#EP21 Mar 29th 2018 Patch notes

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■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that buff skill cannot be used while selecting a party member who is not in range

2. Change Appearance cannot be displayed in certain situations

3. Certain situations, helmet shows at the same time with costume helmet item

4. Tool tip is not displayed in certain situation, bug is fixed

■ Changes

1. Pet General / Covenant Slot


2. Honour Medal stats changes

  • For each stats, old value is on the left, “New” column is for new value – on the right



3. Increase stats of Weapon / Armour

  • Target & Stats
    • Weapons
      • Grade: Shadow-Titanium or higher, Lycanus
      • Stats: Attack, Magic Attack, Attack Rate
      • Stats (based on non-slot, non-epic)
        • 20180329_ep21_20180329_weapon_stats.png
    • Armours
      • Grade: Rare or higher, Drei Frame
        • Rare: Shineguard, Mystic, Terragrace
      • Stats: Defense
      • Stats (based on non-slot, non-epic)
        • 20180329_ep21_20180329_armor_stats


4. Increase stats of Extreme Upgrade

  • Target:
    • Equipment (One-handed weapon/ Two-handed weapon/ Armor): Extreme grade 2-6
    • Bike: Extreme grade 2-5
  • Stats
    • Two-handed weapon come with double stats
    • 20180329_ep21_20180329_extreme_armor20180329_ep21_20180329_extreme_bike20180329_ep21_20180329_extreme_weapon


5. Changes related to dungeon drops


6. Changes related to Divine Upgrade +14/+15

  • Increase chance to get +14 and +15 of Divine Upgrade
  • Decrease chance to get -2 upgrade while trying +14 and +15 of Divine Upgrade


7. Allow to use Divine Safeguard for Divine Upgrade +14/+15

  • Originally, Divine Safeguard can be used for +12 to +13
  • Now can be used for +13 to +14 and +14 to +15
  • Required Divine Safeguards
    • +13 to +14:
      • One-handed weapon/ Magic weapon: 56
      • Two-handed weapon: 84
    • +14 to +15:
      • One-handed weapon/ Magic weapon: 84
      • Two-handed weapon: 126

8. Changes related to duration items time calculation


■ Additions

1. Allow reset dungeon entry count for Devil’s Tower / Devil’s Tower (Part2)

  • Can be reset once a day
  • Fee: 15 Force Gem


■ Mission War

1. Changes to formula to calculate Defensive score in Mission War

  • Reduce the defensive score formula slightly
  • Some minor updates for defensive formula

One comment

  1. I hope you could do something to lengthen the duration of elemental enchant and add some new passive skills to force blader
    elemental enchant seriusly 12 secs duration not fair
    we are totally outmatch to the likes of other classes such as blader warrior and so on since ep 18 force blader becomes to weaken and other classes becomes much stronger removing such balance to the game


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