[EP16] Jun 29th 2016 Patch notes


■ Changes

1. Change the categories of Unbinding Stones in Auction House to match with the new types

  • Minesta Unbinding Stone
    • Armor
    • Weapon
  • Arcane Golem Unbiniding Stone
    • Armor
    • Weapon

2. Some changes are made related to scenario quests

■ Additions

1. Add Legend Arena

  • Entry
    • Level 180+
    • Number of participant: 1 (solo) (no party allowed)
    • Entrance: New NPC in Bloody Ice (Xavios)



  • Entrance item: Honorable Key of Veterans
    • Can be purchased from NPC Grocer Deighton
    • Price: 3,000,000 Alz
    • Property: Account Binding
  • Restriction: 3 runs/ day


  • Dungeon
    • A Boss will be spawned inside the arena
    • Boss will not move and have unlimited HP
    • The concept is:
      • Character have to make as much as possible damage on the boss in limited time (3 minutes)
      • Score will be updated based on damage
      • Score will be displayed on dungeon UI
      • Normal damage/ Critical damage have different calculation
      • Final score will be displayed by the end of dungeon
    • Dungeon will be terminated if:
      • Player exits dungeon
      • Player dies


  • Limitation
    • Allow Potions, Mercenaries
      • But Mercenaries attack won’t raise score
    • Cannot resurrection
  • Ranking system
    • Arena will be held as “season” concept, for every season, ranking system will calculate and rank the player based on score
    • Rank will update at 23:59 everyday
    • A season will last for 7 days


  • Compensation
    • Daily compensation
      • Player gets 3x Dungeon success will grant the reward
      • Dungeon will be counted as success if player gets at least 1 score
      • Daily reward will be sent via mail
    • Reward
      • Daily Reward: Potion and Potion Box



      • Season Reward:
        • Unique token will be rewarded via mail at the end of season
        • 20160708_ep16_legend_arena_season_reward
      •  20160708_ep16_legend_arena_ui_2
    • Arena Shop
      • A new NPC will give a shop where players can buy items using Token
      • Items in the shop is different based on season



[KR] [EP11] Nov 20th 2013 Patch notes



1. Change that when Honor Point reached the maximum limitation, Honor Point can be obtained normally

2. Change that when creating new character, processing starting up quests might cause client disconnection

3. Change bugs related to character’s HP

4. Change bugs related to Bike Epic Resetting Scroll (in some situations might caused the slot option disappeared too)

5. Change upgrade items’ tooltip now including Bikes as Target


1. Mission Battlefield “Nostalgia Forest” changes

  • Change the allies and enemies selection rules
  • Battle HP Bar now display text on top
  • Increases area of Bush areas

2. Low level Unique-Bosses now drop 3 items at once instead of 2

3. Change color of items’ name

  • Extreme Core Lv.11/12
  • Minesta’ Chaotic Belt (3 types)


1. Add new battle style (new class), named “Gladiator”

  • Gladiator
    • Uses one-handed weapon and wears Armorset
    • Equipment
      • Weapon: Chakram
      • Armor: Armorset (like Warrior / Forceshielder)
    • Add new “Rage” system that affects on skills


  • “Rage” system
    • Add new Rage system
      • At this moment there is no usage of Rage, usages will be revealed later
    • Available for Gladiator only
    • On the top left of screen, merged into Character UI, number of Rage can be checked
    • By using skill, Rage will be gained
      • Rage will be gained only when Gladiator hits the target successfully
        • If target evades or character’s hit is missed, Rage won’t be gained
      • Rage can be gained when attacking both monsters and characters
      • By attacking dummy , Rage won’t be gained
    • In certain situations, Rage will be consumed when attack
    • Depending on Rage, skills’ stats (including attacks and buffs) are vary
    • Maximum of Rage amount bases on Battle Style rank
      • Higher Battle Style rank means higher maximum of Rage
    • Rage amount will be maintained for 5 seconds
      • After 5 seconds, Rage amount will be automatically reduced
      • For every 2 seconds, one Rage bar will be reduced


  • Chakram
    • Chakram is weapon for only Gladiator
    • Upgrade and Option Granting progresses are the same as existing one-handed weapons


    • Add new categories in Auction Hall for Chakram
    • Add new drops for Gladiator’s equipments
      • In all map and dungeons, Weapons and Armors for Gladiator are added
      • Added low-level unique weapons / armors drops
  • * All contents related to Gladiator will be kept changing in test server


2. Add new item “Siena’s Bracelet”

  • Add ability to extract “Prideus’s Bracelet”
    • When extracting gives 100% to get “Prideus’s Bracelet Piece”
      • Property: Character Binding
  • Add new item “Siena’s Bracelet Piece”
    • Details: Material to crafting Siena’s Bracelet
    • How to obtain: Can be obtained from Legendary Chest of final boss of Altar of Siena B2F
    • Property: Character Binding


  • Sealed Siena’s Bracelet
    • Right click to produce Siena’s Bracelet as output
    • Requesting



