#KR #EP18 April 26th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that related to Honour Medal was displayed abnormally after client reconnect

2. Fixed bugs related to game login screen

3. Fixed bug related to Blessing Beads – Pet EXP display 100% when customised for 1000% (only displayed value is incorrect).

4. Fixed bug related to Auction Hall that name of several items cannot be shown


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Pet Safety Kit

  • Able to select the section that going to be saved
    • General Section
    • Contract Section
  • Selected section will be stored and can be used on equivalent section on the target pet
  • For Pet Sleeping Kit
    • Level 1-10: Use the equivalent Pet Sleeping Kit with same level
    • Level 11-20: Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Contract)

2. Change related to automatic attack, so that it won’t be cancelled if player uses the instant-cast skill

3. Drop changes

  • Elite Premium DX: Increase drop rate of Extreme Upgrade Seal
  • Board
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of the Dead B1F / Tower of the Dead B2F / Volcanic Citadel / Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Hard Shell, Sticky Red Liquid
    • Remove drop from fields: Port Lux / Fort Ruina / Undead Ground / Forgotten Ruin
    • Add drop in Dungeons: Forgotten Temple B1F / Forgotten Temple B2F / Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening) / Forbidden Island / Forbidden Island Awakening / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Marquinas Outpost / Tower of the Dead B3F / Abandonned City
  • Familiar Mineral / Silver Jewelry / Powerless Core
    • Remove drop from fields: All
    • Add in Chloe NPC
      • Per piece: 30,000 Alz
      • Per stack: 3,810,000 Alz
  • Remove Discs Lv. 2 drop from Port Lux and Fort Ruina

4. Increase chance to get higher amount of Material Cores and Quartz Cores when extract Archridium and Palladium items

5. Minor changes applied for Sub-Password and Channel Name’s Colour

  • Green: Non-PK
  • White: PK-able
  • Red: War







■ Additional information

1. Add feature to repeat on/off BGM in War Lobby



[EP17] Sep 22nd 2016 Patch notes

■ Changes

1. Updated the requirement for a quest in “Abandoned City”, change the item needed from 10 to 5

2. Change the “Request UI”

  • Display the request result
    • Old: Number of slots / Success slots / Fail slots / Free slots
    • New: Number of requested / Success slots / Fail slots
  • Initialisation
    • The counter will be reset if
      • Counter is greater than 999
      • Player closes the Request UI
        • Exception: The requesting is being in-progress counter won’t be reset



■ Additions

1. Add new equipment grade: Palladium* (in some servers, this set has been introduced, but in Korean this is the prime time. Previously in Korean Cabal, Palladium was implemented as Chaos Equipment but then has been abandoned)

  • Obtain:
    • Can be obtained from Relic, Legacy and Legendary Box in Abandoned City
    • Can be obtained from normal monsters in Abandoned City
  • Requirement:
    • Level: 155
  • Details
    • Weapon
      • 20160922_ep17_palladium_weapons
    • Armor
      • 20160922_ep17_palladium_armors
    • Epaulet
      • 20160922_ep17_palladium_epaulets



2. Auction Hall & Personal Store support stats comparison

  • Like the Auction Hall, Personal Store now support for stats comparison
  • Trigger: Alt + Mouse-over



3. Convenient features for Cash Inventory and Special Inventory

  • Mass-receive
    • Trigger: Alt + Left click
    • System allows provide the number for receiving
    • Maximum items will be set as default (which are in the current page of the inventory)
      • E.g.: Cash Inventory at page 4, you have 8 slots, with 3x Vouchers and 5 Merit Boxes
        • Alt + Left click on a Merit Box, 5 will be set as default number
  • Allow linking to chat
    • Trigger: Ctrl + Right click


■ Mission War

1. Neutral monsters (Guardian of Gold) are marked in the GPS Map of Memoria Chrysos

  • In Battle field
    • Icon will be shown by default
      • Move the mouse over for tooltip
  • In Lobby
    • Icon won’t be shown unless click on the “Show icons”
      • No tooltip

[KR] [EP15] Feb 17th 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bug that caused the “Instant immunity” applied abnormally for some situations

