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[KR] [EP9] Jun 13th 2012 Patch Notes


1. Fix several bugs of PVP

2. Fix bugs related to Bike Epic Converter

3. In certain situations, player can enter DX Dungeon even in Party

4. Fix the mailbox slow-down


1. Changes related to referral system

  • Display the chance to success (as numeric) in Referral UI
  • Display the number of available slots in the top-right corner

2. Changes related to Arcane Battle

  • Lower the HP of Boss Arcane Golem
  • Reduce the Defense of Boss Arcane Golem

3. Changes the compensations of Special Inventory (for PC-Bang service in Korean)

4. Change the tooltip of extraction mode

  • Display the results in the tooltip


1. Add dancing commands

  • Dance (aka Dance 1)
    • /cna1
    • /dance
    • /dance1
  • Dance 2
    • /cna2
    • /tellme
    • /xpfal
  • Dance 3 (shuffle dance)
    • /cna3
    • /shuffle
    • /tuvmf
  • Above commands are not case-sensitive

2. Add OTP buff (OTP = One Time Password = new service in KR)

  • OTP buff is character-based buff
  • Icon of the buff will be displayed when the buff is applied to character

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