Cabal Online – 2020 Year-in-Review (Part 1/2)

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The year 2020 has been closed recently, it’s not only a tough year for the us, but also for our beloved Cabal. 2020 is just not the first year of a brand new decade, but also it’s an important year of Cabal, it marks the 15th anniversary of Cabal. In real life, the international situation is complex and created lots of obstacle us. Cabal also got affected somehow. But it didn’t block the way of numerous contents reached us. Let’s take a look of every single piece of content we got this year from Cabal Korea to all other official Cabal services outside Korea.

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Episode 24 Part 1

Some other server already received the Episode 24 Part 1 patch in 2019, but some others got it late, by around March 2020. Episode 24 Part 1 with the main focus is for the expansion of Force Wing level and Merit Medal – Platinum Insignia.

Force Wing has been expanded to the Rare rank, players who reached level 100 of Normal rank can transcend it to Rare grade. Holia Windmill, a new dungeon which was built for supporting the levelling up of Force Wing has been added.

Merit Medal was introduced long long time again, I cannot say that most of players reached the max of the old Merit Medal, but I could say, a considerable amount of players reached. As a part of long term plan of Cabal for various aspect of character growth, Merit Medal – Platinum Insignia was added.

Episode 24 Part 2

Most of servers like Cabal GSP, JP, TW, PH received Episode 24 Part 2 and Episode 25 patches as separated updates, but it was not the case for Cabal EU/NA/BR since they got the combo update but late, yeah, very late~

Episode 24 Part 2 featured the Special Collection which play a huge role of boosting stats for players, it’s true that those collections are pricey and take lots of effort for collecting and registering. For more information of Collection System, click here: Talking about Collection, in Episode 24 Part 2, we also received another important related with Collection system, it’s the Partial Bonus for Collection, instead of having to collect all of items for a collection until 100%, now you can get partial bonus for specific milestones, at 30% of completion, you will get 20% of the bonus stats, and you get 50% of the bonus stats with 60% of completion.

Another important content which came from Episode 24 Part 2 is the Challenge Mission, by doing the Challenge Mission, you can get reward for every single effort in-game~ Daily, there will be several fixed missions for you to complete, Challenge Mission is available only for character at level 200 which was set as the Guild Representative (so technically, you can get only one character per account).

Secret Shop with NPC Hirogley also came as part of Episode 24 Part 2, daily, random deals will be offered by Hirogley. As developer shared, the content of Secret Shop will be continuously updated along with other Cabal contents. Remember that, the Secret Shop is accessible only by characters at 180+ and the deals in the shop are account-based, all characters (at 180+) in the same ID will see the same deals.

Episode 25

Episode 25 blew a different kind of wind into Cabal, talking about Cabal dungeons, we can relate with the linear quest lines, monsters and bosses. But here in Episode 25, Cabal gave us a brand new experience with the Labyrinth. The dungeon layout is randomly changed daily, total we have 32 different layouts of the dungeon with the combination of 4 different stages for the first room, 4 different stages for the second room and 2 different stages for the last room. If you have Dragon’s Orb, you can get access to the special bonus room with Dragon’s Treasure Chest.

The second DX2 dungeon was also introduced as part of Episode 25 update, DX2: Ancient Tomb brought us a new kind of design based on Ancient Egypt theme, with Sphinx, Anubis, Scorpions, Beetles… Not like DX2: Flame Nest with the design reassemble a lot of parts from DX: Lava Hellfire, the new DX2: Ancient Tomb doesn’t rely much on the DX: Panic Cave, I’ve asked many players, all of them love the new design of DX2: Ancient Tomb, may be, there is only one thing was missed, the “upgraded” version of Nualle; before the Ancient Tomb was revealed, many people expected to see the “upgraded” version of Nualle, the one-hit-K.O. boss in Panic Cave~

Other Quality-of-Life (QoL) updates were introduced along with the Episode 25, such as Mass-Extraction and Auto-Sort for both Inventory and Warehouse. The Mass-Extraction was a hit since it supports us a lot by reducing time for extracting items, instead of doing one-by-one, now you can select multiple items at once for extraction. The Auto-Sort was also warmly welcomed by the community as it help players sorting out the mess in their inventory as well as warehouse; the flexibility of configuring individual pages for sorting boosts the convenience to the higher level, you can specify which pages are targeted for auto-sorting, and which are not; nice, right?!

Short break~

It’s quite long already, now I will go kitchen and cook my lunch. When I’m back, I will write the second half of the post with the review of Episode 26, 27 and 28.

How about you, what is your opinions regarding all of the update we received in 2020? Make your voice sound! Spend some minutes for filling up the Cabal Survey 2020.

Gather community’s responses for the year 2020 of CABAL Online. There will be more than 20 questions which will go through things related to CABAL and yourself. Let’s help to improve CABAL Online better and better ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a new thing this year, that I added 5 questions from the community into the survey!

Survey will be available until the end of January 2021. Feel free to share with your friends!

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