Cabal in 2021 (Part 1/3)

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As a yearly tradition, again I bring back to you the topic of expectation and prediction for new contents for the year of 2021. Remember that, here I will talk only about the new contents from Cabal Korea, not the content from other servers, since those are new for us (I meant most of players who play the game outside of Korea) but actually those contents were introduced for quite a long time before.

The mini series will be arranged into 3 different posts, this is the first post of the series.

Now, let’s take a look at my list, there is no specific order for my list, it’s not sorted based on any kind of criteria. Those contents are picked here just because I found out that there is high chance that we would have those content this year.

Force Wing Expansion

First of all, I think that we would have the expansion for Force Wing level, as I shared previously, Force Wing was planned with 6 different grades (mean we would accumulate up to 600 level at max). Last year (damn, it’s true, in 2020) we got the Force Wing expansion up to grade Unique already (equal to level 300 accumulated). Also we got Holia Kendrasil as the 2nd Force Wing Dungeon. Even they planned for up to 600 level of Force Wing, but there is no certain proof that we would have 5 different levels of Force Wing dungeons. May be they would expand the wing level twice this year, so the maximum level of wing would reach 500 instead of 300 as max level of Episode 27.

Stats of Force wing might be increased with the same formula as before as of 1 HP, 1 All Attack Up and 1 Defense per force wing level. Because, if they increase the stats per level, it might be too much strong for the wing which would create huge gaps between characters.

As I mentioned above, there is no proof that they will add a new force wing dungeon, but it’s likely to be real. A new force wing dungeon would be added along with the new grade for Essence of Wing.

What’s your opinion?! Will we get a new force wing dungeon this year along with the expansion for rank and level of force wing, share your thoughts right below.

Chaos Upgrade Revision & Expansion

Chaos upgrade system is out for quite a long time, at first it was applicable only for Belt, then gradually different type of chaos items were added like carnelian, talisman and different kind of arcana. Recently, with the update of Pandemonium dungeon, we have a new way for doing Chaos upgrade, Chaos Converter can be made using a special material from the Pandemonium dungeon. Using Chaos Converter, you can add the chaos upgrade property to accessories such as earring, amulet, bracelets.

Latest update for chaos upgrade was in episode 27 with the ability for granting chaos upgrade for bracelets. Among those accessories, we all can say that the next one would be rings. Just imagine Dr. Mazel’s Ring with Chaos Upgrade level 15.

What is the highest chaos upgrade on your items? Or even you have all of 15 levels? Tell me in the comment below!

Rune Renewal

The concept of Essence Rune was stuck for a while with the limitation of using some basic cores (Upgrade / Force Core), however, by the introduction of Essence Rune – Level II as well as making the possiblity that runes could be learned using even Divine Stone and Chaos Core, which extends the capability of Essence Rune system massively!

But that’s not all! Soon we even might have the Essence Rune Level III! Until now, the way of learning and leveling up Essence Rune Level III haven’t been annouced yet. We all could expect that the limitation of AP (as of now capped at 700AP) would be extended for the incoming Essence Runes.

Beside the Essence Rune, another related content is Blended Rune, currently, most of players do not count them as part of their build, first those blended runes are hard to get with the rate of crafting is only 50% and material is also hard to get, second the chance of triggering special effect is too low that many players don’t even bother to think about it, last, those Blended Runes are limited in some old types which were introduced long long time ago, with less of variations the special stats; therefore, it doesn’t fit with some people’s build.

The LOST DX2: Crazy Steamer

All other sequels for dx dungeons have been released, from flame nest as sequel of lava hellfire, to ancient tomb for panic cave, then frozen canyon for catacombs frost. Only the sequel of crazy steamer is missing by now. Many players keep asking if developer forgot the sequel for Crazy Steamer or not. Some people were wondering if the Dead Sea Express Train from Cabal 2 will be reused in Cabal or not. But up until now, there is no certain clue for this.

Earlier, by winter 2019, with the release of DX2: Frozen Canyon, they already added Wind Crystal into the NPC Chloe’s Shop, so that players can make Epic Booster for Ultimate grade.

What’s next?!

In the next part of the series, we will talk about Manufacturing System, New Items and so on 😉 I won’t spoil it much, take your time and wait for the next part of the series!



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