance to drop Dark Wing items like in Tomb of Cain
    • Ancient Corona of Lighting boss has chance to drop Dark Wing Boots
    • Envy of Chaos boss has chance to drop Dark Wing Gloves
    • Theodore boss has chance to drop Dark Wing secondary weapon


  • Tomb of Cain
    • Monsters in dungeon now have higher chance to drop Crack-Items .
    • Boss monsters in dungeon have chance to drop Gloves, Mantle, Belt, Visor, Primary Weapon

3. Change the attack rate and attack of some monsters

  • Desert Fort. : Attack Area of Ant Lion increases
  • Lurpus Excavation Site / Hall of the Recluse / Heavenly Citadel / Sky Gardens / Calm Snowfield / Ancient Laboratory / Tomb of Cain : Attack and Attack Rate of several boss / named monsters changed

4. Shadow effect is now displayed on items which could not be equipped

5. Size of Achievement UI has been increased

6. Number of equip-able runes is now available to check in game UI

[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed some abnormal message outputs in-game

2. Flower-chat bubble has been displayed abnormally, bug is fixed

Aug 18th 2015 Patch notes

1. Charging in battlefield is now unable to be used once start time has been counted

2. Formulas for calculating ranking score for Battlefield / Duel have been changed

  • Output damage 
    • For Duel, character has greater output damage will be selected to be winner
  • Ranking score calculation changes
    • Battlefield / Duel have 10 mins of limitation for saving score (characters who got disconnection, can keep their score for 10 mins until reconnect)
      • After 10 mins of disconnection, score will be reset for that Battlefield / Duel instance

[Bug fixes]

1. Fixed bug that caused items in Guild Warehouse displayed in black-and-white colour

2. Fixed bugs related to Production system that caused unable to put items into slots

Thank you.

[MC2] CABAL : Another Epic

A little of history…

Nowadays, along with online desktop games, the market for online mobile games has been grown significantly. Publishers are trying to work and port their success title on desktop platform to mobile platform. CABAL Online is not an exception! CABAL Online has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Korea.

The first announcement on “Project MC2” was in G-Star 2014, ESTSoft announced that they were working on 2 mobile games, one was “Project TUNA” (which was a casual game, and was recently released with “Cat Cafe” title (고양이 다방).


Project TUNA aka Cat Cafe 

G-Star 2014 was held in November 2014 in Busan, Korean, after that there was no many information of these things were released public. Months ago, the representative of ESTSoft has announced the under-development project of ESTSoft. It was named as “Project MC2” aka CABAL: Another Epic.


Project MC2 has been named as CABAL: Another Epic

So let’s go for brief introduction of this new title…

The new game will try to escape the shadow, there will be no relationship between it and previous games (CABAL Online and CABAL 2) but there might be playable characters which come from previous games (let’s say NPC Yuan) (but there are may other classes available as well).


NPC Yuan will be appeared as playable character in new mobile game?

The teaser screenshot was release and drawn a lot of attention from CABAL players all over the world. We can find out is the color scheme is brighter than CABAL 2, even the graphic and 3D model seem to be similar but it comes with very detailed objects.


Project MC2 in-game screenshot (high-res click for larger version)

How about the game play?

Players can start their own game with one out of 18 characters, and accompany with them will be one of 20 available pets. But it was the current state of the development, since the game is still under the development-stage, there is no confirmation, but players can expect a lot from this title 🙂

Will the game be something like CABAL 2, a MMORPG game? No, since the main target is for mobile devices, several concepts are there to follow, the most important criteria is “Strategy”. Players should care about monsters’ attack patterns to arrange party, party can be consisted up to 3 members and pets, and then players can start the attack with their arranged party configuration. Character leveling which was some kind of nightmare for CABAL Online and CABAL 2 is now easy as a piece of cake.

Just remember, the main thing in new game is: STRATEGY! That’s enough for spoiling 🙂

Game content?

In opposition with two previous titles (CABAL Online, CABAL 2) the new title will be focused better on PvP. Not like PvE, where ability and “IQ” (AI is more exactly) of monsters is fixed. In PvP, the skills of players are different. There will be skill-matched system in-game so players with the same grade of skill will be graded to play together.

We are focusing on creating social-related features, such as: players need collaboration for completing quests, it will emphasize the “MMO” factor.

Current status?

We are now having “CABAL Mobile” which was for checking consignment shop in CABAL Online and “CABAL Chat” for CABAL 2, it was our first step for adapting with mobile platform, we keep collecting feedback from players for improving these mobile applications.


Current mobile applications of ESTSoft for previous titles

For ensuring the game is suitable for all players, we will adjust contents and balance between action-and-casual factors. (As gathered, the general players of previous titles were male players with average age of 40). The target players for this title will be players with mobile devices, from 10 – 30 (in average).

The game is now under development, when there is any news, fans of CABAL should be the first ones to know 🙂


CEO of ESTSoft Game Branch