  • Siena’s bracelet
    • Higher grade of Prideus’s Bracelet
    • Can be obtained from Sealed Siena’s Bracelet
      • Chance to obtain Siena’s Bracelet with one slot filled with Accuracy or Penetration)


    • Wearing requirement
      • Level 135 or above
      • Honor grade 13 or above
    • Property: Character Binding
    • Stats


    • Add new category in Auction Hall: Accessories > Bracelets > Siena’s Bracelet
  • Add new Siena’s Bracelet Unbinding Stone
    • Gives chance to unbind character-binding Siena’s Bracelet
      • Property will be tradable after using successfully
    • On failure, Siena’s Bracelet will be destroyed
    • Add new category in Auction Hall: Unbinding Stone > Siena’s Bracelet Unbinding Stone

3. Character Slot Expansion

  • Character Limitation extended to 7 slots
  • In test server, Character Slot Expansion item can be bought from NPC Yul
    • When update is available for Public Server, Character Slot Expansion item can be bought for Alz


[KR] [EP10] Nov 28th 2012 Patch notes


1. Fix bug that caused the Arcane Trace boss progress bar / base buff icon did not displayed

2. Fix bug related to monster icon in Dungeons, Mission Battles

3. Using skill after Elemental Festival causes error in some situations

4. Casting Astral Weapon after using Odd Circle sometimes causes to display an abnormal message

5. Fix bug related to abnormal defense of Shadowsteel armors



1. Change Stats Formula

  • Increases damage damage reduction based on level, due to change of stats that applied differently between Battle Styles based on STR
  • Increase Attack depending to stats change
    • Force Shielder : Increase the amount of Attack raising per STR
    • Force Blader : Increase the amount of Attack raising per STR / DEX
  • Increase Attack depending to stats change
    • Force Archer : Increase the amount of Magic Attack raising per INT

2. Item stats changes

  • Formula of calculating Defense / HP of Armors with High grade and above raised
  • Formula of calculating HP for enchanting slot of Armors with Highest grade raised

3. Skill stats changes

i) Warrior

  • Axe Attack A / B
    • Penetrating per skill level increased
  • Charge
    • Add new effect
    • 30% chance to cast the “Movement-Impairing” on target for 2s

ii) Blader

  • Knucklet Attack A / B
    • Add the option to increase hit per skill level
  • Resist Barrier
    • Increased duration per skill level
  • Crushing Blow
    • Change Hit increased per skill level

iii) Wizard

  • Elemental Attack A / B
    • Change Hit increased per skill level

iv) Force Archer

  • Launcher Attack A / B
    • Change Hit increased per skill level

v) Force Shielder

  • Battle Mode 3 Synergies
    • Disarm : Change amount of reducing target’s Defense
    • Use Weak Point : Change amount of reducing target’s Defense

vi) Force Blader

  • Split Attack A / B
    • Change the amount of reducing target’s Defense when using Fire Blade buff

4. Low-level dungeon monsters level adjustment

  • Affected dungeons : Weakened dungeons / Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of Dead B1F / Volcanic Citadel
  • Changes
    • Lower the monster level of whole dungeon
    • Adjust the EXP equivalent with monster level


■ Additions 

1. Add achievements related to “Achievement Rank”

  • Triggered when reaching certain rank in Achievement Rank
    • For example, player’s Achievement Point reached top 500 of Achievement Rank

2. Add the title related to “Achievement Rank” achievements

[KR] [EP10] Nov 15th, 16th 2012 Patch notes

Nov 15th 2012


1. Fix bug related to Mission Battle Ladder Ranking

2. Fix bug that caused missing of Mission Battle Ladder event reward items

3. Fix the debuff icon of monsters in the dungeons


1. Change related to appearance of Mission Battle UI for battle which is not in progress

2. Do no allow using mail in Mission Battle


Nov 16th 2012

■  Fixes

1. Attack of some bosses in Weakened Lake In Dusk outputs abnormally, fixed

2. Fix bug caused, not be able to achieve some quest related achievements

3. Fix bugs related to Assistant FX

4. Fix bugs related to Mission Battle system


1. Change cooldown of Shield Spirit (Wizard) from 60s to 80s

2. Lower the Amp. value of Launcher Attack A/B (Force Archer BM3) for single target

3. Change value of Damage reflection of Reflect Shield (Force Shielder)

  • At level 20, reflect up to 50% of receiving damage

4. Mission Battle compensation changes

  • Ladder and Standard Mission Battle compensation formulas adjusted (SP / WExp)

[KR] [EP10] Sep 27th 2012 Patch notes

▶ Public Server

■ Fixes

1. Fix the bug that affected the dungeon completion condition
2. Fix the bug related to the Cabal Love Story event (current event in KR)

▶ Test Server

■ Fixes

1. Bug related to Mission Battle

  • Fix the bug that allow pausing / giving up dungeon in Mission Battle
  • The option window of Battle Room will be closed as soon as the Battle started
  • The “Close” button in Buff Store did not work
  • When the connection is terminated, HP of character seems to be abnormal

■ Changes

1. Add message for Mission Battle

  • Moving to Mission Battle : When the character is moving into the Mission Battle
  • Moving to World : When the character is being sent back to the previous world