Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 1: July 18th 2018 Patch notes

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Episode 22 Part 1 is finally available on Public Server of CABAL Korea on July 18th 2018. This is the first part of the update which features lots of changes in Battle Modes and Skills. The first part of Episode 22 also introduces a new growth content: Force Wing. For incoming weeks, another part of Episode 22 will also be available for Korea Test Server which will come with New core grade, New item grade and new DX Dungeon.

■ Corrections

1. Fixed bug that causes loss of Force Gem when buying items from Auction House

2. Fixed bug related to client disconnection for several situations

3. Fixed bugs related to Red Flare / Blue Flare bikes’ name

4. Fixed bug that allows player to right click on Wing Fly passive skill

5. Fixed bug that doesn’t allow you change group properties in Guild UI

6. Fixed bug related to Auction House fee showing as 0 Alz

7. Superior Blessing Beads doesn’t show its stats in “Benefits UI”, bug is fixed

■ Changes

1. Changes related to Battle Modes / Skills

A. Change in comparison with Test Server (July 12th 2018) update

  • Blader
    • Increase Sword Skill Amp. of Intense Blade skill
  • Wizard
    • Increase Magic Skill Amp and Critical Damage for Battle Mode 3
    • Increase Penetration for Elemental Attack A/B, Elemental Fatal Attack 1~3
    • Increase Penetration of Piercing Skill

B. Change related to Battle Mode 3 amp. effect for multiple target with Attack Skill A/B

  • Amount limit by class:
    • Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator: 1~9 (was 7 in July 05th patch) targets
    • Blader: 2~6 (was 5 in July 05th patch) targets
      • In case there is only one target, amp. is raised
    • Force Blader: 1~6 (was 5 in July 05th patch) targets
  • Comparison of amp. effect
    • Blader 1 target > Blader 2~6 targets = Force Blader 6 targets > Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator 9 targets

C. Details stats

2. Improvement for Epic Option / Grant Options

  • “MP Auto Heal” is now changed to “Magic Attack”
    • Add chance to get “Magic Attack” when using “Option Scroll – Random”
    • Existing “MP Auto Heal” in all items will be converted into “Magic Attack”
  • Increase stats of some Weapons / Armors slot options

  • Increase some Epic options for Bikes

  • Increase Attack / Magic Attack for Bike slots

  • Adjust change to get items from Option Scroll Cube / Magic Book / Destroy
    • Add chance to get Magic Attack scroll when destroying items
    • Add chance to get Magic Attack scroll from Option Scroll Cube
    • Add chance to get Magic Attack scroll from Old Magic Book
  • Scroll from the Cube which was given after completing dungeons for 10th time will be tradable

3. Main Menu UI Change (aka CABAL Menu)

  • Add frame and background for menu
  • Add icons for menu items
  • Update some sub-menu
    • Remove Skill / Soul Ability / Dungeon sub-menu
    • Remove SNS-integration function (social networks like Facebook/Twitter)
    • Community menu is now re-grouped
    • Mail is now in Community group
  • Update menu item name
    • GPS -> Map
    • Manufacturing -> Production

4. Change some tabs in the Buddy UI

  • Remove Guild tab from Buddy window (separated into a new UI)
  • Add “Invitation List” tab in Buddy UI
    • You can see your requests and others’ requests
      • Able to accept all / reject all
    • Invitation can be accepted even target person is offline

5. Decrease difficulty of quests after level 110

6. Improved convenience for special / duration items

  • Add icon for items which were retrieved from Special Inventory, showing “S” icon
  • Add new warning message when player tries to exit game or moving channel while having items with expiration less than 24 hours in inventory

7. Change descriptions for Costume related items: Option Scroll, Slot Converter, Epic Converter

8. Minor changes applied for Chaos Arena (Lv.1 ~ Lv.6), Eternal Chaos Arena

■ Additions

1. Add new system for grinding: “Force Wing”

  • Wing is available for players with level 130+
  • There is a Holy Water, on use a pair for Force Wing will be created and there will be an icon for showing that Force Wing is activated right beside character UI (HP/MP/SP bars)
  • Quest for obtaining “Holy Water” (for Force Wing)
    • Quest: Yerte’s Great Achievement
    • NPC: Core Alchemist – Yerte – Port Lux
    • Level: 130
    • Mission: Deliver “Premium Jewelry” to Core Alchemist – Yerte
    • Reward: Holy Water (character-binding)

