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Hey yo… Spring is here… we are now in the first week of Spring. How do you do 😉

After like 2 months of no big update, it seems that we would have some incredible news soon.

So what can we expect for the incoming update? Let’s spend around 10 mins for reading this cool blog entry with all of my predictions regarding incoming updates.

1. New Equipment Grade?

Recently on Korean Cabal website, they uploaded an advertisement with the concept art of a male character with armor set which looks different than all other armor sets currently in CABAL. Sounds feasible? It’s quite a long time since Palladium was introduced, so we have reasons to believe that a new set of equipment will be available soon.

You know, Palladium is the replacement for Chaos Equipment set which were introduced in 2016; however, due to unbalance and abnormal settings, developers decided to remove the Chaos Equipment out of the game.

I made some investigations, and found some artworks. Until now, no one can confirm for the release of these equipment (armours & weapons) but still, it’s worth for checking out and even sharing with your buddies :p

You can see above, are the concept art of these armour sets, including Armorset (WA/FS/GL), Battleset (FB/FA/FG) and Martialset (BL/WI). There is no official name, as well as confirmation for the set…

For weapons, I collected some concept art also, at least I have Astral Bow, Astral Shield, Astral Staff and Katana.

There are rumours that the new armours and weapons will be pushed up to Level 7 of Extreme Upgrade, but again, no confirmation about this.

2. New Mount Vehicle

Recently, in Korean Cabal, they released a bunch of new bike costumes which look like some festive dancing lion (which are Bukcheon Lion). I’ve also released a clip for showing these bike costumes and also for the new bike vehicle: RV-Raptor.


The RV-Raptor is a bike/vehicle, it is not a bike costume; it means you can upgrade it with all kind of like Normal Upgrade (up to +20), Extreme Upgrade (might be up to level 7, to match with new equipment set?) and also Divine Upgrade (this might not available in your CABAL server yet, I meant the Divine Upgrade for Bike, but it is a part of Episode 19).

Originally, the RV-Raptor is the content from Cabal 2; however, recently I found it has been ported into CABAL 1 as a vehicle. Since these data files are already included, I can say that new vehicle is confirmed (however, the name “RV-Raptor” is not confirmed…)

3. New Dungeon?

For sure, CABAL must come with dungeons… especially when they are planning to release the RV-Raptor and also chance to have new equipment set and weapon. From my point of view, a mechanic-themed dungeon like Marquinas Outpost is totally fit…

Original artwork is from http://www.theconceptartblog.com/2011/03/12/mais-concept-arts-do-filme-megamind/

For recent updates, we can see different types of dungeon are added like Chaos Arena, Legendary Arena, Dungeon Extreme (DX), Dungeon Defend, Elite Dungeon, Awakened Dungeon and also Dungeon Boost. We don’t know if for the incoming dungeons, will developers implement new dungeon mechanism or not but players all over the world are looking for the way that old dungeons like Lake in Dusk, Ruina Station… can be reused.

Let’s imagine, you can use a specific item, that turns your normal Dungeon Entry item into an upgraded version which allows you access the high difficulty version of the same dungeon. You cannot clear Altar of Siena B1F in 6-7 minutes anymore, you need parties for that dungeon. And don’t be worried, you won’t get these crap items from Altar of Siena B1F (upgraded version), you must get things like Archridium or Palladium 😉

4. Others

Which skill rank are you in right now? Must be Transcender, for sure… How about some new skills or even a new skill rank? Sounds badass, right? There are lots of rumours that they are planning for new Battle Mode as well, so you can think about Battle Mode 4 or Battle Aura 2?!

I’ve also received several requests from people regarding Pet system. Actually, recently in Episode 18, we just received update for Pet with Transcendence level (level 11-20). But people are asking about REAL ability, like if I have an “Angela”, would she heals me periodically, or if I have a “Draca”, could he spits fire into monsters?

Unique accessories are also promising 😉 Until now, we have many unique rings and amulets but for earring, we have only Drosnin. Rumours (yes again rumours), we might have an upgraded version of Drosnin from Illusion Castle B3F or even a new unique earring.



Things are feasible, day by day, I keep crawling all over internet and trusted sources to get information regarding Cabal Online for you guys and gals 😉 So stay tuned and wait for the incoming good news which might feature these predictions… Have a nice weekend, CABALers…


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