Cabal 2 – January 2021 Update: Burning Garden

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You didn’t read it wrong, it’s CABAL 2, yes, an update in 2021, after QUITE A LONG TIME since the last update~ The update introduces a new dungeon, some field bosses and new item set. It’s quite suspicious that after long long time, CABAL 2 gets another update. Without any delay, just let’s jump right into the patch notes~

New Dungeon: Burning Garden

Dungeon Information

  • Level: 55
  • Location: Labyrinth Forest
  • Number of Participant: 6
  • Number of Entry: 1 per day
  • Main Drops:
    • New Equipment Set: Baltic
    • New Skill Books
    • Core Level 160

Dungeon Screenshot

Dungeon Map

Dungeon Monsters

  • Boss Name: Gornumat
  • Level: 65
  • Drops:
    • Baltic Equipment
    • Baltic Earrings
  • Boss Name: Black Moon’s Wings
  • Level: 65
  • Drops:
    • Baltic Equipment
    • Baltic Necklace
  • Monster Name: Burning Timran

New Field Bosses

Two new Field Bosses are added to “Moon Shadow Plateau”, both are with Level 62.

New Items / Skills

  • New Baltic Equipment Set (Armour Pieces and Weapons) is added for all Battle Styles.
  • New Baltic Accessories (Earring / Necklace / Bracelet / Ring ) are added.
  • New Idea Accessories (Earring / Necklace / Bracelet / Ring) are added.
  • One new skill is added for each Battle Style (total 7 Skills).
    • Force Shielder: Judgement Shield:
      • Rise a holy shield to inflict damage over time to enemies within a target radius of 5m.
    • Warrior: Earth Explosion:
      • Explode the earth and inflicts damage to a target within a 5m radius.
    • Wizard: Book of Ice Salt: Explosion:
      • An ancient spell that combines flames and glaciers to explode. Inflicts damage over time to the target and enemies within a radius of 3m around the target and slows it for a while.
    • Force Archer: Arrow Storm:
      • The ultimate technique of attacking by creating multiple arrows with the power of the force. Inflicts damage to enemies in a straight 3m range.
    • Force Blader: Dark Rays:
      • Strengthen the power of the force on the blade and inflicts damage on enemies within a 3m range.
    • Blader: Full Moon:
      • It inflicts damage on enemies with a 5m radius around it as if it became one with the full moon.
    • Priest:
      • Heavenly Judgement: Inflicts heavenly judgement on enemies with a radius of 3m and inflicts damage.


  • All Core Levels are expanded to 170.
  • Durational Quests are added and existing quests are revised.


  1. But… This isn’t for Cabal 2 EU or NA, is it?
    I knew they took the servers down. I really want to play it, but if it’s in SEA, that’s hard for the rest of us.


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