#KR #EP19P2 October 12th 2017 Patch notes

■ Fixes

1. Change the movement speed of some monsters in Acheron Arena Dungeon

■ Mission War

1. Mission War Balance Adjustment

  • Change the resurrection time from 35 seconds to 30 seconds after character’s death
  • Change the healing ratio from 50% to 300%
  • Increase HP/HP Heal/Attack of Legacy Guardian (S/M/L) and Gold Keeper in Mission War 170-200
  • Change the Gate respawn time from 3 mins to 2 mins
  • Change the cooldown of Odd Circle from 3 mins to 2 mins

2. Change of Force Tower

  • Change the Force Tower building list

  • Unified Force Tower
    • Merge Force Tower, instead of S/M/L
  • Remove HP Heal and HP Reduce Tower
  • Add “Force Tower – Resistance Increase”
    • Rise Resistance
    • Only available for non-portable Force Tower
  • Upgrade Force Tower ability
    • Force Tower – Attack: Increase Attack ability of the tower
    • Force Tower – Resurrection / Warp: Increase the availability from 10 players to 30 players
      • 30 players can use one Force Tower at once
    • Increase HP, Speed, Repair speed of Force Towers


  • Change related to portable Force Tower
    • For portable Force Tower, only aggressive towers can be build
      • Attack / Attack Power Increase / Defense Power Decrease
    • Construction time/ Duration adjustment


3. Changes related to Legacy Box drop

  • Drop method
    • Tierra Gloriosa
      • Old: Box drop for first time occupying of that tower
      • New: Every time tower is occupied
    • Memoria Chrysos
      • Old: Box drop for first time Guardian is killed
      • New: Every time guardian is killed
  • Change the quantity of box drops


  • Add two new War Pottion
    • War Attack Potion (Lv4)
      • Increase Attack by 75
      • Duration: 180s
      • Cooldown: 30s
    • Master Potion of War (Lv4)
      • Increase Skill Amp. by 15%
      • Duration: 180s
      • Cooldown: 30s
    • Remove Sword Master/ Magic Master Potion drop

4. Change the item list for selling in Battle area

  •  Vital Gear (Lv4)
    •  Recover: 15,000
    • Price:
      • 10: 200,000 Alz
      • 100: 2,000,000 Alz


Next Week update

1. Increase limitation of players per country:

  • War Area: From 125 to 140
  • Lobby Area: From 125 to 160

2. Change the compensation / penalty for war

3. HP bonus changes

  • Old: 8x of original HP
  • New: 15x of original HP
  • Auto HP reduction effect still be 8x of original value(Damage over time)
  • HP Auto heal still be 8x of original value

4. New Buff skill

5. New Buff skill cannot be used in mission war but can be used for normal field




[KR] [EP10P3] Mar 20th, 21st, 27th and Apr 03rd 2013 Patch notes

Here are some newest patch notes. Sorry for being late, I have too much work at this moment.

Thanks for understanding and sorry for any inconveniences!


Mar 20th 2013

■ Mission War

1. Change Legacy Guardian summoning UI

  • Guardian summon method
    • Click on Legacy Core after occupied
    • “Legacy Guardian Summon” UI will be shown
      • Point or Alz can be selected for summoning
  • Summoning methods
    • Point : Like current implementation (available while being in party)
    • Alz : Alz will be consumed to summon Guardian (available even not being in party)
      • Alz that used for summoning Guardians will be calculated in the compensation too (as fee for Mission War)


Mar 21st 2013

■  Mission War

1. Improve graphic loading and effects for characters and monsters in Mission War

Mar 27th 2013

■  Changes

1. HP and related stats (ex HP Auto Heal, HP Heal,…) in tooltips are synchronized to display correctly, applied for Mission Battle


■  Mission War

1. Fix bug that caused the Info Window (which used to be at top-right corner) disappeared.

2. Fix bug that caused the shadow and effects of characters are not moving along with characters in some situations.

Apr 03rd 2013

■  Fixes

1. Wearing SIG-Metal / Drei-Frame / Archridium Helmet caused the character’s hair displays incorrectly

2. Skill show-off feature now changes that when casting skills in villages, player can see the character’s weapons (was unable to see)

3. Fix bugs that caused characters which have “Root” / “Unmovable” effects still can move in some situations

4. Fix bug that causes sometimes the “Skill Amp.” stats of Epaulet in tooltip displays without the numerical value

5. Fix the bug that caused the benefit of “Charisma Pan Epaulet” did not display in tooltip

[KR] [EP10] Nov 07th 2012 Patch notes



1. Fixed bug that caused unable to craft event items

2. SP Recovery rate of some skills error

3. Fixed bug related to Enervation / Field of Enervation

4. Fix bugs related to Blade Enchant Buffs

5. Fix bug that did  not apply Mission Battle Costume / Weapon rules to players after Mission War

6. Fix bug related to display HP Regen in when staying in Green Despair

7. Game delay / slow to respond in certain cases, fixed

8. Fixed bugs related to Damage Reduction rune

  • Client disconnect when receiving Damage Reduction rune from Auction Hall
  • Fixed bug that caused abnormal stats of Damage Reduction being applied on character when using Damage Reduction rune


1. Blader Skill Change

  • Death Cross
    • Remove SP consumption
    • Cooldown adjusted to 3s
    • Level 1 Skill Amp will be 25.5% and +0.5% per level
    • Level 1 Attack will be 254.9 and +6 per level
    • Remove Silence effect
  • Assault
    • Consumes SP : 300
    • Cooldown changed : 180 s
    • Skill Amp fixed at 20% regardless of level
    • Level 1 Attack will be 120 and +20 per level
    • Add option : Silence target for 6s (At level 1 : 61% Chance, +1% per level – At level 20 : 80%)
    • Allowed using in Battle Mode 2/3

2. Wizard Skill Change

  • Energy Field skill is now allowed using in Battle Mode 3

3. Monsters’ difficulty adjustment

  • Monsters at level 80 and below
    • Stats slightly lowered
  • Illusion Castle Underworld
    • Attack Rate of serveral Bosses lowered
  • Attack of monsters in dungeons lowered

4. Mission Battle-related changes

  • Gives SP as reward of Standard Battle
    • SP amount will be calculated based on game time
    • Compensating SP amount will be calculated at the end of Battle


1. Add quick slot image for Odd Circle

  Mission War

1. Fixed the Score calculating bug for personal score in Mission War

2. Change the fee to enter Mission War to 0 Alz

3. Changes related to Guardians / Force Towers

  • Target : MW 110-139 / 140-169 / 170-190
  • Changes
    • Raise Defense of Guardians
    • Raise Defense of Force Towers