Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 2 : July 27th 2018 Patch notes

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It’s here! Finally the patch for Demonite items is here. By going through the patch notes, you can see new stats of Demonite items, upgrade figures (Force, Upgrade, Divine, Extreme). By the end of the patch notes, you can also get some brief information of new DX Dungeon Mirage Island.

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to Auction Hall

  • Bugs that lead to the average price are not available
  • Bugs that lead to unable to re-register items, cancel items or receive Alz after receiving Alz of sold items

■ Changes

1. Battle Mode 2 Special Skill stats adjustment

  • General: Special Effect of skills have 95% chance of success (Stun / Down / Knockback)
  • Detail changes (stats are at max level – Level 16)

2. Change related to Force Essence

  • The quantity of Force Essence will be shown disregarding the state of “Auto Grow” check box
  • Add tooltip when moving mouse over quantity area

■ Additions

1. Add new item grade: Demonite

  • New item which is higher than Palladium and available from DX Dungeon: Mirage Island
  • Can be equipped from: 170+
  • Set effect: Defense +25, Defense Rate +70 (when equipping all 4 items of Demonite)
  • Stats
    • Stats at +0, non-slot

  • Slotting
    • Able to add slot using Slot Extender (Transcendence)
    • Granting Slot Option by using Weapon / Armor Option Scroll (Transcendence)
      • Able to increase the success rate using Force Core
  • Epic
    • At this moment only Demonite Sub-Epic items are available in-game  (meant green-text item)

  • Upgrading
    • Using Upgrade Core (Transcendence)
    • Stats

    • Number of required Cores

    • Number of required Safeguard

  • Divine Upgrade
    • Able to perform Divine Upgrade, stats are for one-handed weapon, for two-handed weapon just do double the state

    • Number of required Divine Stones

  • Extreme Upgrade
    • Able to perform Extreme Upgrade up to Level 7
    • Fee: 70,000,000 Alz for One-handed weapon and Armor (Two-handed weapon is doubled)
    • Extreme Level 7 Stats

  • Item Destruction
    • Output:
      • Non-epic items:
        • Magic-weapon: Quartz Core (Demonite)
        • All others armor and weapon: Material Core (Demonite)
        • If item has slot(s): Weapon/Armor Option Scroll (Transcendence)
      • Epic items:
        • Astral Core (Demonite)
        • If item has slot(s): Weapon/Armor Option Scroll (Transcendence)
  • Additions for Auction Hall
    • Allow to register Demonite items in Auction Hall
    • Allow to register Transcendence grade of items for Upgrading Materials

2. Added new DX dungeon “Mirage Island”

  • Entry Information
    • Level: 190
    • Entry Item: Adrift Bottle
      • Available from NPC Unknown in Bloody Ice / Remote Shop
      • Price: 8,000,000 Alz
    • Entry Point: Port Lux (237, 9)
    • Maximum number of participant: 5
  • Time limit: 45 minutes
  • Dungeon Completion
    • Success: Destroy last Legendary Chest
    • Failure: Timeout
  • Compensation: DP 10
  • Dungeon Daily Playtime: 16 hours
  • Main drops
    • Demonite item Sub-epic (meant green-text item)
    • Demonite Epaulet
    • Cores (Transcendence)
    • Essence Rune – Attack II, Magic Attack II

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