Cabal Online – Episode 27 – Jul 16th 2020 Patch Notes

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This is the last patch on the test server for Episode 27 Part 1, this week, the patch came with lots of fixes and changes for newly added contents such as: Achievement Systems, Field Boss System and also it revealed the stats of Ring of Luck +5 / Critical Ring +5 as well as changes for the stats of Ring of Luck +4 / Critical Ring +4.

Next week on 22-Jul-2020, the full patch will be released for the public server of Cabal KR.

■ Fixes

1. Fixed Field Boss related errors

  • Fixed bug that caused client disconnection when killing the Field Boss in certain situations
  • Fixed bug that the Current Party Point displayed as negative number in certain situations
  • Fixed bug that the the Field Reward UI / Ranking could not be displayed after the Field Boss Battle
  • Fixed bug that personal reward can still be able to receive even that character failed to reach the Personal Goal point
  • Fixed bug that the Field Boss icon (next to the channel name / number) in the Channel Selection UI is not working as intended for certain situations
  • Fixed bug related to Field Boss image size in the tooltip when moving mouse over Field Bosses in Field Boss UI

2. Achievement UI related fixes

  • Fixed bug that text was mission in the “Recent Achievements” in the “Summary” tab of Achievement UI
  • Fixed bug that the image was displayed abnormally when moving mouse over the “Summary” tab
  • Fixed bug that some information are overlapping each other in “Achievement Ranking” tab

3. Fixed bug that some Collection items of some missions in “Conquering Field Boss IV” collection

4. Fixed bug that the Ice Meteor skill in the “Holia Kendrasil” dungeon dropped slower than expected

■ Changes

1. Field Boss related changes

  • Added sound effects for Field Bosses
  • Adjust the defense abilities of Field Bosses:
    • Slightly increase these stats
      • HP Auto Heal
      • Resist Suppression
      • Ignore Penetration
      • Resist Skill Amp.
      • Resist Crit. DMG
      • Resist Crit. Rate
      • Damage Reduction
      • Ignore Accuracy

2. Achievements related changes

  • Rename some titles
    • Dungeon clear titles with Roman number are renamed
      • Ex: Ruina Station clear title
        • Old Station Conductor I => Old Station Conductor
        • Old Station Conductor II => Inside the Old History
        • Old Station Conductor III => History of Machines
        • Old Station Conductor IV => Cleaned up Old History
    • Mission War titles
    • Hunting titles
      • Ex: Hunting Virulent Cauda title
        • Cauda Hunter => Cauda Hunter
        • Novice Cauda Hunter => Master Cauda Hunter
        • Famed Cauda Hunter => Cauda’s Natural Nemesis
  • Combine Attack / Magic of some titles into All Attack Up
    • Event Titles
    • Title based on Guild Level
    • Title based on Guild’s creation time
  • Change the way of displaying Achievement
    • If the amount of achieved is higher than the amount that character required to achieve, game will show only the required amount
    • Ex:
      • Clear Tower of the Dead within 7 minutes:
        • Actual:
          • Required: 20
          • Achieved: 26
        • Old Display:
          • 26/20
        • New Display:
          • 20/20

3. Change the stats of Critical Ring +4 / Ring of Luck +4 and added Critical Ring +5 / Ring of Luck +5

4. Improvements related to “Holia Kendrasil” dungeon

  • Improved camera angle when character is warping to the boss area
  • Improved the view distance that crystal monsters will be displayed even the distance is far

■ Additions

1. Add the achievement for clearing “Holia Kendrasil”

2. Revise the NPC Shop and Remote Shop

  • Add the bundle for some items
    • Inner Orb
    • Gem of Transcendence
    • Orb of Summon
  • Re-arrange the item layout in shop due to additions of bundles


    1. they keep re-balance between chars regularly, if you have any suggestions, you can leave your comments here or in annual survey


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