Cabal KR – Roadmap for 2nd-half of 2019

Hi CABALers,

Are you getting tired of the extreme hot summer?

I hope that summer will pass soon, and we will have some cool breeze of autumn…

For cooling you down, our Cabal team is working hard, and we are eager to introduce with you guys just some glimpse of the second half of 2019.

And sorry, because I made some delay for this interview, I’m now travelling at Nepal, sitting at around 1400m above the sea water, tasting the Tibetan coffee and doing the translation…

Content will be organised into 2 main groups, one for the Fall (Autumn) update, another part is for Winter update.

“Collection” system has been added into Cabal during the last update! You guy have fun with that? Rewards are promising but still I guess that some players were hesitating to participate in.

The “Collection” system would be updated to give you more and easier 😉 Even if the collection is not 100% completed, still you will get the rewards partially based on the completion progress.

New collections would be added such as: Special Collection and Event Collection, which you can complete during a certain time only.

We bet that you would love these changes and update!

Since most of official outside Korea still not have the update with the “Collection” system, you can click here to take a look regarding the “Collection” system: here

Side note for you!

The Daily Quest would get some renewal, overhaul. If you play everyday, you would reward yourself! And don’t be too much nervous about these missions. Still these missions would be completing dungeons and hunting monsters! And rewards would be worth your effort!

Isn’t it cool? Enjoy the game content and get the reward?! And remember that, you can get more rewards by doing multiple missions.

A strange merchant came to Bloody Ice, there are rumours that he would bring new goods regularly to Nevareth continent… and it’s not all, they said, these goods are rare, that normally you couldn’t have chance to see.

Based on your level, the goods would be different and also goods would be available for limited time only…

Two quality-of-life changes in Mission Wars will be implemented for both “Tiera Gloriosa” and “Memoria Chrysos”.

Many feedback we got are for the design of the Mission War maps not good, small and people got stuck time to time.

The map design for both will be revised, remove unnecessary objects and widen the path!

In addition, the view range would be enhanced to provide a broader view in the battle field! It will help you identify enemy and apply your battle strategy easier.

We wish you victory on the battlefield! Battle for your GLORY!

“Where am I?”
“Where should I go?”
“Where the hell are you?!”

Have you ever cursed in the dungeon…?!

During the incoming update, view in dungeon will be improved with a broader view. The broader view will give you a better idea of the surrounding terrain and monsters. Some parts of the dungeon also got redesigned to be transparent to ensure the better view in dungeon which sometimes block the view and make the dungeon progress slower.

That’s all for the Fall (Autumn) update, but since here we are talking about the 2nd-half of 2019… So the information of the Winter update will be also introduced…

As we mentioned previously, all of existing DX dungeons would get the sequels. Panic Cave will be the second dungeon to have the sequel. The new dungeon will continue the background story of Panic Cave, and just like Flame Nest (aka Lava Hellfire 2), you will get the Demonight items with top-epic.

Have you read the “Maze Runner” or watched that movie? I did and totally love the concept of moving maze… Here we would have the same thing, that is called “Labyrinth” dungeon.

The dungeon consists of different areas and each connects with others using “Portal”. However, these things work differently on daily basis.

Therefore, the same dungeon but the “inside” things are always unexpected and waiting for you to conquer.

Each area has the different traps, monsters and unexpected things for you, so be careful! But still, dungeon is the same for all players; therefore, by sharing the strategy with your friends, together you can find the mysterious key to solve the labyrinth…

And also, we have a new Essence Rune as the reward for this dungeon, it sounds promising right?

The battle for acquiring the “Saint’s Force Calibur” would be changed, still it would be weekly, but the total concept would be different.

The “Saint’s Force Calibur” is shaking and looking for its next owner…

It’s a terrible task that you have to clean up your inventory. True, right? We understand that and we are working to help you solving that.

A mechanism would be added to help you rearrange your inventory faster and easier!

So, what do you think about the 2nd half of 2019?

Beside these updates, improvements and additions; we (developers) always try our best and hope for a smooth play and lots of fun to you, our beloved fans, loyal CABALers!

We are seeking to receive the opinions from players!

Thank you so much for your love for Cabal!


[KR] [EP12] Aug 11th & 18th 2015 Patch notes

Aug 11th 2015 Patch notes

1. Change screen layout

  • Change the button to access main menu to “MENU” button
  • Add new button to show the Character Inventory and Character Information
  • “N” icon will be shown on Character Information / Character Inventory on any updates (new items, new stats…)


2. Drops for some dungeons have been changed


  • Heavenly Citadel
    • All boss monsters in the dungeon will drop Semiramiss secondary weapon / armor / belt.


