[KR] [EP10P3] Apr 10th 2013 Patch notes

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1. Fix bugs related to character effect status

  • Fix the bug that displays only one effect status on target
  • The duration displays abnormally when player got more than one effect status or using multiple buff potions

2. In certain situations, stats required to equip items increases after applying appearance change

3. Fixed bug that displayed character helmet abnormally

4. Fix bugs related to Drei-Frame / Archridium items

  • Fixed bug that caused item size in inventory displayed abnormally
  • Fixed bug that caused Drei-Frame / Archridium in inventory when applying as skin (via appearance change)
  • Fix bug that caused abnormal animation when character is wearing Drei-Frame / Archridium Battle armor
  • Hair of character displays abnormally when character is wearing Dre-Frame / Archridium helmet
  • Arms of Drei-Frame / Archridium armor display abnormally after worn


1. Change the appearance of Archridium Martial Headpiece

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