Cabal – Roadmap for 1st half of 2021

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Hi there~

We are already at March of 2021, what could be better than getting some news of Cabal! We are always working towards the better and better experience of Cabal. Let’s take a look of the first half roadmap for Cabal this year!

By transmuting several items that players have a specific recipe could be activated. And depends on the recipe, items which are related with Collection system or other items (even Alz) could be obtained as reward.

At the end of Heil’s Research Support, a lottery will be conducted for all of players who participated in the Research Support, there would be different grades for the lottery, different amount of Alz would be rewarded for the effort.

The higher contribution you have, the higher and better reward you can get. So try your best to reach higher rank~

Mission War is the endless battle of bravest warrior! But it seems that sometimes another nation cannot flip the situation… Being lost for consecutive times might help for reversing the situation?!

The Mission War buff “Revenge Force” will help the losing side with lots of support!

But… there is a TWIST! The special buff will not only apply to characters who participate into the Mission War, but also the Guardians and Structures.

Get ready for the tough and tougher battle!

Do you feel uncomfortable and clumsy when you look into your inventory with lots of items with different size and shape?! The inventory will get some renewal shortly with lots of improvement and conveniences!

List of incoming changes:

  • Instead of having only 4 tabs of inventory, it will be increased to 8 tabs.
  • Different items will be able to stack up to 999
  • All items will be resized to 1×1 in the inventory

With all of those changes, for sure you can not only keep more items in your inventory, but also can find out the way to keep them more organised!

The last DX2 in the set of 4 sequel dungeons is coming finally. Many players keep asking if the DX2 Crazy Steamer has been forgotten~

The new DX2: Steamer Crazy will come continue the story of original DX: Steamer Crazy and it will feature the robotic-themed monsters!

Sharpen your weapon, be ready for facing this new dungeon, where you can get top-epic Demonite items as well as a new exclusive Essence Rune!

Other improvements such as item rating and showing option ranges will help players to understand the value of your items. For example, when you get a Siena’s Bracelet, and see that it has a line with 2% All Skill Amp. Up, you won’t be able to understand if it’s max or not. With the new improvement, game would show you the min option is 1% and max option is 4%, so that you can understand your 2% is the middle one. The implementation is now under internal quality assurance phase and would be available in test server shortly for testing.

Also we are working on the progress for optimising the personal shop. 

Beside of the Spring update, we will also give a small teaser for the Summer update!

We are working on the new dungeon with the concept of the abandoned ruins which is protected by lost spirits. The dungeon difficulty and also rewards are not finalised yet and under revising process based on the opinions from players.

What’s your expectation for the new dungeon?! The ruins are guarded by powerful spirits, what could be the secret behind?!

After the Tower of the Dead B1F and Tower of the Dead B2F, the Lake in Dusk will be the 3rd dungeon to get a new look!

But it is not only the look but also the feel! With the renewal of Lake in Dusk, you won’t have to be struggled in the small path, or have to move back and forth between different area of the dungeons. The new Lake in Dusk will help to sort out all of those problem with a fascinating look!

We are looking forward to releasing it to all of players!

Since the renewal of Achievement System in Episode 27, we have received lots of positive feedback from players for the collective stats reward from the system.

For enhancing the players’ experience, we are working on a new set of achievements and titles with revised difficulties. So that the whole player-based could get their own achievements just by playing the game and / or even doing some repetitive boring tasks.

Take a look here for the Achievement System of Episode 27:

Players always want to be stronger and stronger~ But! The collection is a kind of long-term target, it’s true that the reward is HUGE, but the cost for materials is also HUGE!

We will add several collection with less difficulty! So all players could get some boost to be stronger, if you are the new players, those new collections would be the introduction for you into the World of Collections; and for veteran players, you will get some additional stats!

Take a look at existing collections here:

Beside of those mentioned changes and additions, we also adjusted the overall game state based on the feedback of players!

We are looking forward to getting the feedback from you, the voice of community!

Thank you!

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