  • Sky Gardens
    • Ikume has chance to drop items like named monsters
    • Gatekeeper Barassmoon has chance to drop Boots
    • Wicked Cabone has chance to drop Gloves
    • Ether Rateshi has chance to drop Mantle
    • Cavonesh has chance to drop Visor
    • Semiramiss has chance to drop Primary weapon


  • Calm Snowfield
    • Boss monsters and Named monsters which have chance to drop Semiramiss, now drop Gems as well


  • Ancient Laboratory
    • Specific boss monsters have chance to drop Dark Wing items like in Tomb of Cain
    • Ancient Corona of Lighting boss has chance to drop Dark Wing Boots
    • Envy of Chaos boss has chance to drop Dark Wing Gloves
    • Theodore boss has chance to drop Dark Wing secondary weapon


  • Tomb of Cain
    • Monsters in dungeon now have higher chance to drop Crack-Items .
    • Boss monsters in dungeon have chance to drop Gloves, Mantle, Belt, Visor, Primary Weapon

3. Change the attack rate and attack of some monsters

  • Desert Fort. : Attack Area of Ant Lion increases
  • Lurpus Excavation Site / Hall of the Recluse / Heavenly Citadel / Sky Gardens / Calm Snowfield / Ancient Laboratory / Tomb of Cain : Attack and Attack Rate of several boss / named monsters changed

4. Shadow effect is now displayed on items which could not be equipped

5. Size of Achievement UI has been increased

6. Number of equip-able runes is now available to check in game UI

[Bug Fixes]

1. Fixed some abnormal message outputs in-game

2. Flower-chat bubble has been displayed abnormally, bug is fixed

Aug 18th 2015 Patch notes

1. Charging in battlefield is now unable to be used once start time has been counted

2. Formulas for calculating ranking score for Battlefield / Duel have been changed

  • Output damage 
    • For Duel, character has greater output damage will be selected to be winner
  • Ranking score calculation changes
    • Battlefield / Duel have 10 mins of limitation for saving score (characters who got disconnection, can keep their score for 10 mins until reconnect)
      • After 10 mins of disconnection, score will be reset for that Battlefield / Duel instance

[Bug fixes]

1. Fixed bug that caused items in Guild Warehouse displayed in black-and-white colour

2. Fixed bugs related to Production system that caused unable to put items into slots

Thank you.

[EP13P2] [KR] Feb 27th 2015 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. In case the dungeon clear time is under 1 minute, recorded time displayed incorrectly. Bug is now fixed.

2. In certain situations, mini map display abnormally when party invitations are coming.

3. Focus on the authentication windows was applied abnormally, bug is fixed.


■ Additions

1. Add new item Force Gem

  • New item which works as currency function


  • Change the Inventory UI to display the available amount of Force Gem


  • Property
    • Unable to trade
    • Cannot be transferred between servers
      • Features and benefits which were activated in one server are not available in other servers
    • Force Gem amount is shared among characters in one server
      • Features and benefits which were activated are available for each character not shared
  • Features:
  • Dungeon entry
    • Can be used to enter dungeon instead of using dungeon entry item
      • Depends on dungeon grade, number of consuming Force Gem is vary
    • Dungeon Entrances now always show effect
    • Dungeon Entries are stopped being sold in Cash Shop
      • Entry items which are drop-able from fields and dungeons are still available for sale
    • Add the info of Force Gem consuming in Dungeon UI


  • Coordination Saving and Warping
    • Able to save current coordination by using Force Gem for warping later
    • For saving the current coordination, player needs to access GPS UI and click on the GPS save
      • On Force Gem consumed, temporary warp point will be generated
      • Temporary warp point will be available for warp freely for a set of time
      • Several warp points can be created in one map
    • Functionality can be considered like Frontier Stone item


  • Warp Unlimited
    • Allow using warp without consuming Return Stone for a set of time
    • Force Gem
      • Warp Unlimited is available to be activated in GPS UI
    • Warp unlimited can be identified by checking the color of Warp Unlimited text in GPS UI
      • Yellow means available
    • Functionality can be considered like Return Core


  • Party Summoning
    • Add Party Summon feature in Party information window
    • Allow using Force Gem to summon party member to your location
    • Force Gem will be consumed once target accepts the summon request
    • Only target in the same world and channel can be summoned
    • Functionality can be considered like Summon of Heroes
  • Warp to Party
    • Add feature “Warp to Party member” in Party menu
    • Allow using warp to party member location by using Force Gem
    • Only target in the same world and channel can be warped to
    • Functionality can be considered like Leap of Heroes
  • Party Resurrection
    • Add feature “Party Resurrection” in Party menu
    • Usable when a dead party is available, feature allows resurrects target by using Force Gem
    • Force Gem will be consumed once target accepts the resurrection request
    • Only target in the same world and channel can be resurrected
    • Functionality can be considered like Honorable Odd Circle
  • Character Resurrection
    • Allow using Force Gem for resurrection like Odd Circles


