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Collection System was released firstly in Episode 23 Part 2. Until now, there are some several updates for it. This post shows you everything regarding the Collection System.


  • Updated on 08-Mar-2021: Added 06 new collections from Episode 26 into the Special Collection
  • Updated on 19-Jun-2021:
    • Added 04 new collections from Episode 27 into the Boss Collection
    • Added summary for partial stats of:
      • Episode 26 – Special Collection
      • Episode 27 – Boss Collection
  • Updated on 23-Apr-2022:
    • Added 19 new collections (related to Heil’s Research Support system) from Episode 29 into Special Collection
    • Added summary for partial stats of Episode 29 Special Collection
  • Updated on 06-Aug-2022:
    • Added 18 new collections for Dungeons with lower requirements from Episode 30 into Dungeon Collection.
    • Added Summary for Partial Stats of Episode 30 Dungeon Collection


  • A. Basic Information
  • B. Collection UI
  • C. Collection System
  • D. Overview of Collections
  • E. List of Collections
    • i. World Collections
    • ii. Dungeon Collections
    • iii. Special Collections
    • iv. Boss Collections

A. Basic Information

i. Collect item and register to get rewarded

  • Every character in an account shares the reward
  • Opening collection & applying stats can be activated only after completing the quest by character

ii. How to Activate ‘Collection’

  • New quest ‘Eite’s Great Goal’ Added Required Level: Upper Lv.100 NPC: Weapon Dealer Eite at Port Lux
    • Mission: Give the quest item ‘Luxury Suitcase’ to NPC
    • Reward: Activating Collection
  • ‘ Luxury Suitcase’ Request Recipe Added
  • Collection activates when quest is completed (Collection icon created at the bottom of the game screen)

B. Collection UI

i. Open through collection icon & menu

  • Located at the left side of the menu bar on the bottom of the game screen
    • “New” icon shows up as slot of collection is occupied
  • Collection, Transformation UI added at Cabal menu > Collection UI

C. Collection System

i. Register Collection Item

  • Click registering item slot -> show collection registration UI
    • Open item registration UI -> show registrable item
  • Add item in slot by autofill, drag registration item, Ctrl+click registration item (Shows alert window)
  • Press registration button -> complete item registration in each mission
  • Able to register universally in one item slot
    • Register Palladium Epaulet: All Palladium epaulet of Warrior/Sage/Guard/Laws are registrable
    • Palladium Weapon +5: Regardless of Class/Epic/Slot/Binding, all Palladium Weapon +5 are registrable
  • Non-registrable item
    • Weapons with upper Extreme Upgrade / Divine Upgrade / Normal Upgrade +15 (including craft equipment)
    • Chaos Upgrade applied accessory
    • Part of option scroll (Critical Rate / Max Critical Rate Up / Sword Amp. Up / Magic Amp. Up)
    • Periodical item
    • Quest Exclusive item
  • Mouse over a registered item in item registration UI ->Tool-tip will be shown

ii. Collection Reward

  • Force Gem / Items will be rewarded through ‘Get Reward’ button in UI when collection mission is completed (Shows Tooltip when mouse is over)
  • Completing all collections
    • Overall collection completion reward is automatically obtained after completing missions in collection and obtaining each reward – Collection completeness 100% ->completion effect automatically applies (Different complete effect shows with each collection)
    • By Episode 24 Part 2, you will also get the stats when you reach 30%, 60% of the Collection completeness
      • By 30% of completeness, you will get 20% of stats bonus
      • By 60% of completeness, you will get 50% of stats bonus
      • By 100% of completeness, you will get 100% of stats bonus

iii. Transformation

  • “Transformation” list and transformation UI in the CABAL Menu
    • Monster transformation card provided when certain collection mission is completed Right click transformation card item -> monster transforming skill activates
    • Register activated monster transformation in quick slot from Transformation UI
    • Transforming Skill
      • Available: Movement, SP Restoration
      • Unavailable: warp, PvP battle, mission battle, use of agent shop, trade, use of personal shop

D. Overview of Collections

E. List of Collections

i. World

ii. Dungeons

Here are some new collections which were introduced in Episode 30:

iii. Special

Here are some new collections which were introduced in Episode 29:

iv. Boss


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