  • Add recipe for requesting “Premium Jewelry Box”
    • Required Amity: 0
    • Requesting Duration: 6s
    • Recipe Name: Premium Jewelry Box
    • Property: Character-binding
    • Registration Fee: Automatic Registered
    • Material
      • Upgrade Core (High): 20
      • Force Core (High): 20

  • Add Force Wing UI
    • Force Wing UI will be displayed when player clicks on the Force Wing icon (on the right side of Character UI)
    • Rank / Level & Skill of Force Wing
      • Skills will be released later

  • Leveling Force Wing
    • Holy Water is available to use after level 130
    • When Force Wing EXP reach 100%, you need to do level up using Force Essence
      • Wing can be leveled up to 100
      • Material for leveling up is: Force Essence
        • Required: Current Level + 1 Force Essence, e.g.:
          • Level 3 to 4: Need 4 Force Essence
          • Level 70 to 71: Need 71 Force Essence
  • Force Essence recipes
Item Quantity Location Amity Material Registration Fee
Force Essence 1 Port Lux – Chloe 500 Force Core (Low) 10,000,000 Alz
2 1000 Force Core (Medium) 20,000,000 Alz
3 2000 Force Core (High) 30,000,000 Alz
4 3000 Force Core (Highest) 40,000,000 Alz
5 4000 Force Core (Transcendence) 50,000,000 Alz

  • Wing Stats
    • Wing gives HP, All Attack Up, Defense
    • For each level, you get +1 for each stats
      • At level 70, you have: +70HP, +70 All Attack Up, +70 Defense
  • Wing Skills
    • Wing Fly: Increase Movement Speed
      • Passive
      • Sold by: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux
      • Price: 10,000,000 Alz
    • Wing Assault: Increase your attack
      • Offensive Buff
      • Sold by: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux
      • Price: 20,000,000 Alz
    • Wing Protect: Protect you from one hit of opponent
      • Defensive Buff
      • Sold by: NPC Core Alchemist – Yerte in Port Lux
      • Price: 20,000,000 Alz

  • Restrictions
    • Applicable for Mission Field, Dungeons
    • Not applicable for Mission Battle, PvP Battle
  • Force Wing UI
    • After you activated Force Wing, “Wing” icon will appear right next to your HP/MP/SP bar (for Gladiator, it will be next to Rage gauge). And when you click on the Wing icon, “Force Wing UI” will appear.

  • Here is the Force Wing UI screen:
  1. Force Wing information
    • Grade
    • Level
  2. Bonus stats
    • HP
    • All Attack
    • Defense
  3. Skill
    • Wing Fly
    • Wing Assault
    • Wing Protect
  4. Level Up
    • Able to leveling Force Wing using “Force Essence”
  5. Level Progress
    • Display progress of leveling up Force Wing

  • Wing Display:
    • Right inside Force Wing UI, you can click on “Options” button to show “Force Wing Option UI”

  • Wing Costume
    • Add Force Wing Costume slot in Costume tab of inventory
      • Able to block up to 4 hits of attack
      • With multi-hit skill, only last hit will be blocked

2. Add guild window

  • Open with “G”
  • Show all information and guild members which were in Buddy UI before
  • Guild Trend, Introduction, Guild Search & Application Management will be implemented later in the same UI

3. Add “Stats Reset Potion” into Auction House

4. Add button for “Exit Dungeon” for Legend Arena

■ Mission War

1. Remove some restrictions in Mission War

  • Remove the Damage Reduction with -15% applied for Wizard while using Double Caster
  • When Force Shielder in Hammer Crusher (Battle Mode 3) and activate Art of Defense, remove the constraint that Force Shielder cannot attack Guardians or Force Towers

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