[KR] [EP10P3] Mar 20th, 21st, 27th and Apr 03rd 2013 Patch notes

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Here are some newest patch notes. Sorry for being late, I have too much work at this moment.

Thanks for understanding and sorry for any inconveniences!


Mar 20th 2013

■ Mission War

1. Change Legacy Guardian summoning UI

  • Guardian summon method
    • Click on Legacy Core after occupied
    • “Legacy Guardian Summon” UI will be shown
      • Point or Alz can be selected for summoning
  • Summoning methods
    • Point : Like current implementation (available while being in party)
    • Alz : Alz will be consumed to summon Guardian (available even not being in party)
      • Alz that used for summoning Guardians will be calculated in the compensation too (as fee for Mission War)


Mar 21st 2013

■  Mission War

1. Improve graphic loading and effects for characters and monsters in Mission War

Mar 27th 2013

■  Changes

1. HP and related stats (ex HP Auto Heal, HP Heal,…) in tooltips are synchronized to display correctly, applied for Mission Battle


■  Mission War

1. Fix bug that caused the Info Window (which used to be at top-right corner) disappeared.

2. Fix bug that caused the shadow and effects of characters are not moving along with characters in some situations.

Apr 03rd 2013

■  Fixes

1. Wearing SIG-Metal / Drei-Frame / Archridium Helmet caused the character’s hair displays incorrectly

2. Skill show-off feature now changes that when casting skills in villages, player can see the character’s weapons (was unable to see)

3. Fix bugs that caused characters which have “Root” / “Unmovable” effects still can move in some situations

4. Fix bug that causes sometimes the “Skill Amp.” stats of Epaulet in tooltip displays without the numerical value

5. Fix the bug that caused the benefit of “Charisma Pan Epaulet” did not display in tooltip

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