Cabal in 2021 (Part 3/3)

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As a yearly tradition, again I bring back to you the topic of expectation and prediction for new contents for the year of 2021. Remember that, here I will talk only about the new contents from Cabal Korea, not the content from other servers, since those are new for us (I meant most of players who play the game outside of Korea) but actually those contents were introduced for quite a long time before.

The mini series will be arranged into 3 different posts, this is the third also as the last post of the series.

Now, let’s take a look at my list, there is no specific order for my list, it’s not sorted based on any kind of criteria. Those contents are picked here just because I found out that there is high chance that we would have those content this year.

Changes to Upgrade System

The item progressing in Cabal is quite complex already with 6 different types of Upgrade, including:

  • Normal Upgrade using Upgrade Core
  • Chaos Upgrade using Chaos Core
  • Divine Upgrade using Divine Stone
  • Extreme Upgrade using Extreme Core
  • Force Option Granting using Force Core
  • Epic Boost using Epic Booster

Chance to have another Upgrade Type is total low, but we can foresee some changes might be implemented for current Upgrade Types.

By the release of Episode 27, the upgrade chance is clearly displayed to player right in the Upgrade UI, but it’s applicable only for Normal/ Chaos/ Divine Upgrade (if you want to know more about the Upgrade Rate, take a look at this post, where I released the upgrade rate for those items: But, the top-most controversy Upgrade Type is Extreme Upgrade! Many players want to know the success rate, reset rate and broken rate of the Extreme Upgrade. It would be nice if the “success rate” (or we can say, expected “success rate”) of Extreme Upgrade would be revealed 😉 Imagine, we can get a table that how much is the success rate for a specific Extreme Upgrade level, and how the Extreme Core level affects the result!

Also people are wondering, if there is one day, the Perfect Core would be released for Extreme Upgrade, Divine Upgrade and Chaos Upgrade?! Imagine, instead of using thousands of core and safeguard, you can use all of those materials for crafting a Perfect Core (Divine) which raises your Divine Upgrade within an eye-blink!

Pet / Mercenary Expansion

From Episode 22 (Demonite) until now, we haven’t got any significant changes for Pet. There were some rumours regarding an overhaul for Pet system, that would give more “abilities” for your pet, they can just not only travel with you but also can fight! There concept sounds GREAT, but for implementing it, huge amount of effort is needed for implementing the pet attack animation, mechanism and so on~ But still isn’t it nice?!

For the Mercenary, the last update was in Episode 15 (Senillinea), we got new “Transcendence Mercenary” which boosts stats for your character in Battle Mode 2 / 3. But after that, there is not a single update for Mercenary, at the time of release, the Transcendence Mercenary is extremely HOT, with a huge boost for stats in Battle Mode, but now, as we get different boosts from items, those boosts from Mercenaries are not really “BIG” enough. We surely can expect for some incoming updates for Mercenaries in the near future!

Inheritances from Cabal 2

Cabal 2 was firstly shown to the public in G-Star at Busan back in 2010, later, the game got released officially in Korea and then for Global Market. Several publishers queued for having right to publish the game, later in 2018, the Global Server (NA/EU) got shutdown. Until now, Cabal 2 is still in operation but only for Korea market.

No photo description available.

Most of the time, we thought that Cabal 2 is in bad situation and just waiting for final shutdown in Korea, but surprisingly, in January 2021, we just got a new big update for Cabal 2: Burning Garden (for details, take a look here:

By looking at the Cabal contents recently, I could say that lots of contents were derived from Cabal 2, e.g.: Costumes, Vehicle Costumes, Pets, and recently, the Labyrinth Dungeon concept was also from Cabal 2. From my point of view, Cabal 2 was GREAT, only one problem was the configuration for running Cabal 2 was little bit high at the time of release; therefore, it could not reach to a bigger amount of gamers.

I hope, one day, they will find out the way to enhance the Game Engine of Cabal, to make it have a better graphic, to make it shiny and glossy but keep the same core value of Cabal!

What’s next?!

Well, future is not always predictable! We can only say that, those contents are likely to reach the Cabal in the near future, based on the current Cabal status and recent content patches. But there is no exact confirmation regarding the road map of 2021 and so on.

As a recent tradition, ESTGames would release an yearly road map into 2 parts one for the first half of the year, another in second half. By the time of this post went live, it’s the Lunar New Year, Koreans celebrate the Lunar New Year as a big occasion in the year. It’s probably high chance that, right after the holiday, ESTGames will release the 1st road map for 2021. Let’s wait and see!

Stay safe and be sure to maintain safety standards during this pandemic situation!


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