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[EP16] Jun 15th 2016 Patch notes

■ Fixes 1. Fixed bugs related to achievements Drei-Frame Collector Killer of Killers Slayer of Slayers 2. Fixed bug that caused character at level 200 can still increase EXP 3. […]

[KR] [EP9] Jun 13th 2012 Patch Notes

■  Fixes 1. Fix several bugs of PVP 2. Fix bugs related to Bike Epic Converter 3. In certain situations, player can enter DX Dungeon even in Party 4. Fix the […]

[KR] [EP9] [Notes] Apr 04th 2012

[KR] [EP9] Main Page Apr 04th 2012 Changes 1. Change some basic crafting formula / recipe a. Formula / Recipe deletion HP / MP Potion Return Stone Goodluck Potion Glory […]