  • Oath Effects
    • Effects:
      • Allow transferring EXP/AXP/Damage to specified party member using Force Gem
      • Force Gem will be consumed once target accept the request
      • Only target in the same world and channel can be obtained EXP/AXP/Damage
    • Functionality can be considered like Oath of Sacrifice/Soul/Protection

2. Add new shared achievements

  •  Add shared achievements : Details can be changed
    • For using Force Gem Package : 10 Force Gems
    • Destroy Chaos Talisman: 15 Force Gems
    • Failed upgrading Chaos Talisman: 5 Force Gems

[EP11.5] [KR] Mar 12th 2014 patch notes


1. Fixed bugs related to Archridium items


1. Change the concept of Saints Excalibur Force Weapon

– Change the concept of applying Saints Excalibur Weapon

  • Old : Use Saints Weapon as Primary Weapon
  • New : Use Saints Weapon as Link Weapon


2. Item category changes

  • Existing Armor / Battle / Martial are now separated into categories based on Battle Style
    • Ex:
      • Old : Craftsman’s Gauntlets
      • New :
        • Craftsman’s Gauntlets (WA)
        • Craftsman’s Gauntlets (FS)
        • Craftsman’s Gauntlets (GL)

3. Inventory changes

  • Concept UI of Inventory has been changed
  • Tab icon are added instead of text



  • Add new “Costume” tab


  • Link Weapon : Allow equipping Saints Excalibur Force Weapon / Legacy Weapon
    • Item won’t replace primary weapon but will be linked
  • Hat costume items
  • Costume items
  • Weapon costume items
  • Balloon items
  • In Mission War, only Link Weapon is available for using

4. Set UI changes

  • Old: Moving mouse over items, set effects will be displayed at the end of items
  • Change: Add new icon for indicating set effect, at the top left of Inventory UI, stats will be displayed when hovering mouse on



1. Additions for Gladiator

  • Add new buff skill
    • Acquisition
      • Skill Name: Rage Shield
      • Required: Completer (0)
      • Acquisition: Purchasable from Instructor in Villages
    • Features
      • Using Rage to create a shield to absorb damage
      • Damage Absorption amount depends on Rage amount
      • Consumes all Rage on usage



  • Add skill effectors
    • Bloody Rush
    • Rage Shield


  • Manufacturing Additions
    • Armor
      • Craftsmans’ Gauntlets (GL)
      • Craftsmans’ Greaves (GL)
      • Craftsmans’ Visor (GL)
      • Craftsmans’ Plate (GL)
      • Master’s Gauntlets (GL)
      • Master’s Greaves (GL)
      • Master’s Visor (GL)
      • Master’s Plate (GL)
    • Weapon
      • Craftsman’s Chakram
      • Master’s Chakram


2. Character Attack / Defense Efficiency stats 

  • Add new stats named Attack / Defens Efficiency display in Character window at the bottom
  • Attack Efficiency
    • Calculated on
      • Level / Attack (or Magic Attack) / Skill Amp. / Penetration / Hit / Accuracy / Add Damage / Attack Rate / Critical Rate / Critical Damage / Battle Mode Duration increase
  • Defense Efficiency
    • Calculated on
      • Level / HP / Defense / Damage Reduction / Defense Rate / Critical Rate Resist / Critical Damage Resist / Skill Amp Resist / Down Resist / Stun Resist / Knock-back Resist / Unmovable Resist / Evasion / HP Absorb / HP Absorb Limit


  Mission War

1. Legacy Weapon will not be dropped on occupying base

2. Score will be affected by time of resurrection and construction

[KR] [EP10] Jul 03rd 2013 Patch notes

▶ Public Server (means update for EP9 – Rising Force)

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to Coopertown’s Belt (event in KR Cabal)
2. Fixed bugs related to skill graphic effect of skill “Inifinity Blade”
3. Fixed bug  that shows confirmation when cancel Battle Mode when amount of SP is low

■ Changes

1. Change that when entering the Mission Battlefield, the cooldown of all skill will be reinitialized
2. Change the appearance of Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakening Mode) displays abnormally

▶ Test Server Updates (means update for new EP10)

■ Additions

1. Add Forbidden Island (Awakening Mode)

  • Basic Information
    • Required:
      • Level 140+
      • BSLV 11+
    • Maximum allowed players : 7
    • Duration : 1 hour
    • Clear reward:
      • DP : 8
      • Honor : 20,000 Point
  • Entry
    • Entrance : Same as Forbidden Island
    • Entry Item : Special Lost Island Compass


  • Special Lost Island Compass
    • Can be obtained via Amity System by requesting


    • Registration Info
      • Required Amity : 0
      • Register fee : 10,000,000 Alz
    • Requesting Info
      • Materials
        • 01x Lost Island Compass
        • 10x Raw Stone of Dimension
      • Requesting duration: 10 seconds
      • Requesting success rate: 100%


    • Drop list is now temporary, will be changed

2. Add background image for Effector’s slots Inventory UI