Cabal Online – 2020 Year-in-Review (Part 2/2)

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Continuing the previous post of reviewing our year of 2020 in Cabal, here we talk about all of the update in the last year from Cabal Korea to other official services all over the world. Just in case, you missed Part 1 of this, take a look by using this link:

Episode 26

Episode 26 was introduced in Cabal Korea back in winter of 2019, damn, it’s quite a long time~ But just recently, some servers just got it like Cabal TW/PH/JP/GSP. Services which are under the management of PlayThisGame still not get the update yet, in fact, they just received the update of Episode 24 Part 2 combined with Episode 25 by November 2020.

DX2: Frozen Canyon was introduced as part of Episode 26, the dungeon continues the lore of DX: Catacombs Frost with stronger monster and wonderful rewards such as Ultimate cores, Demonite items (even with top-epic), Astral Bike-QW7…

The introduction of Frozen Canyon also brought to Cabal the Epic Boosting for Ultimate grade items. You can collect the Fire Crystal from DX2: Flame Nest, Earth Crystal from DX2: Ancient Tomb, Ice Crystal from DX2: Frozen Canyon and Wind Crystal from NPC Chloe (available for exchanging). Using all of those 4 types of Crystal along with the Elemental Crystal, you can purchase the Epic Booster (Ultimate) which allows you boosting the Ultimate grade items (well currently, we have only Demonite items, but… umm in future, we would have more~).

An expansion was also introduced for the quick-slot, a set of fixed quick-slots is also available on top of current slots. Those fixed slots stay disregarding the current page and tab of the skill bar.

Episode 27

Outside Korea, there is no server with Episode 27 yet by now. Episode 27 was introduced in Cabal Korea by Summer of 2020.

The update expands the ability of levelling Force Wing up to Unique grade (up to 300 level as of accumulation from level 1). A new Force Wing Dungeon: Holia Kendrasil was also introduced as part of the update. From the new Force Wing Dungeon, you can get Essence of Wing (Unique) which is needed for transcending your wing to Unique Grade and levelling up your wing from 201-300.

Field Boss system got a big upgrade with the World Boss system (well the final name in English is not yet decided, I’m not sure, if they call it as Field Boss or Master Boss or World Boss). Different Bosses were added to all fields from Port Lux and above, daily at certain time slots, Bosses will spawn and people can team up for fighting back. New collections also were added with the contents related to field bosses.

Episode 28

I’m not sure if I’m correct or not, but from my point of view, the Episode 28 is truly a 15th-anniversary update. Episode 28 introduced a new battle style, new dungeon, new accessories, new skill-related systems (Aura Awakening, Skill Transcendence, Effector, Class Mastery Skills) and other contents.

All classes got new skills and also old skills got revised to be more balanced (as per the argument of developers, not me~). A new set of Class Mastery skills also got introduced in the update.

Along with the introduction of new short-buff skills, new Effectors also got released, some old Effectors also got revised (take a look here for the list of new Effectors:

Skill Transcendence and Aura Awakening provides a big support for players by enhancing skills ability and Aura Modes stats in different ways. I would prepare a separated post/clip for those two items later.

The new Mirage Island (Awakened) with the introduction of Brooch boosts the power of high-end characters to even new level of power~ With the introduction of the separation of PvE and PvP stats, the Laksha’s Brooch came from the Mirage Island (Awakened) is also with different stats for both PvE and PvP.

Building a character now is new challenge for us, with the separation of stats, you cannot make a set for the best of both worlds; now, you need a PvE set for dungeon and fields, and a PvP set for Mission War, PvP and so on!

Dark Mage, the newest battle style, the 9th battle style of Cabal was also introduced in the Episode 28. With the theme of horror-poisonous skills, Dark Mage expands the list of playable character in Cabal to 9 different unique classes.

Dark Mage is a magic-based class, using Orb/Crystal but in-game the weapons are showing as 3 (three) different objects: The Sickle, The Skull and The Spirit~ Dark Mage use Martialset, just like Blader and Wizard; but there is a “twist”~ when Dark Mage wears the item, a special unique look is showing instead of normal martialset look and feel!


It’s truly an unpredictable year of both Cabal and for us! But it’s already passed! We are now already stepping a few first steps into the 2021.

How about you, what is your opinions regarding all of the update we received in 2020? Make your voice sound! Spend some minutes for filling up the Cabal Survey 2020.

Gather community’s responses for the year 2020 of CABAL Online. There will be more than 20 questions which will go through things related to CABAL and yourself. Let’s help to improve CABAL Online better and better 🙂 There is a new thing this year, that I added 5 questions from the community into the survey!

Survey will be available until the end of January 2021. Feel free to share with your friends!

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Thanks and Best Regards!


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