Cabal in 2021 (Part 2/3)

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As a yearly tradition, again I bring back to you the topic of expectation and prediction for new contents for the year of 2021. Remember that, here I will talk only about the new contents from Cabal Korea, not the content from other servers, since those are new for us (I meant most of players who play the game outside of Korea) but actually those contents were introduced for quite a long time before.

The mini series will be arranged into 3 different posts, this is the second post of the series.

Now, let’s take a look at my list, there is no specific order for my list, it’s not sorted based on any kind of criteria. Those contents are picked here just because I found out that there is high chance that we would have those content this year.

Manufacturing Renewal

Manufacturing (which is more familiar with players by the name of crafting) was released long time ago. The new manufacturing system was introduced back then focused on two main parts, craftsman items and master items. Even by now, there are lots of claim from players regarding the manufacturing system. But above all, the manufacturing for accessories got huge criticisms. There is neither special craftsman nor master accessories craft, only old accessories were merged from the old craft system to the new one. However, by checking the game client data, we found that, there are some unused craft materials which are suggesting some overhaul for the accessories craft system.

Beside of accessories, we also might have chance to get the renewal for armour parts and weapons also, since many players request for more variations of items. With the separation recently for the PvE and PvP stats, there are rumours that we might have new craft recipes for the PvE and/or PvP specialised along with current items.

New Equipment Set (higher than Demonite)

For real? A new set of items? Yes, you didn’t hear it wrong. We got the Demonite set for quite a long time already, from 2018, it’s already 3 years. It’s already time for a higher grade of items. It’s true that 90% of Cabal, or even more, still not use Demonite yet, but the Ultimate grade item was out for quite a long time, and having only one item for a grade is “Not OK”. We can see the pattern, for High grade, we have Osmium, Redosmium and SIG-Metal; for Highest grade, we have Mithril, Archridium and Palladium; it’s time for Demonite to get some friends!

But there is no clear idea if they would release the new set step-by-step like Demonite last time or will be a full release. Step-by-step is like, at first they give drop of sub-epic (item with green colour), then after 1-2 updates, they add the top-epic items (with purple colour).

Take a look below, those are screenshots of Cabal 2 set named “Dark Wing”. The set also came with 3 variations: Armour Set, Martial Set and Battle Set.

Beside the introduction of a new set in Cabal for the Ultimate grade, I could say, there would be high chance that we also would get Craftsman and Master for Demonite grade. It would be a huge boost for most of players in game since Demonite is totally a new grade of items and stats for both of slot options and epic options are boosted significantly in comparison with lower grade items.

New Dungeon~

Well, new items such as a new set higher than Demonite might be released, so there is no chance that those items could be dropped from Lake in Dusk or Tower of the Dead B3F. For sure a new tough dungeon would be available, higher than Forgotten Temple B3F, Mirage Island and even Mirage Island (Awakening).

Currently, the concept of “Dungeon Boost” is by spending the “Gemstone of Transcendence”, game will boost up the stats of monsters and bosses, and also will give your more drops from the chests (only the quantity of drop, not the quality). In case, you are not sure about the “Dungeon Boost” feature, take a look here:

For quite a long time, I have a hope for an item which can work better than the “Gemstone of Transcendence” for Dungeon Boost. For example, by using “Gemstone of Master” to enter the dungeon, your normal Lake in Dusk will turn into Lake in Dusk (Master), monsters and bosses would be much more tougher (like Tower of the Dead B3F scale) and instead of dropping Bluestin items, it would give Archridium or even higher as drops. So the drop will not be only boosted in “quantity” but also in “quality”.

What’s next?!

In the next part of the series, we will talk about New Upgrade System, Pet Expansion and so on 😉 I won’t spoil it much, take your time and wait for the next part of the series!



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