[KR] [EP10P3] Mar 13th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fix bugs that caused unable to see character’s equipments while loading

2. Fix bugs related to Quest

  • Changed to some quests can be deleted
    • Manufacturing-related quests
  • Tower of the Dead B3F dungeon daily quest
    • Fix bug that caused Quest termination while talking with NPC
  • Change the content of Alchemic-Transmuter related quests
  • Fix bugs related to the Battle Style #5 Quests in Forgotten Temple B1F
  • Fix bugs related to Core Upgrade Part 2 Quest

3 . Fix bugs related to Bulk-Purchase UI that displays abnormally

4. Fix bug that displays the Achievement (when obtained) before the random-roll of Pet Training stop




1. Items Combining feature changes

  • Allow combine items with same types in all Inventory Tab
  • Allow to combine all items automatically when
    • When take out / purchase items from Auction Hall
    • When take out items from Guild Warehouse

2. Allow to Bulk-Destroy items

  • Add “Number of items” field to enter / select
    • Allow entering the desired quantity
  • Change the way displaying Number-of-Stack
    • When deleting Number-of-Stack, the number automatically reset to 1

3. Improve the Bulk-Storaging UI

  • Improve the ‘Quantity’ field
    • Allow entering the desired quantity
  • Automatically count the total Quantity for Bulk-Storaging feature

One comment

  1. I had a question regarding lycanus weapons.

    1. How does the base attack compare to forcium ?
    2. How do the new astral buff compare to forcium for FA / FB / FS ?

    I am pretty sure a lot of people are curious to know this ! 🙂 Thanks !


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