2. Fixed bug that caused the Battle Style level up could not be proceeded after switching Battle Style with “Battle Style Change Kit” in case the quest for previous Battle Style was being executed

3. Bugs that related to chaos upgrading have been fixed, the client won’t be disconnected while upgrading with Chaos Core

4. Bugs that caused character could not move in certain situations while moving on Selliniea map

5. Fixed bugs related to in-game cash shop run abnormally


■ Changes

1. Changes related to Senillinea

  • Lower monsters levels and difficulty
  • Adjust EXP of monsters
  • Adjust monsters spawn locations


2. Increase drop rate of SIG Metal 2 slot weapons and armors

3. Add the Ignore Penetration in Defense Ability calculation

4. Changes related to quests level 145, 191, 193, 195, 197


■ Additions

1. Add button for switching between summary of Attack / Defense stats in Character Information UI

  • Button is at the bottom corner of UI
  • Allow switching between summary information of Attack / Defense stats


2. Add new in-game costume items



■ Mission War

1. Fixed bugs that caused skill won’t be used after resurrection in Mission War

2. Fixed bugs that caused client disconnection when using private storage

3. Disable to used “Skill Show-off” options in War fields

4. Mission Helmet Costume will be shown in the War Lobby

[FAQ] Drop Table has been updated with AFT2, AFI, AC

The ultimate drop table has been update with

Abandoned City
Awakening Forgotten Temple B2F
Awakening Forbidden Island

on Feb 10th 2016 🙂

Feel free to check it out at



[EP13P2] [KR] Feb 11th 2015 Patch notes


■ Additions

1. Add the Chaos Equipment

  • New Chaos equipment are added including
    • Armor items (Armorset / Martialset / Battleset)
    • Weapons
    • Epaulets
  • Chaos Equipment can be upgraded with Chaos Core via Chaos Upgrade system
    • On success, stats and additional options are granted
    • On failure, item will be destroyed



  • Acquisition
    • Chaos Weapons / Armors
      • Chance to obtain from Legendary Boxes in Abandoned City
      • Will be available in a future NPC (in Test Server, can be purchased from NPC Yul)
    • Chaos Epaulets
      • Chance to obtain from Last chest in Abandoned City
  • Limitation
    • Chaos Equipment do not have Slot
    • Chaos Equipment cannot be extended with Slot Extender
    • Chaos Equipment cannot be boosted with Epic Booster
    • Chaos Equipment cannot be upgraded with Extreme Upgrade system
  • Chaos Equipment can be changed the Appearance or used as Material for Appearance Change
  • Chaos Weapon upgrading
    • Can be upgraded up to 15 level
    • Stats rising formula is the same in comparison to SIG-Metal weapon items
    • Items have only these basic stats:
      • Attack
      • Magic Attack
      • Attack Rate
    • Basic stats will be risen based on upgrade level
    • Stats requirements varies based on Battle Style
    • Level required: 120
    • Unique stats will be granted and risen based on upgrade level (below are stats of one-handed item, two-handed items stats got doubled)



  • Chaos Armor upgrading
    • Can be upgraded up to 15 level
    • Stats rising formula is the same in comparison to Shineguard/Mystic/Teragrace armor items
    • Items have only these basic stats:
      • Defense
      • Defense Rate
      • HP
    • Basic stats will be risen based on upgrade level
    • Stats requirements varies based on Battle Style
    • Level required: 120
    • Looks of all sets are the same, no different between Armorset, Martialset, Battleset (there are still different between male and female appearances)


    • Unique stats will be granted and risen based on upgrade level



  • Chaos Epaulet upgrading
    • Can be upgrade up to 10 level
    • Basic stats: HP +10
    • Unique stats will be granted and risen based on upgrade level



  • Chaos Equipment set effects
    • When equipping 2 or more Chaos Equipment items, bonus will be granted as set effect
    • Bonuses are risen depends on number of items (from 2 to 7)
    • Allow different set effects available at once
    • Set effects are depended on set type (different effects will be granted between Armorset/Battleset/Martialset)