[EP9] [Info] Arcane Trace Drop Table

Here is the drop table for newest field in Arcane Trace Update.

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[KR] [EP9] Jun 13th 2012 Patch Notes


1. Fix several bugs of PVP

2. Fix bugs related to Bike Epic Converter

3. In certain situations, player can enter DX Dungeon even in Party

4. Fix the mailbox slow-down


1. Changes related to referral system

  • Display the chance to success (as numeric) in Referral UI
  • Display the number of available slots in the top-right corner

2. Changes related to Arcane Battle

  • Lower the HP of Boss Arcane Golem
  • Reduce the Defense of Boss Arcane Golem

3. Changes the compensations of Special Inventory (for PC-Bang service in Korean)

4. Change the tooltip of extraction mode

  • Display the results in the tooltip


1. Add dancing commands

  • Dance (aka Dance 1)
    • /cna1
    • /dance
    • /dance1
  • Dance 2
    • /cna2
    • /tellme
    • /xpfal
  • Dance 3 (shuffle dance)
    • /cna3
    • /shuffle
    • /tuvmf
  • Above commands are not case-sensitive

2. Add OTP buff (OTP = One Time Password = new service in KR)

  • OTP buff is character-based buff
  • Icon of the buff will be displayed when the buff is applied to character

[KR] [EP9] May 16th, 18th 2012 Patch notes

May 16th 2012

Public Server


  1. Fix some bugs related to Refection Stone
  2. Quest information of some Minesta quest display incorrectly, bug is fixed
  3. Material for some recipes of Refferal System changed


  1. Change the name of new manufacturing system introduction quests
  2. Change image of some recipes


1. Add image for some recipes

Test Server


1. Master items required greater amount of materials than display, bug is fixed

2. Shadowtitanium weapons give Astral Core (Titanium) as output. Bug is fixed, change to Astral Core (Shadowtitanium)

3. When player removes the Manufacturing Kind from the list, the recipe, energy did not reset, bug is fixed


1. Changes related to Manufacturing System.

i, Scalar Manufacturing System

  • Success rate
    • Low grade item has thehigher chance to success
    • High grade item has lower chance to success
    • Higher manufacturing level gives more chance to success even at High grade item
  • Chance to get top result
    • Depending on the item grade
  • Chance of manufacturing 2-slot item
    • Depending on the item grade

ii) Changes related to Skills and Energy

  • Raise the skill point gained when manufacturing success
  • Change the amount of energy consumed for manufacturing

iii) The availability of 2-slot based on Manufacturing level

iv) Accessories Manufacturing Change

  • Ring: 19 categories / Amulet: 16 categories
  • Add :
    • Ring of Luck
    • Critical Ring
    • Amulet of Pain +7
  • Remove some existing recipes

v) Add 8 categories for accessories

  • Category
    • General Ring (Low – Highest)
    • General Amulet (Low – Highest)
  • Details
    • Based on the old ones¬†and added some modifications
    • Tradable
  • How to get
  • Low : Manufacturing uses general material
  • Medium : Manufacturing Low grade accessories
  • High :¬†¬†Manufacturing Medium grade accessories
  • Highest :¬†¬†Manufacturing High grade accessories

vi) Change the order between categories of Armor Manufacturing

2. Change the result of extracting progress from Circuit Jewel Lv6 to Circuit Jewel Lv7 (some accesories)

3. Remove the automatic activation of Force Kick in Battle Mode 3


1. Add the Boss Battle for Arcane Trace Mission Field

i) Start

  • The battle will be held in a particular channel
  • In Test Server it will be held in Channel 3 at 19:00 everyday. This will be adjusted (both time and channel)
  • Add the information window, which displays the information of Boss Battle in Arcane Trace
    • Displays the number of region owned by each nation
    • Displays the HP of Boss
    • Displays the current attacking / defending nation
      • *Attacking nation : The nation which has the permission to attack the boss (this battle is turn-based)
      • Displays the information window only entered the Arcane Trace

ii) Battle Progress

  • Battle time : 1 hour
    • Included
    • Time for¬†occupying Towers
    • Time for attacking Boss
  • Towers attacking
    • To occupy the Tower, players must defeat the Guardians

  • Boss attacking
    • The nation which gets more Towers will get the permission to attack the Boss
    • If both nations have the same number of Towers, both nation can attack the Boss
    • If the nation which get the permission to attack the boss does enough damage on the boss, all members who participating the battle will receive a Special Buff
    • The special buff has not yet implemented, will be updated later

  • Battle ending
    • Killed the Arcane Golem
    • Time for battle passed (1 hour)

iii) Victory

  • Battle Victory : Kill the Boss (Arcane Golem)
  • Compensation
    • Only players of the nation, which killed the boss, have the right to obtain items
    • Boss drops Accessory +8
    • * The boss can drop the brand new item, which will be implemented later

2. Additional Warp point

  • Each region has one warp point
  • Those warp point can be used only in the battle time

3. Accessories +8

  • Acquisition
    • Drop from the Arcane Golem boss of Arcane Trace in Arcane Battle
  • Item Information

May 18th 2012

Test Server


1. Moving the mouse over tooltip in the result panel of Manufacturing UI displays incorrectly information


1. Arcane Trace battle related changes

  • Battle time adjustment
    • Old : 1 hour
    • Change : 40 minutes
  • Monster adjustment
    • Boss : Adjust stats / Attack pattern
    • Tower Guardians : Increase stats
  • Change the bosses drop
    • Multiple item drop : Randomly 4 – 10 items
    • Slightly increase the chance of Accessories +8 drop

2. Changes related to Manufacturing System

  • Remove recipes
    • Ring of Luck (Medium)
    • Critical Ring (Medium)
  • Chance some accessories manufacturing materials
  • Success rate is adjusted