Cabal Online : Episode 22 Part 2 : Aug 06th 2018 Patch notes

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Yesterday, August 06th 2018, they released a new patch for Test Server with changes for Linked Stats (how main stats like STR/INT/DEX affect on others stats) and also two new functions for Guild UI which are Guild Search and Application Management. Using Guild Search you can perform searching for guilds with specific criteria, and for Application Management tab, you can apply for a Guild even target Guild Master is offline.

■ Fixes

1. Fixed bugs related to Demonite items

  • Fixed bugs that show hairstyle abnormally while wearing Demonite Headgear
  • Fixed bugs that displayed skin of character while wearing Demonite Armorset (male character only)
  • Fixed bug that body and head of character were displayed abnormally while wearing Demonite Battleset

2. Fixed bug that showed Force Wing of other characters in town when reconnecting with server

3. Fixed bug that showed Craftsman’s items with Unique colour

■ Changes

1. Change linked stats

  • Linked stats based on STR / DEX / INT

  • Stats Changes based on Scale
    • Blue: STR-based characters
    • Pink: INT-based characters
    • Green: DEX-based characters
    • Bold: For specific characters
    • For INT-based character:
      • Magic Attack & Critical DMG Resist are increased additionally
      • Resistance & Defense are decreased

2. Guild UI

  • Add “Guild Search” function
    • Allow to search for Guild with specific conditions
    • Can apply for guild even target Guild Master is offline
  • Add “Application Management” tab
    • As Guild Master, you can accept the application or leave it for approval later
    • As Guild Applicant, you can confirm if your application is approved or not, and cancel your application

■ Additions

1. Add new Nation Change items

  • With new “Black Transmuter”, character can change nation without doing quest
  • New items
    • Black Transmuter (Procyon only)
      • Only available if your nation is Procyon
      • When using, change the nation to Capella
    • Black Transmuter (Capella only)
      • Only available if your nation is Capella
      • When using, change the nation to Procyon

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